The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

When trying to place Sierra Leone, Romesh finds it impossible to think of anything other than the country’s repeatedly dark history - a horrific civil war, child soldiers, blood diamonds, Ebola. But with the green light to travel for the first time since the start of the pandemic, he is exploring the country to find out whether Brits could and should plan their next holiday here. 
Rom is picked up by Gwyn Jay Allen, a local musician who’s agreed to spend a week showing him around, opening his eyes to incredible places, either unknown or forgotten. 
Across their journey, they will venture through spectacular national parks - hoping to witness the most extraordinary and extraordinarily rare wildlife including the elusive pygmy hippo, sample the national drink Poyo, take in miles and miles of the most incredible beaches and meet locals living truly off-grid before settling down for the night at a once-in-a-lifetime camping spot on a remote archipelago. 
But safe as the country feels, creatures aside, Rom can’t avoid its complex and brutal past with lasting effects today. Visiting Bunce Island’s slave fort, the capital Freetown, a diamond mine and the incredible athletes that make up the Flying Stars amputee football club, he learns about the trauma endured by Sierra Leonians, their unbelievable resilience, astonishing outlooks and hopes for the future, with tourism a key part of this.

The Killing of PC Harper: A Widow's Fight For Justice

The Killing of PC Harper: A Widow’s Fight for Justice tells the definitive story of a crime that sent shockwaves across the country - the shocking death of PC Andrew Harper, the investigation to catch his killers, and how his widow Lissie has battled in the aftermath to change the law for those convicted of killing an emergency worker.


Fronted by Sir Trevor McDonald the documentary sees Lissie Harper allow cameras into her private life for the first time as she talks about how she and Andrew were childhood sweethearts and profound affect his killing has had on her life.  Sir Trevor also meets the lead detective in the case, along with friends, family and press who reported on the case to build the full picture of events.


Just four weeks after his and Lissie’s wedding in 2019, Andrew went to investigate a robbery and never came home.  After getting caught up in the tow rope of a getaway car, PC Harper was dragged for more than a mile at speeds of over 40 mph.  He died at the scene.


Sir Trevor visits the scene of the crime with the Senior investigating officer, DCI Stuart Blaik, who details, along with footage from the night, the horrific events as officers attempted to apprehend the suspects.  Police body cam footage reveals the moment the prime suspects were arrested at a traveller site in the early hours of the following morning.


ITV Reporter, Charlotte Brie Edney recalls being at the crime scene in the immediate aftermath and how the horrific crime dominated national headlines provoking an outpouring of public grief and outrage.  Thames Valley Police’s Chief Constable, John Campbell talks about losing an officer in the line of duty in such tragic circumstances and the impact it had on the force.  


Lissie Harper recalls to Sir Trevor the moment there was a knock at her front door in the middle of the night, and the news that would change her life forever.   And how in the immediate aftermath she had to deal with the death of her husband in the glare of the media spotlight.  


Following an extensive investigation, three weeks after PC Harper’s death police charged three teenagers - Henry Long, 19, Albert Bowers, 18, and Jesse Cole, 18 – with murder. Long admitted manslaughter. Lissie, DS Blaik and other key witnesses talk us through the emotional highs and lows of the trial which took place at the Old Bailey.


Lead Prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw QC lays out to Sir Trevor the challenges faced in getting a murder conviction.  Key to the prosecution case, or key to his argument was the expert witness evidence of Simon Hall, a Senior consultant in collision investigation and reconstruction.  Simon recalls how he concluded from the reconstruction that the impact of dragging someone would have had a noticeable impact on the driving of the car both in terms of noise and handling.  The verdict when it came would not be the one the prosecution was looking for as the jury were not convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the defendants knew they were dragging PC Harper.


Lissie reveals the crushing moment the three teenagers were convicted of manslaughter but not murder – and her rage when the killers and their families cheered at the verdict.  Although they were jailed for a combined total of 42 years, the lack of a murder conviction and their apparent lack of remorse, including pictures of them joking outside the trial, pushed Lissie to take drastic action.


Lissie outlines to Sir Trevor how her grief and anger at the sentences evolved into a refusal to be a victim and instead drove her campaign for the introduction of ‘Harper’s Law’ which would see a life sentence for anyone guilty of killing an emergency worker while committing a crime. 


We follow Lissie as she and her campaign manager, Andy Fiddler, a fellow officer of Andrew’s in Thames Valley Police, as they set out to change the law.  There’s a groundswell of support for Harper’s Law including from Government but that is no guarantee of success, and Lissie and her team are frustrated with delays due to lockdown and Cabinet reshuffles.


Finally, after months of pushing, Lissie gets another meeting with the Home Secretary and the Justice Secretary, who confirm that the Government still support the Law and want to attach it to an upcoming Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill.  For Lissie it’s the news she’s been waiting for, confirming the legacy of her husband.  

  • Tuesday 15th March, 9pm

  • ITV

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This Is MY House for Red Nose Day

Four celebrity contestants and four celebrity judges will be taking part in a very special episode (1x30’) of This Is MY House in aid of Red Nose Day.

The celebrities all claim to own the same house but only one of them is telling the truth. The other three are lying through their teeth and will say anything to convince a panel of well-known judges it’s their house to win the game. 

In This Is MY House For Red Nose Day, produced by Expectation, an all-star panel of judges consisting of Claudia Winkleman, Chris Eubank, Harry Hill and Nina Wadia must deduce who the real homeowner is as they virtually snoop around a luxury four bedroom house. Trying to convince the panel are celebrities Ricky Hatton, Claire Richards, Deborah Meaden, and Rob Rinder who all maintain that ‘This is MY house’.

  • Wednesday 16th March, 8pm

  • BBC One

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The Repair Shop


  • Monday 14th March, 3:45pm
    Tuesday 15th March, 3:45pm
    Wednesday 16th March, 3:45pm
    Thursday 17th March, 3:45pm
    Friday 18th March, 3:45pm

  • BBC One

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When Luxury Holidays Go Wrong

The holiday industry is worth a jaw-dropping 45 billion pounds a year. And for those choosing to spend big and go luxury, only the best will do. From swanky hotels to high-end adventure holidays, when these holidays go right, they're perfect paradises and much needed R&R in the lap of luxury. But when they go horribly wrong, they can be catastrophic. 


Actress Glynis Barber narrates this 90-minute special that features first-hand interviews with people whose holidays ended in disaster.


Highlights include a young holidaymaker who paid thousands for his dream trip to Cape Verde. He planned to propose to his girlfriend on the beach. While trying to wow her by performing a handstand, he tragically injured himself. With no hospitals on the island, he is left for days in excruciating agony. Finally, his insurance company arrange for him to travel back to the UK. But tragedy strikes again when one of the plane engines catches fire, leaving him wondering whether he'll ever get home alive.


A friends' holiday to the Pearl of the Orient comes screeching to a halt following a horrific motorbike accident. A boat trip in Croatia goes horribly wrong when a young sun-seeker jumps into the water and breaks her back, suffering life-changing injuries. She's then faced with a bill of £20,000 to cover the air ambulance back to the UK. Mother nature wreaks havoc, leaving a couple facing the eye of a storm as the British Virgin Islands are struck by Hurricane Irma. And a trip-of-a-lifetime to Bali sees a family clinging for dear life when an earthquake hits. 


Expert interviews include travel presenters Jonnie Irwin and Leah Charles-King and journalist and broadcaster Simon Calder. 

  • Sunday 13th March, 6:30pm

  • Channel 5

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Police: Night Shift 999


Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar

Mark Millar (DIY SOS) helps create a dream eco-friendly kitchen for £100,000k in West Deeping, and a Grecian-style bathroom for under a grand in Birmingham.


In West Deeping, Agi and Steve are desperate for a new kitchen, after recently moving into their picture-perfect country cottage. They have built an extension, where they want a big kitchen for family gatherings and parties. With £30k left after spending £70k on the extension build, Agi and Steve want the kitchen to be as sustainable as possible, and love restoring and repurposing used furniture to give it a new life.  This includes building their own kitchen island by cutting an old wardrobe in half and upcycling some old doors, and making a worktop top out of brass. Mark loves upcycling, especially when pieces have sentimental value, but he wonders if their handmade furniture will live up to the £100k price tag of their new kitchen, and their brand new trendy black kitchen cabinets, or let the look down? The hard working couple also lay 1800 terracotta tiles on the floor, and make their own pantry shelving by upcycling old scaffolding planks. 


In Yardley, Birmingham, new parents Dan & Rianna have saved up to get their first foot on the property ladder, and are starting to transform their 2 bedroom maisonette. Top of their to- do list is their bathroom, which is falling apart at the seams. Rianna has big hopes of a Grecian-style bathroom retreat that will remind her and Dan of their honeymoon, but with a challenging £1,000 budget, Mark thinks numbers man Dan has his work cut out to deliver their dreams on a shoestring. With only 2 weeks to complete their perfect bathroom, Mark also doubts their chances of staying on schedule – even more after Mark does an inspection and uncovers rotten floorboards and water damaged plaster on the walls.   


In this episode master builder and carpenter with 30 years’ experience Mark also visits an inspirational kitchen with used furniture from all 4 corners of the globe and takes viewers into a bathroom designed to transport you to Greece and Morocco. Mark gives viewers his golden rules for budgeting your bathroom renovation, the lowdown on vanity-toilet-combo units, planning a transformation on a micro-budget and his do’s and don’ts for repainting bathroom tiles.

  • Tuesday 15th March, 7pm

  • Channel 5

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Great British Menu


  • Tuesday 15th March, 8pm
    Wednesday 16th March, 9pm
    Thursday 17th March, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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This week, Mel and her dishonourable assistant Lou Sanders are joined by radio DJ Sara Cox, TV favourite Keith Lemon and Britain’s Got Talent’s Nabil Abdulrashid. Sara faces the consequences of her less than model behaviour, Keith overshares about puberty and Nabil is confronted by the many victims of his pranks.

  • Tuesday 15th March, 10pm

  • Dave

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Ty Am ddim / The Great House Giveaway

Mae'r cynllunydd cegin Elinor a'r teithiwr glôb Llyr wedi cael tŷ yn Nhonypandy yn Ne Cymru. Mae ganddyn nhw £7000 a 6 mis i'w adnewyddu, cyn bod yn rhaid iddo fynd yn ôl i arwerthiant. Mewn egwyddor, dylai hwn fod yn fflip syth ond mae'n troi allan i fod y gwrthwyneb. Mae angen i waliau ddod i lawr i wireddu eu gwir botensial ond ar gyllideb mor dynn, a ydy hi'n beth call i'w wneud? Mae ein hadnewyddwyr amatur yn cael eu gorfodi i gyfaddawdu er mwyn diogelu elw.


Kitchen designer Elinor and globe trotter Llyr have been given a house in Tonypandy in South Wales. They have £7000 and 6 months to do it up, before it has to go back to auction.  In theory, this should be a straight flip but it turns out to be anything but. Walls need to come down to realise its true potential but on a budget this tight is it a sensible thing to do?  Our rookie renovators are forced to compromise in order to safeguard a profit.

  • Wednesday 16th March, 9pm

  • S4C

  • 6 of 8


Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction, the dating show that dares to bare all is back, more bronzed, bulked and buffed than ever!  


In a time when serial swipers are at stalemate, we’re here to help sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. 

  • Wednesday 16th March, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 3


Dragons' Den

NEW Dragons’ Den is back and the youngest-ever Dragon, Steven Bartlett, is making his mark alongside Den stalwarts Peter Jones, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman

  • Thursday 17th March, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 11 of 14


Trucking Hell

The action-packed series that follows men and women working in the heavy recovery business, tackling jack-knifed lorries, crashed HGVs and roadside breakdowns. Every episode is packed with thrills, spills and high drama as rescue operators from two of the country’s leading recovery companies clear up the carnage on our roads. Keeping Britain’s truckers safe is not a job for the faint-hearted and the tough professionals who star in the series have the character and kit for the job, driving some of the most super heavyweight machines in the world.


Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows.

  • Friday 18th March, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 5


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