Interior Designer Sophie Robinson (The Great Interior Design Challenge, DIY SOS) shows us how to have a stylish home in the brand-new series, Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson starting January 19th (7pm) on Channel 5 it was announced today.

Sophie will be sharing design inspirations, ideas for all budgets, tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, while encouraging everyone to be brave and inject a bold sense of style and personality into the places they call home. 

Capturing the viewers imagination, Sophie shows how you can completely reinvent the space you’re in with the power of colour and decoration, creating high impact transformations without the expense, stress and upheaval of building work.

Produced by Pi Productions each programme will see Sophie tackle two different homes, helping homeowners who are struggling with doubts and dilemmas decide how best to spend their money and be bold with their design decisions. Together they make dramatic and unique transformations, from Maximalism to Mid-century modern, colour-blocking to all-black interiors, and from colour-soaked to all-neutral colour schemes, this series is about how every house can be a stylish home.

With 25-years’ experience in the industry, Sophie has shared some of her tops tips for giving your home a new look for the new year.

Paint is the most affordable and the boldest way to make a big transformation. But where to start when it comes to picking a colour? Ask yourself how you want to feel in a space. If the room is to be a social and energizing space, then bright bold colours will lift the mood. Want a more relaxed and chilled out vibe? Something pale and sultry will do the job. 
Look to make one bold statement in the room for visual impact. It might be a jewel coloured sofa, and oversized headboard or a giant twinkling chandelier hung nice and low over the table. Often over-scaling one item can really give even the most modest room a sense of grandeur. 
Wallpaper has never been so fashionable and while the best dressed home will wrap the pattern around all four walls you can use wallpaper in other ingenious ways too, to bring the pattern joy. Consider using it to cover fitted wardrobe doors, inside a glazed cabinet or why not just paper the ceiling to create a statement.
Introduce a bit of symmetry into your room scheme to help pull a look together. A pair of lamps either side of the sofa, a pair of paintings over the sideboard or a pair of armchairs rather than a second sofa helps make a room feel balanced and elegant.
A large sized rug can reinvigorate a room, instantly injecting colour, pattern and texture. The trick is to invest in one big enough that the feet of the sofas and armchairs can sit on top of it or the bottom third of the bed. This helps pull the room together and avoids a ‘rug island’. 
Declutter your open shelves and banish cloth-eaten paperbacks, board games, magazines and DVD’s to the cupboard. Instead see your shelves as a great place to display a few favourite objects and curate them into a pleasing collection. Consider mixing ornaments, vases and picture frames with some beautiful books. Pay attention to objects at different heights and odd numbers tend to work best.

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