Today, following the success of its hit series, Supercar Superfam, BBC Three announces it has commissioned Transparent Television, part of Argonon Group, to make a further series with an extended six-part run.

The first series, a short-form BBC Three commission, launched in August 2018 and went on to receive an award-nomination for Best Docu-Series at the National Reality Television Awards.

Supercar Superfam offers a window into an aspirational British-Asian family. Brothers Kash and Shabs, owners of a supercar garage in Essex, take us into their world of slick whips, sibling rivalries and supercar style.

They own a supercar workshop in Essex, which customises and revamps some of the most powerful sports cars in the world. They started on the drive way of their family home in Ilford 20 years ago, and between them, now own an array of their own luxury cars.

Supercar Superfam captures their lives through the prism of family, love, life and business. The duo’s ‘superfam’ is made up of their mum and dad – with whom Shabs lives in the family home – Kash’s wife, Shella and their two kids, and younger sister, Mari, who has been exploring the world of modest modelling.

Supercar, Superfam’s Kash and Shabs say: “We’re back! So excited that BBC Three have brought us back for another series of our show... Get up close and personal with some super exciting builds, double the family action, and you might even catch Shabs getting lyrical!”

Transparent Television’s CEO, Jazz Gowans, says: “This is a unique slice of 21st century British life with an authentic, remarkable - but totally relatable - family unit. All that, plus the greatest super cars in the world. What’s not to love? We’re thrilled that the success of Supercar Superfam means it’s back for a longer run. This family have been a hit with fans, who are in for some high-octane viewing – it will not disappoint.”

Nasfim Haque, Commissioning Editor for BBC Three says: “It’s great to get another glimpse into the crazy lives of these brothers. Together Kash and Shabs bring energy, warmth and humour to the series, as they open the doors to the world of million-pound supercars and camaraderie.”

The second series will pick up a few months after Kash and Shella bought their first house and moved into their new family home, and Shabs is free and single, after cancelling plans for his arranged marriage. The supercar business is going full-throttle, with a high-pressure job for the team – to take bling to a whole new level with a super sparkly Lamborghini job. Shabs reveals hidden skills in the studio as a rapper and Shella shows Kash who’s boss at home.

Supercar, Superfam Series 2 is a 6 x 10 series made by Transparent Television for BBC Three and executive produced by Jazz Gowans, Ruairi Fallon and Francis Baker. The series was commissioned by Damian Kavanagh, former Controller of BBC Three, and the Commissioning Editor for BBC Three is Nasfim Haque. It will be released as a boxset on BBC iPlayer on 11th July.


For further information, please contact: Cécile Quinney / 020 8995 3936.