Monday, 30th October 2017


Fresh from winning over the nation’s hearts on Strictly, Expectation Factual is taking have-a-go hero, Ed Balls, State-side, travelling to America's Deep South to immerse himself in the lives of those who put Trump in power for an exclusive series for BBC Two, it was announced today (MON). 

In 2016, a year of seismic change - Britain voted to leave the EU, Donald Trump became the leader of the free world, and, most surprising of all, in the week that Trump was voted in, Ed Balls’ salsa to Gangnam Style took the country by storm. As Trump, an entertainment heavyweight, was moving into politics, Ed was making the exact same journey in reverse.

A year into one of the most controversial presidencies of all time, in this entertaining three-part series Ed Balls: My Deep South Road Trip for BBC Two, Ed will head to some of the original Confederate states, to find out how those who voted for Trump feel about him now.

But this is no ordinary political travelogue. No matter how far the journey takes him out of his comfort zone, Ed will have to walk a mile in their shoes and see the world through their eyes. Ed is determined to understand more about the new world order and his own place within it. 

Ed Balls said: “It's one thing to swap being a politician for reality TV and embarrass your family in the process. It's quite another thing to swap reality TV for the US Presidency and turn the world upside down. I've always loved visiting the American south - the food and the music are fabulous and there's so much to learn from its history. But I was as shocked as anyone else by the way the south helped sweep Trump to victory. So I'm looking forward to visiting the communities at the heart of the Trump revolution, getting to know the voters who elected him and finding out what they think of him one year on.”

Amy Flanagan, Creative Director, Expectation Factual, said: “With the reputation for being one of Britain’s most astute politicians as well as the gamest man on telly, Ed will be a unique and entertaining guide to America’s Deep South, at one of the most extraordinary times in its history.”

The series (3x60) was commissioned by David Brindley, Head of Commissioning, Popular Factual and Factual Entertainment and Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two. It is being made by Expectation Factual where it is being Executive Produced by Amy Flanagan and Colin Barr.

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