During lockdown the country has been trying out new recipes and cooking at home more than ever before. Against this background, the country’s premier cooking competition, MasterChef concludes on BBC One.  Over six weeks, judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace have put 40 of the UK’s most passionate and talented amateur cooks through their paces in the ultimate test of their culinary prowess as they search for one exceptional home cook worthy of being crowned MasterChef Champion 2021.


Episode 16 


It’s Finals Week of MasterChef 2021. Over the past five weeks 40 of the country’s very best amateur cooks have been whittled down to just five. Each talented cook has a single goal: to lift the coveted MasterChef trophy. 


This week, the finalists face some incredible challenges, testing their ambition, creativity, skill and perseverance to the max as they go all out to impress, and raise their cooking to a level they never dreamed possible. At the end of this week, one will walk away the MasterChef Champion.


In the first challenge of the finals, the five remaining cooks will have to pull out all the stops as they are tasked with their most daunting challenge yet - cooking a five-course lunch at the resplendent Plaisterers Hall in the City of London. 


The diners are 20 lockdown food heroes - members of the hospitality sector who during the first lock down of the pandemic delivered thousands of meals to frontline workers and those most in need. 


John Torode will oversee the kitchen, as the amateurs face a high-pressured lunchtime service. The hero diners include leading chefs and restaurateurs Adam Handling, Francesco Mazzei and Ravinder Bhogal.


The contestants must each serve one dish of their own creation, inspired by their own lock down experience, on the specially designed menu. Under the watchful eye of John Torode, the amateurs will be challenged like never before to deliver dishes of an exceptional standard.


Then it’s back to the MasterChef kitchen where, for a place in the final four, all five cooks are challenged with creating one plate of food inspired by someone they admire. With one hour and 45 minutes to perfect their dishes, the cooks must go all-out to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace. After this challenge, one cook will be leaving the competition.


Episode 17 


It’s the MasterChef Finals and in tonight’s penultimate show, the final four amateur cooks face just one challenge to earn a place in the final three and a chance to take part in a challenge of a lifetime. 


But first the four amateurs are tasked with creating their interpretation of a classic dish for John and Gregg that will showcase their growing cooking talent. It’s their last chance to bring together everything they’ve learned; to let their creativity fly and prove they’re worthy finalists. This high-pressure cook-off will be the end of the journey for one of the four finalists. 


For the three that remain, the chance to work with one of the world’s greatest chefs in the toughest and most daunting challenge of the competition - The Chef’s Table. 


This year it will be hosted by the legendary Michel Roux Jr at Le Gavroche. The three finalists must deliver food of an exceptional standard to impress some of the best chefs in the country, who have worked in the Le Gavroche kitchen themselves and know these classic dishes inside out including: MasterChef: The Professionals judge, Monica Galetti; MasterChef: The Professionals Champion 2009 Steve Groves and Michel’s daughter Emily Roux.  As the finalists battle to master Le Gavroche's classic dishes, will they hold their nerve, or is the pressure to deliver too intense? 


Episode 18


It’s the MasterChef Final. After an arduous six-week journey, tonight the search for the country’s best amateur cook reaches its climax. The finalists have to push themselves to the limit for one last time before judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace crown one of the three talented cooks, MasterChef Champion 2021.


This is their final chance to pull out all the stops, show everything they’ve learned along the way, and in three hours demonstrate the kind of cook they have become. Tonight, they must produce the best three dishes of their lives, push their culinary boundaries and produce jaw-droppingly impressive food for the judges.


It’s now or never for these exceptional amateur cooks as only one of them can lift the trophy and become the 17th MasterChef Champion.

  • Monday 5th April, 9pm
    Thursday 8th April, 9pm
    Friday 9th April, 8:30pm

  • BBC One

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Food Unwrapped

Frothy Coffee, Panettone, Tinned tomatoes

Food Unwrapped is on a quest to uncover food facts and expose the myths.  This week, Helen heads to one of the world’s biggest coffee factories to find out how instant cappuccinos get their froth; Matt’s in Naples to find out why most of our tinned tomatoes come from Italy; and Kate goes on a panettone odyssey across Europe to find out how the fluffy treat lasts so long.

  • Friday 9th April, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • N/A


Food Unwrapped Does Great Britain

Food Unwrapped’s hitting the road to unearth some of our favourite dishes and discover what makes our home grown grub so special. In this 'Best of British’ episode, Andi Oliver goes behind the scenes at one of the country’s most recognised brand of fruity drink, Pimms.  Jimmy Doherty checks out the growing influence of spicy Caribbean Jerk seasoning on our taste buds.  Jimmy then has the sweet and sour job of learning why some British apples are better for cooking than others.  Kate Quilton has an oat assignment and gets to stir the pot with a British porridge making champion. And Matt Tebbutt heads to the island of Orkney to discover why, when it comes to the British favourite Fish and Chips, it seems only one kind of vinegar will do.

  • Monday 5th April, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • N/A


It’s Clarkson on TV

TV is going through a golden age, some of it is better than ever, some of it is atrocious – and Jeremy Clarkson has been watching it all and he's going to say exactly what he makes of it: no holds barred. In his new show It's Clarkson on TV, Jeremy unpicks the most popular television events and unearths weird and wonderful hidden gems. From high budget drama on Netflix to early morning drama on breakfast TV, the very worst documentaries to the very best of reality shows, Royal interviews to Eurovision, Clarkson lampoons it all as only he can; with a great eye for detail and a rogue sense of humour.

  • Saturday 3rd April, 9:35pm

  • ITV

  • N/A


Paul Burrell: Royal Service, Scandal & Celebrity

This documentary tells the story of Paul Burrell. He was raised in a Derbyshire mining village and went on to work for the Queen and become, he claims, one of Princess Diana's closest confidants. This programme charts Burrell's rise, and the dramatic events of 2002 when he stood trial, and was cleared, of stealing items belonging to the late Princess of Wales. Interviews with those who know Paul Burrell best, from his brother to his ghost writer plus royal journalists and insiders, reveal how he went from footman, to household name. From book deals, to TV appearances and becoming a sought-after royal commentator around the world - we'll find out how Burrell achieved it all. 

  • Saturday 3rd April, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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The Circle

Catch up with all the latest drama from The Circle – the game where contestants live in the same building but don’t meet face-to-face. Expect twists and turns as the Players compete to be the most popular and win the £100k prize pot.


The Players’ true identities are finally revealed at a tense dinner and Emma Willis crowns the winner of The Circle.

  • Sunday 4th April, 10pm
    Monday 5th April, 10pm
    Tuesday 6th April, 10:20pm
    Wednesday 7th April, 10pm
    Thursday 8th April, 10pm
    Friday 9th April, 10pm

  • Channel 4

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Dragon's Den

 Dragons’ Den is back. A brand new batch of brave entrepreneurs take to the lift, hoping to win investment from five fearsome millionaires Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Sara Davies.


On the second episode of the series, a pair of University graduates hope that their organic superfood powders will super-charge the Dragon’s pockets, a low-calorie craft lager business brews up trouble over its high valuation and a dental duo try out their plaque-detecting app on a Dragon; will they clean up in the Den? Finally, a heart-felt pitch from an entrepreneur hoping to scale her range of afro and curly hair products but with low sales figures, can she leave the Den with a bounce in her step?

  • Thursday 8th April, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • N/A


Churchill: A Gathering Storm

 This episode tells the remarkable story of Churchill's return from the political wilderness to become the heroic war leader many still celebrate today. Those closest to Churchill reveal the true story behind the most important speech of his life, his perfectionism and anxiety over the words that would come to define his leadership: "We shall never surrender."

In the run-up to the Second World War, an ageing Winston Churchill is out of touch on many key issues but when Churchill believes in something he does not back down. He goes against public opinion to support his friend King Edward VIII in the controversy over his relationship with Wallis Simpson. Then, he clashes with Mahatma Gandhi over India's move towards independence. A life-long imperialist Churchill refuses to stand by and watch India become a self-governing country. Even for the 1930s, Churchill's views are extremely conservative. He directs his anger at the leader of the non-violent protest movement Gandhi, calling him a “malignant subversive fanatic”. 

When Churchill warns people about Nazi Germany, they say he is wrong about that too. But on this, Churchill is proved right, and when the British government collapses, Churchill is asked to be Prime Minister. His bulldog spirit is just what the country needs.

  • Friday 9th April, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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This Is MY House

 Stacey Dooley hosts this brand new, prime time series in which four people claim to own the same house and be the same person. The catch, only one of them is telling the truth and three of them are actors. 

Celebrity panel Bill Bailey, Emily Atack, Judi Love, Jamali Maddix and guest panelist Jimmy Carr must sniff out the true homeowner. If they get it right the homeowner wins a cash prize, get it wrong and the homeowner gets nothing. It’s never been easier to win a gameshow, simply tell the truth. 


Today’s homeowner is Gemma who lives with her partner Pete and her two children in Farnham, Surrey. Her house may be easy to spot with its technicolour cladding and out there interior but the true Gemma is apparently not. Fighting their case is one Gemma who has gone to town with the décor after becoming new single, an “insta-mum” Gemma who decorates her house for “the likes”, a Gemma who says she got into rainbows before the rest of the UK and a Gemma who wants to make a statement to her neighbours. 


For the panel it’s a question of taking in the whole spectrum before they come to a hard fought decision…

  • Wednesday 7th April, 9pm

  • BBC One

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The Repair Shop

TX16 / RX6 – Nursing Chair, Fireman’s Helmet and Coffee Grinder

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


First to arrive is a dilapidated nursing chair dating back over 100 years. The button back antique reminds owner James of the wonderful times he spent with his grandmother and mother as a child. With generations of his family having been nursed on the chair, the wooden frame is now completely broken. Wood expert Will Kirk and upholsterer Sonnaz Nooranvary join forces to resurrect not only James’ precious chair but also his cherished childhood memories.


Leather expert Suzie Fletcher’s expertise is called upon to repair a 1950s helmet which belonged to a brave firefighter who witnessed one of Wales’ most devastating disasters. David Evans was involved in the 1966 Aberfan tragedy, when a colliery spoil tip collapsed and plummeted down the mountain slope towards the village of Aberfan. Restoring this hero’s helmet to its former glory proves an immensely touching tribute for his devoted daughter Janet.


And metal expert Dominic Chinea undertakes the repair of a vintage coffee grinder that takes owner Sergio back to summers spent with his grandparents in Italy. With the grinder turning once more, it is the evocative aroma of coffee that instantly connects an emotional Sergio with his past. 


TX17 / RX20 – Pedal Plane, Cigar Box Ukulele and Little Zoo Animals

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


Metal maestro Dominic Chinea is blown away by a pre-war ride-on toy aeroplane that has been grounded for decades. Owner Charlotte is hoping to restore her grandpa’s vintage toy for her own daughter Phoebe to enjoy. Rusty and in pieces, it’s going to be a mammoth repair for Dom to get the plane fit for piloting once again.


Luthier Julyan Wallis is tasked with reviving a make do and mend ukulele fashioned from an old cigar box. This hand-crafted instrument was made by owner Kate’s father in the 1920s and was played at family gatherings throughout her childhood. After years of hoping to play it once again, it’s a magical moment for Kate when she strums a song at the barn.


And ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsey works wonders on a collection of badly broken zoo animals made from wood pulp. 


TX18 / RX14 – Salt and Pepper Pots, Talking Doll, POW Hat

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


Silversmith Brenton West takes on the repair of a salt and pepper music box of great sentimental value to owner Janice. The ornate pair was purchased in Hong Kong by Janice’s mother, who accompanied her father during his army posting in the 1950s. Gifted to her grandmother, Janice played with the set throughout her childhood. Now she wants her daughter to treasure it for future generations.


Mechanical expert Steve Fletcher finds himself flummoxed by a talking doll who’s lost her voice. Mending the miniature record player inside her proves an unusually tricky challenge for Steve. Meanwhile, Teddy Bear Ladies Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch take on the comparatively fun part of the fix, creating her original 1960s clothes.


And master hatter Jayesh Vaghela is brought to the barn to tackle a treasured hat worn by a prisoner of war as he worked on the Death Railway in the Second World War.


TX19 / RX7 – Pocket Camera, Piglet and Marble Stone

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


Antique camera restorer Brenton West tackles a vintage pocket camera, believed to have taken the final photo of a loving family before they dispersed following their mother’s death. Owner Geoff cherishes this prized possession that has been in the family since the early 1900s.


Toy restorers Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell get to grips with a stuffed pig that is crying out for some TLC. The 65-year-old fabric toy has served as a lifetime companion for owner Sally who, as a child, even manged to get him christened by her local vicar. After such a fortuitous start, grand-daughter Sophie is determined to continue Piglet’s legacy for future generations. 


And ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay painstakingly pieces back together a delicate stone plate from India. Owner Amelia’s father originally bought it on a work trip. Once home, it had taken pride of place in the family hallway. But when Amelia’s mother suffered a sudden stroke, an unfortunate accident left the plate in pieces. 


TX20 / RX18 – Mum’s Trophy, Father’s Bird Cage and Boxing Bag

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


Silversmith Brenton West is tasked with reviving a worn-down singing trophy that celebrates the musical talent of a sadly departed mother. Won in 1955, it commemorates a young girl who turned her back on singing when she started a family. With one handle missing and the silver plate tarnished and dented, her daughter hopes Brenton can get the treasured trophy singing once more.  


Wood expert Will Kirk works wonders on an ornate, wired bird cage gifted to a daughter by the biological father she only managed to track down as an adult. Owner Sarah was adopted at six months and her father Georges hadn’t even known she’d been born. After just a few years with him in her life, he sadly passed away from lung cancer. A fiddly fix from Will, along with finishing touches from metal expert Dom, brings the beloved bird cage back to life for Sarah.

And leather expert Suzie Fletcher wrestles a beaten-up boxing bag back into shape. Originally belonging to a successful cruiser-weight fighter, grandson Danny is knocked out by Suzie’s stunning transformation.

  • Monday 5th April, 4:30pm
    Tuesday 6th April, 4:30pm
    Wednesday 7th April, 4:30pm
    Thursday 8th April, 4:30pm
    Friday 9th April, 4:30pm

  • BBC One

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Britain's sharpest armchair critics share their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows. From entertainment juggernauts and the week's biggest news stories, to hard-hitting documentary series and gritty drama, Gogglebox offers sharp, hilarious and often emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows. 

  • Friday 9th April, 9pm

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  • Episode 7


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