Race Across The World

Imagine having to reach the other side of the world without taking a single flight - leaving behind your smartphone, internet access and credit cards and armed with only the cash equivalent of a one-way airfare to Singapore? Could you do it?

As five teams become four, they are now more focused than ever on reaching the final destination of Singapore. They depart Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan on the third leg of the race – taking them across the vast deserts, mountains and Silk Road cities of Central Asia to the ancient capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

Along the way, they encounter a Kazakh stuntman offering a high octane lift in his brand-new car, witness a sporting spectacle as Kazakh men on horseback fight over the decapitated carcass of a goat, a sport played in this region since the 13th century, and discover exactly how many times a day a Bactrian camel goes to the toilet.

But before they head across this sparsely-populated wilderness, the teams must negotiate the Caspian Sea. Just hours into the voyage, a storm descends, forcing the ferry to drop anchor. Its sister ship sank under similar conditions several years ago so nerves are on edge. And as the days at sea go by, food supplies begin to dwindle, fresh water runs out and cabin fever sets in…

As the Race Across the World gets tougher and the distance travelled from the comfort and familiarity of home grows further, can our teams be certain they’re making the right decisions and taking the right choices? At the halfway point of this race of a lifetime – where would it take you?



Episode 18

MasterChef continues with its fifteenth series, and fifty-five amateur cooks have been whittled down to the most promising ten. All of them have just one goal: to lift the coveted MasterChef trophy.

Last week, five contestants were guaranteed a Semi-Finals place. Now, the other five remaining cooks are going head-to-head to fight for their place alongside them in the Semi-Finals.

Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace are joined by renowned Chef Alexis Gauthier. A classically trained French chef, he held a Michelin star for 12 years. His London restaurant now offers a completely plant based menu.

The five amateur cooks are set a brief by Alexis to create one outstanding plant based dish and they have just 90 minutes to prep and cook it.

At this stage in the competition, the judge’s expectations are sky high, and only the four best cooks will keep their place and join the other five Semi-Finalists. They must prove they’ve got what it takes to stay in the competition and take a step closer to being crowned MasterChef Champion 2019. For one of them the dream will be over.

Judge                                    John Torode

Judge                                   Gregg Wallace

Guest Judge                       Alexis Gauthier

Episode 19

Tonight, the MasterChef Semi-Finals continue with a spectacular challenge, as the nine remaining best cooks in the competition head to Glyndebourne in Sussex, one of the most celebrated opera houses in the world. 

The Semi-Finalists will be split in to three teams of three and face the enormous challenge of mass catering but at fine dining level. Each team will have to create a dish for a three-course menu to feed 80 guests consisting of opera singers, theatre directors, costume designers and members of the theatre company for a special dinner that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the opening of the new opera house.

With just four hours to deliver, organisation and teamwork is essential for success. It’s vital the three teams perform at their absolute best and produce a dinner worthy of the occasion.

Then the nine contestants return to the MasterChef kitchen, where they are once again working as individuals, and they must cook off against each other in the Scraps Challenge. 

The contestants must create a stunning dish from scraps and leftovers including pigs ears and tails, cods head, scallop roe and salmon bones and fruit and vegetable leftovers.

With one more contestant going home after this, the battle is on to stay in the competition and take another step towards being crowned MasterChef Champion 2019.

Judge                    John Torode

Judge                    Gregg Wallace

Episode 20

The MasterChef Semi-Finals continue. Fifty-five amateur cooks have been whittled down and now only the most promising seven remain in the competition, all fighting for a place in Finals Week.

To stay in the completion and take a step closer to the trophy all seven cooks are challenged with creating one plate of food inspired by someone they admire. With two hours to perfect their dishes, the cooks must go all out to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace. After this challenge, one amateur cook will be leaving the competition.

The remaining six will then have to pull out all the stops as they are tasked with the daunting challenge of cooking a three-course lunch at Grocers Hall. Home to the Grocers Company, one of the oldest companies in the city of London, it was originally known as the Ancient Guild of Pepperers who were the main importers of spice in to the UK.

Today John Torode will oversee the kitchen, as the amateurs face a high pressured lunchtime service. The VIP diners include leading spice industry experts and authors - James Whitmore, Master for the Grocers Company, Dr Stuart Farrimold, author of The Science of Spice, David Smale, a saffron farmer and Gary Ridgewell from The Seasoning and Spice Association, as well as leading chefs and restaurateurs, who are at the forefront of dining trends and have paved the way for culinary excellence, so their expectations are sky high.

The contestants must each serve one dish of their own creation, that features a spice, on the specially designed menu. Under the watchful eye of John Torode, the amateurs will be challenged like never before to deliver dishes of an exceptional standard.

Then its back to the MasterChef kitchen for the last challenge of the Semi-Finals and it’s do or die for the best six amateurs as they cook-off to win a coveted place in the prestigious MasterChef Finals.

The contestants have just one last challenge to win a place in the final five; to cook an outstanding dish to win-over three of the country’s most feared restaurant critics –Tracey MacLeod, Grace Dent, William Sitwell, Amol Rajan and Jimi Famurewa.  Serving food to these masters of the dining room is a daunting task for the most adept chefs, and these talented home-cooks now have to put their skills and palates on the line. Any mistake could cost them the competition, so with the pressure firmly on, it is a tense and thrilling battle.

At the end judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace face a difficult decision – who to take through to next week’s MasterChef Finals week?

Judge                     John Torode

Judge                     Gregg Wallace

Guest Judge          Tracey MacLeod

Guest Judge          Grace Dent

Guest Judge          William Sitwell

Guest Judge          Amol Rajan

Guest Judge          Jimi Famurewa

  • Monday 18th March, 7.30pm, Wednesday 20th March, 9pm, Friday 22nd March, 8.30pm

  • BBC One

  • 18-20 of 24


Marry Berry's Quick Cooking

The Festival

Mary is joining the crowds and heading to her first ever music festival, but it’s not the bands she’s come for. She wants to explore the wonderful world of festival food pop-ups seeing first-hand how these exciting outdoor cooks draw mega crowds as they whip up delicious delicacies in a flash. During her festival adventure, Mary enlists the help of one of the festivals headliners, Rick Astley, together making her speedy cheesy muffins all from her very own food truck.  She’ll also be creating some sure-fire kitchen successes with her scrumptious Rosemary Lamb Steaks, Vegetable Kebabs and a delicious Rum and Raisin Ice-cream.

  • Monday 18th March, 8.30pm

  • BBC Two

  • 2 of 6


Around The World By Train with Tony Robinson


Tony is in Sydney – a city he knows well and used to live in and he can’t resist taking a seaplane over the city to find his old Bondi beach house before he hits the rails for his epic journey across this mighty island.

Tony wants to get off the beaten track and away from the big cities so from Sydney he hurtles all the way to Brisbane then inland to the outback where he finds himself in the middle of a bizarre festival dedicated to the Aussie camp oven.

From there his sleeper train races to an outback farm so vast and remote that its herds of camels can only be mustered by low flying helicopter. Tony gets behind the wheel of an off-road buggy to give the farmers a hand and after blasting around the farm all day he unwinds with a beer and bath under the stars in the middle of the bush. On the way back to civilisation Tony takes a detour to meet another outback farmer who is busy excavating a rare dinosaur graveyard he’s discovered.

From the arid expanse of the outback, Tony rides the train north of Queensland, and the Great Barrier Reef. But he quickly discovers the world-famous reef is not in a good way and he meets a father and son attempting to save the coral by hand. At a turtle sanctuary Tony helps release an 80 year old green sea turtle back into the world before heading back into Cairns where he spends the night tagging along with a local snake catcher and comes face to face with a python hiding in the back of a suburban garage.

Finally, Tony rides the train north to head into the Daintree National Park where he learns about traditional aboriginal traditions and bush craft before heading out to see to try his hand at spearfishing dinner for the crew.

  • Monday 18th March, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 6


Rich Kids Go Skint

Navid, 24, is a trained pharmacist and a wannabe rapper from North London. Navid’s two main passions in life are Nicki Minaj and Versace. Navid spends thousands of pounds decking himself out in Versace clothes; he sleeps in Versace bedding and eats off Versace porcelain dinner plates. Navid travels around the world, always first class naturally, to see his favourite artists perform - and he even pays extra for an exclusive meet-and-greet with the performer afterwards. This year he plans to see Nicki Minaj’s tour 9 times and hopes to meet his idol after at least one of the concerts.

In the show Navid will be heading to West London to meet a family consisting of Queen, Shaun and their two-year old daughter Simone.  Both parents work hard to keep their heads above water and life is a constant financial struggle. Queen and Shaun live just a few roads away from Grenfell Tower, so they know all too well of the glaring divide between rich and poor in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, an issue that has been attracting national attention ever since the tragedy.

During his stay, Navid is forced to take life living skint by the horns as Queen challenges him to do tasks such as the weekly shop on Portobello Market, as well as helping out around the flat with the cleaning chores and also cooking dinner for himself and all the family.​

Heartfelt chats about the importance of community, and hilarious FaceTime chats with his best friend, make Navid’s stay an emotional rollercoaster.

But will Navid learn to appreciate his life of privilege more?

  • Tuesday 19th March, 9pm

  • 5STAR

  • 7 of 8


The Hangover Games


A group of friends from Plymouth travel to Essex this week for their big night out. Little did they know comedian Matt Richardson would be banging on the door first thing the next day to reveal a pop up studio awaits as well as the chance to win cash prizes if they can face outrageous games on their hangovers. The all-girl group struggle to remember what happened last night so face some weird hangover cures from around the world as well as having to lick off gross items from someone’s face but will they call it quits when she takes out her teeth for them to clean?

  • Tuesday 19th March, 10pm

  • E4

  • 4 of 5


Secrets of Your Supermarket Food

Convenience Food

We buy over 95% of our groceries from just 10 supermarket chains. But is the food we buy in them always the best for our pockets and the best for our health?

In brand new investigative consumer series Secrets Of Your Supermarket Food, presenters Sian Williams and Stefan Gates reveal the essential truths you and your family need to know about the what goes into your shopping basket. Using the latest research, they investigate how our supermarket food is grown and made and reveal the tricks of the trade the supermarkets use to get us to part with our hard-earned cash.  

With the help of a different top tester family each week the duo uncover the truth behind the labels and travel around the country visiting farms and labs and meeting experts and consumers to uncover the latest research about exactly what we’re feeding our families.

This week on Secrets Of Your Supermarket Food we are bingeing on convenience foods. Sian gets to grips with the small print on the labels as with the help of our family she discovers that some food companies are keeping the front of pack traffic lights green by reducing the recommended portion size. She also discovers that often kids’ lunch snacks are packing our children’s diets with added salt and how, thanks to lack of government regulations, children’s foods carry nutritional information not specific to children, making it impossible for parents to work out how healthy their children’s food actually is. Meanwhile Stefan is putting his body on the line by eating nothing but convenience and ready meals for a whole month. By the end of the experiment he’s shocked to discover that he’s officially obese, depressed and verging on pre-diabetic. Stefan also discovers how there’s a whole class of chemicals involved in food processing that the manufacturers don’t have to tell us about as he learns how to make a reformed turkey ham.

The Big Narstie Show

Big Narstie and Mo Gilligan are back for a brand new series of their late-night anarchic chat, comedy and music show. Featuring huge celebrity guests, live music performances, and unlikely collaborations, the award-winning show continues to break every chat show rule in the book so expect the unexpected. Executive Producer: Ben Wicks, Obi Kevin Akudike & Nathan Brown; Series Producer: Aoife Bower; Prod Co: Expectation Entertainment & Dice Entertainment Prods.

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