BBC One has commissioned Studio Lambert to make a warm-hearted specialist factual series that addresses the bad behavioural issues of the public’s pets in Nightmare Pets: SOS, it was announced today (MON).

The 2x30’ series comes from a location in the heart of the English countryside where a crack team of animal behaviourists will help Britain’s worst behaved pets and their troubled owners. The behavioural experts will tackle a whole range of pets with a whole range of issues including excessive barking, aggression with strangers, separation anxiety, biting and fouling.

It won’t just be the pets that get a full examination; the experts will also take a close look at the behaviour of the pets’ owners, because, unsurprisingly, how we treat our pets has a direct relation to their behaviour.

Craig Hunter, BBC Commissioning Editor, said “Pet behaviour and animal psychology is a rich and complicated subject to explore on BBC One – not to mention very entertaining. From cats and dogs, pigs and parrots, this series promises to be full of shocking behaviour and really useful advice for anyone with a pet that behaves badly.”

Tim Harcourt, Creative Director, Studio Lambert said: “We all love our pets, but that love means we have sleepless nights and constant worry when they misbehave. From basic training to extreme behaviour, this series will help owners who are at their wits’ end, as well as provide audiences with simple tips and tricks on how to train a pet at home.”

The series is being produced by Studio Lambert and was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Director of Content and Tom McDonald, BBC Head of Commissioning, Natural History and Specialist Factual. The Commissioning Editor is Craig Hunter. Mike Cotton and Tim Harcourt are executive producers, and Katrina Hession is the series producer for Studio Lambert.

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