Episode 1

This year the judges are mixing it up – introducing a whole new set of challenges the passionate amateurs must complete in order to progress in the competition.


Each week for five weeks, nine home cooks arrive with both their dreams and ingredients ready to cook for the judges. This year their first test is an Audition Round - where the best three cooks automatically win themselves a coveted MasterChef apron – securing their place in the competition. To give them their best chance to succeed, the judges ask them to audition by cooking their Signature Dish - that tells John and Gregg about who they are as a cook and how good they could become.  


John and Gregg don’t witness them cook in the MasterChef kitchen. Instead, they taste each dish in the new MasterChef Tasting Room. Just like diners in a restaurant, they judge each contestant’s food solely on the plate that is put in front of them. This year’s auditionees come from all over the UK - cooking a range of dishes that not only aim to challenge the palettes of the judges, but to make their tastebuds dance. After tasting all nine plates, John and Gregg pick their three favourite dishes, giving those cooks a well-earned MasterChef apron and immunity from cooking in the next round. 


However, for the remaining six contestants the competition is not over. They all get another chance to impress the judges and win themselves that apron. Pulling out all the stops for another of their Signature Dishes, the hopefuls must then cook a sweet dish if they delivered a savoury dish in the first round and vice versa. This time, John and Gregg are in the kitchen witnessing their every move. The pressure is intense and the stakes are high as at the end, only four cooks can join the three already fast-tracked in the next round of challenges. For two - their MasterChef dream is over.


Episode 2

This week’s seven best home cooks from the first rounds return to test their culinary wits and try to prove to judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace that they have the potential to be MasterChef Champion 2022.


Tonight, the contestants face two more challenges - designed to gauge both their creativity and culinary repertoire. The first is the Market Challenge - where the seven are tasked with inventing a dish on the spot for judges John and Gregg from a market full of ingredients - which include monkfish, quail and lamb.


The pressure is on to impress, because at the end of this test one contestant will be sent home. The remaining six remain to face their most difficult assignment so far - cooking a dish to a brief set by one of the country’s toughest food critics, Tom Parker Bowles. Tom has asked them to get their creative juices flowing by cooking a dish that is inspired by their favourite holiday destination.  


At the end of this episode only four contestants can go through to the Quarter Final. Who can handle the pressure and show they have what it takes to progress further in the competition - another step closer to being crowned MasterChef Champion 2022?


Episode 3

Tonight, it’s the first Quarter Final and this week’s most talented four cooks return to fight for a place in the Semi Finals. Tonight, they face just one intense challenge. They must cook two courses that will excite not just John and Gregg, but also some of MasterChef’s most inspiring winners, finalists and contestants, who have all gone on to careers in the food industry. 


Tonight, their fate is in the hands of MasterChef Champions - Irini Tzortzoglou from 2019, Jane Devonshire from 2016 and Tim Anderson from 2011. 


With just two Semi Final places up for grabs, these amateurs need to show real flair and ambition to edge closer to the MasterChef 2022 trophy.

  • Wednesday 23rd March, 8pm
    Friday 25th March, 8pm
    Friday 25th March, 9pm

  • BBC One

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The Speedshop

An ex Special Forces colleague and close friend of Titch’s needs his help. Toby was shot while on ops in Afghanistan and is now paralysed from the neck down, requiring a mechanical ventilator to breathe.  However, he has a burning desire to somehow experience his pre-injury passion once again for riding motorbikes.  Titch and Toby hatch a plan to create an adapted sidecar that can hold Toby securely and house his life-preserving ventilator system.  The pressure of getting this build absolutely right is self-evident… there is no margin for error.


To relieve the pressure of the sidecar build and boost morale among the team, Titch devises an in-house competition, The Drill-Bike Derby.  The challenge is for each of the team to build an electric bicycle powered by a cordless drill.  Their creations will then go head-to-head in a race to find out who’s machine is the fastest.  The victor of the inaugural Drill Bike Derby will win the heady-prize of not having to make the teas for a month! 

  • Sunday 20th March, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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Murder My Sweetheart: The Killing of Delores McCrea


When Luxury Cruising goes Wrong


The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

As with most Brits, the headlines that flash into Romesh’s mind when he thinks about Romania are those around communism, the 90s orphan crisis, maligned Roma and its greatest celebrity export, ‘Count Dracula’. But is this bleak image justified? Or does Romania have more to offer? 
Landing in Bucharest, the only place in the country he’s heard of, Romesh meets political activist and media expert Angi Șerban at the parliament palace, the astonishing architectural behemoth built on the command of the communist dictator Nicolai Ceausescu. 
Failing to warn him about the miles they’re about to clock, she takes Rom out of the capital to explore many amazing things that are overlooked in this vast slice of Eastern Europe.  
Romesh and Angi embark on a journey through the country’s seemingly endless and varied landscapes. Along the way they will sample Romania’s ghoulish side seeing Transylvania, Vlad the Impaler’s castle, witness cars rolling up hills, pay their respects in a “Merry” cemetery, drive along the spectacular yet dangerous Transfagarasan Highway, dance to world-famous gypsy music and take part in a spiritual ceremony in Romania’s traditional heartland. 
But whilst Romesh realises the beauty of Romania, he also learns of how the hangover of the communist regime remains, the challenges still faced today and why more people visiting would help the country to continue to move forward.

  • Sunday 20th March, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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Police: Night Shift 999

Police: Night Shift 999 follows the night shift of Gloucestershire Constabulary, revealing the relentless and uphill fight against night time crime. As darkness falls across the county, a legion of officers patrol the streets, facing incidents with more drink, more drugs and more violence than during daylight hours.


With exclusive access across the Constabulary, this series highlights the courageous work of police through the night. Right across local police and Dog units, firearms officers, the custody team and the control room, we’ll follow the relentless fight to protect the public and bring criminals to justice while the rest of us sleep.  

The Repair Shop


  • Monday 21st March, 3:45pm
    Tuesday 22nd March, 3:45pm
    Wednesday 23rd March, 3:45pm
    Thursday 24th March, 3:45pm
    Friday 25th March, 3:45pm

  • BBC One

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Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar

Mark Millar (DIY SOS) is back helping more homeowners transform the most important rooms in the house, and proving that not even a global pandemic, rising material costs and a shortage of available tradesmen can come between Brits and our beloved home makeovers. Kitchens and bathrooms cost the most money and add the most value, but they can be the trickiest rooms to get right. Mark brings 30 years of experience to help design-loving homeowners achieve their dreams with amazing transformations, and tells the rest of us all what we need to know so we can create our own dream kitchens and bathrooms, on any budget. Prepare to be amazed.

  • Tuesday 22nd March, 7pm

  • Channel 5

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Great British Menu


  • Tuesday 22nd March, 8pm
    Wednesday 23rd March, 9pm
    Thursday 24th March, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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This week, Mel and her dishonourable assistant Lou Sanders are joined by the brilliant Jack Dee, TV sweetheart Lorraine Kelly, and internet sensation Munya Chawawa. Jack tells all about an unintentional rock and roll night on tour, we find out how Lorraine talks to her bosses and Munya is confronted by the victim of a prank that went too far. 

  • Tuesday 22nd March, 10pm

  • Dave

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Ty Am ddim / The Great House Giveaway

Mae'r adeiladwr Connor a'r prentis saer Lia wedi cael tŷ yng Nghasnewydd. Mae’n dŷ tri llawr ac mae wedi bod yn gartref i hen gwpl ers 50 mlynedd. Y diwrnod maen nhw’n symud allan, does na’m llygad sych yn y tŷ. Ond i'n datblygwyr amatur, does dim amser i fod yn emosiynol. Mae ganddyn nhw 5 mis a £20,000 i'w adnewyddu. Ond gyda chymaint i'w wneud, bydd yn rhaid iddynt fod yn glyfar gyda'u harian parod os am unrhyw obaith o ennill digon o arian ar gyfer blaendal ar eu cartrefi eu hunain.


Builder Connor and apprentice joiner Lia have been given a house in Newport.  It’s a three storey house and it’s been an old couple’s home for the past 50 years. The day they move out, there’s not a dry eye in the house. But for our rookie developers, there’s no time to get emotional. They have 5 months and a hefty £20,000 with which to renovate.  But with so much to do, they’re going to have to be savvy with their cash if they have any hope of earning enough money for a deposit on their very own homes.

  • Wednesday 23rd March, 9pm

  • S4C

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Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction, the dating show that dares to bare all is back, more bronzed, bulked and buffed than ever!  


In a time when serial swipers are at stalemate, we’re here to help sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. 

  • Wednesday 23rd March, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 4


Trucking Hell

The action-packed series that follows men and women working in the heavy recovery business, tackling jack-knifed lorries, crashed HGVs and roadside breakdowns. Every episode is packed with thrills, spills and high drama as rescue operators from two of the country’s leading recovery companies clear up the carnage on our roads. Keeping Britain’s truckers safe is not a job forthe faint-hearted and the tough professionals who star in the series have the character and kit for the job, driving some of the most super heavyweightmachines in the world.


Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows.

  • Friday 25th March, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 6


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