BBC Two’s Race Across The World is back for its second series, with an exciting line up of five adventure-ready brits taking on the challenge, this time from Mexico City to the most southernly city in the world, Ushuaia in Argentina. All without taking a single flight.

The new series begins Sunday 8th March, 8pm on BBC Two and see’s siblings, Dom and Lizzie; uncle and nephew, Emon and Jamiul; mother and son Jo and Sam; couple of three years, Shuntelle and Michael and married couple of five years, Jen and Rob.

This series once again takes viewers on the trip of a lifetime, following the contestants as they embark on an epic and adrenaline-fuelled adventure, travelling into the unknown without the trappings of modern life, leaving behind their smartphones, internet access and credit cards, and will be armed with only the cash equivalent of a one-way airfare.

In the first episode, the teams set off from Mexico City – a gargantuan metropolis and the largest Spanish speaking city in the world. Throughout the entire race they must pass through seven checkpoints to reach their final destination. First up: Copan Ruinas in Honduras.

But the first objective– to escape from chaotic Mexico City. Each team adopts a different strategy: married couple Jen and Rob quickly decide on a route to Honduras via Belize, but confusion on the Metro leads to a delay in leaving the city.

Brother and sister Dom (22) and Lizzie (21) have drifted apart in the last few years and want to recapture the close sibling relationship they enjoyed as children. Things get off to a good start as they make the most of time spent waiting for a bus to reconnect. But as the race intensifies, pressure is put on their relationship and the cracks begin to show…

Couple of three years Michael and Shuntelle have extremely different approaches to travel – ex-army PT instructor Michael has a hankering for adventure, whereas Shuntelle is accustomed to luxury all-inclusive travel. A difference of opinion over accommodation causes issues for the couple early on in the race.

Jo first went backpacking over thirty years ago. Now in her 50s, she’s introducing her 19-year-old son Sam to travel. As Sam struggles with the language barrier, Jo takes the lead, until an encounter with locals causes them to rethink their route.

Uncle and nephew Emon and Jamiul have recently reunited after losing touch for the last ten years. It’s straight in at the deep end, as they attempt to balance the race with life changing experiences on a limited budget. Will they find a happy medium between the three?

The race is on, and the stakes are high - everyone wants to be first to the finish line and win the cash prize. As the series unfolds we will see chance encounters, cultural revelations, friendships formed, relationships tested and bonds strengthened as the teams experience, and come face-to-face with, some of the most awe-inspiring locations that modern-day travellers seldom get to see.  The dramatic scale and thrilling unpredictability of the race is sure to change their lives forever.  The Race Across the World has begun.


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