Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction is BACK! The dating show that dares to bare all returns and this time it’s even more revealing!


The world’s most daring dating show is back! Helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? 


Episode One:

First into the studio is 32-year-old Iain from Manchester.  As ‘Jet Fashion’ this wrestler makes some showstopping moves in the ring but always gets tapped out when it comes to girls.  He hopes Naked Attraction can find him the perfect partner to pin him down for good.


Next is 31-year-old Leon from South London. Having recently lost weight, this bi-curious graphic designer is looking for the perfect partner – whether female or, for his first time, male – to share his new body.

  • Tuesday 13th April, 10pm

  • Channel 4

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The Repair Shop

RX41 – Ship Clock, Bunny’s Cottage, Skateboard and George the Bear 

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


First to arrive are father and son Herbert and Joshua Klein, with a mantle clock in the shape of a ship for the attention of horologist Steve Fletcher. This treasured item was a gift from Herbert’s late grandfather with whom he had an incredible bond as a child. Born deaf, his grandfather would communicate by pointing and gesturing while Herbert would lip read. The clock hasn’t worked for five decades but Steve’s determined to return it in ship shape condition and, when he comes back to the barn, time stands still for Herbert.


Ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay is called upon to painstakingly piece together a vintage ceramic night light, fractured into dozens of fragments. Owner Emma remembers her late mother making up magical bedtime stories about the bunnies nestling inside the mushroom-shaped light. It’s a daunting fix for Kirsten but hours of careful craftwork leaves Emma overjoyed.


Skateboard enthusiast Mike is hoping Will Kirk and Dominic Chinea can restore his wooden board that transports him back to his youth in 1960s Liverpool. A pioneer in the world of skateboarding, Mike’s a firm believer that you’re never too old to surf sidewalks. With Will and Dom equally enamoured by the vintage board, it’s all hands-on deck to bring it back to its heyday.


And toy restorers Julie and Amanda undertake the repair of a treasured teddy bear that has been by the side of a young man as he’s undergone life changing surgery.

  • Wednesday 14th April, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 1 of 3


Edward VII: The Playboy Prince Who Changed Britain

King Edward VII reigned for just nine years, at the start of the 20th century, but he presided over a remarkable period in history – the Edwardian Era. It was the last time that a British era was named after the reigning monarch.  But how did the playboy prince, renowned as an arch philander and a huge disappointment to his Mother, Queen Victoria, turn into one of the most popular Kings of recent times?


Edward - nicknamed "Bertie"-  was the oldest son of Queen Victoria. Throughout his life as Prince of Wales and heir apparent, she denied him any official responsibilities. When he ascended to the throne at the age of 59, hopes were not high for a great reign.


In this programme we explore how Bertie confounded expectations and proved himself to be an enlightened monarch, and a great success, heralding a period when the arts, culture, technology, and architecture flourished in Britain. The "Pomp and Circumstance" music of Edward Elgar was the soundtrack to those years in which Bertie set an example to the monarchs who followed, right up to our present Queen Elizabeth.


And his marriage to Princess Alexandra of Denmark for nearly five decades, played a major part in his success.  A trend-setting Royal in her own right, Alexandra remained devoted to Bertie despite his numerous affairs. Two of his best known being with the actress Lily Langtry and Alice Keppel, the great grandmother of the present Duchess of Cornwall. 


This programme lifts the lid on Bertie's public, private and not so private affairs, explores his relationships with the various women in his life and considers the luxurious lifestyle of the era he lived in.

  • Saturday 10th April, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Celebrities: What’s Happened to Your Face?

Speculation over which celebrities might have had cosmetic surgery has been a source of public fascination for decades, with papers, magazines and social media awash with photos of stars ‘before and after’.   Over two programmes we 4 take well-known celebrities who’ve had an enormous amount of column inches dedicated to how their faces look.  Combining the insight of people who know them with experts who study selected paparazzi photos from throughout their careers, we attempt to work out exactly what is natural ageing, and what might not be.   As we ask the question - What has Happened to Your Face?


First under the microscope is music mogul Simon Cowell, one of TV’s highest paid stars. As well as his successful music career, Simon's face has been a constant source of speculation. While he’s freely admitted to overdoing the Botox in the past and is estimated to have spent upward of £50 000 on his teeth alone, just how much other work he’s had done to his face over the years is still hotly debated! From his suspected face-lift, to his new Hollywood smile, we attempt to get to the truth of just what’s happened to Simon Cowell’s face.


We also put the queen of pop, Madonna under close scrutiny. As one of the most widely recognised women in the world, Madonna’s found a way to stay relevant over the past 3 decades by constantly reinventing herself.  But in her constant strive to stay young and ‘down with the kids, the superstar’s changing face has become just as much of a talking point as her music.  While the superstar’s insisted she’s not keen on cosmetic procedures, we examine how she’s gone from her young flawless appearance in her 20’s to her puffed up pillow faced look at the age of 60.

  • Thursday 15th April, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 2


Greatest Ever Celebrity Wind Ups

Joe Pasquale’s back and celebrating more Greatest Celebrity Wind-ups Ever! 

Highlights include TV favourites Ant & Dec in the ear of the Banjo brothers as they hit the gym, Noel Edmonds’ staging an unforgettable "Gotcha" on a young Gary Lineker, and magician-turned-prankster Ben Hanlin tricking Joey Essex into thinking he's witnessed time-travel. 

There are elaborate big-scale practical jokes on pop sensation Shawn Mendes, actor Hugh Jackman and president Donald Trump. And Simon Cowell surprises Amanda Holden into believing she’s being replaced as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, rendering her speechless. 

With first-hand accounts from the brains behind the pranks and the unfortunate stars who were on the receiving end, these really are the Greatest Celebrity Wind-ups Ever! 

Celebrity contributors include Roman Kemp, Joey Essex, Dom Joly and comedian Marek Larwood.

  • Sunday 11th April, 12:20pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 8


Hoarder Homes: No Room to Move

In Harlow, 63-year-old Bubbles’ high-rise flat is packed high with junk she can’t bear to throw away. But it doesn’t end there - she also has a staggering four lock-ups, all stuffed to the gills with rubbish. Among the mountains of clutter is a clue as to why she can’t throw anything away - her Mum’s ashes. Ever since she passed away Bubbles has been heartbroken and thinks if she gets rid of Mum’s stuff, she’s getting rid of Mum. 


What happens when a hoarder dies in their hoard? House clearance expert George Mensah has been called in by the bereaved family to help with the grim task of emptying a lifetime of hoarding. What secrets will they discover in the hoard? And what can they piece together about the final days of this hoarder’s lonely life? 


We go to Plymouth for a return visit to 71-year-old Arthur. Arthur spent his birthday alone last year as family and friends wouldn’t visit because of his chaotic hoard but after deep cleaning experts Caz and Tee cleared the clutter he vowed things would change. Has he been good to his word?

  • Monday 12th April, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 6


Trucking Hell

Steve rescues a burning transporter loaded with electric cars that could explode any minute.  In the Hertfordshire countryside, Lantern operator Sean injures himself in a painful recovery, and when torrential rain causes chaos in the East Midlands, Abang races to the rescue of an abandoned Vauxhall that’s stuck in a flood.  

Disaster strikes on the M42 when a 12—and-a-half-tonne transporter carrying four brand new electric Audis goes up in flames. Firefighters battle to put out the fire, but electric car batteries have a dangerous habit of reigniting and exploding.  Crouch Operations Manager Steve, and his team, must hold their nerve recovering the burnt-out vehicles that could explode at any minute.  And just when they think they’re out of the danger zone, another car on the transporter threatens to reignite.    

In the Hertfordshire countryside, Lantern operator Sea is faced with a painful recovery.  A 26-tonne builders merchant's truck has come off road while trying to reverse.  Carrying a full load, the back wheels are buried deep in a ditch and it’s blocking the road causing traffic chaos.   It’s a chance for Sean to push his spanking new wrecker to the test, but it all goes horribly wrong when he cracks his head on his new truck’s locker door and draws blood.  

When torrential rain causes chaos in the East Midlands, Abang races to the rescue of an abandoned Vauxhall that’s stuck in a flood.  In a risky race against the rising water, the higher it gets, the less Abang can see, and he’s forced to winch blind.  As the flood begins to submerge Abang’s truck, his lights are dangerously close to the water, and if they get wet, they could blow the electrics leaving him without a working truck.  Will Abang need to call for his own recovery?  

Near Leicester, veteran recovery op Martin dices with danger when he tries to rescue a lorry that breaks down at traffic lights.   The recovery is in a seriously dangerous spot and could easily cause an accident.  It’s vital Martin gets the job done without harming himself or anyone else but that means getting underneath the lorry and lying perilously close to the busy live lane.  

  • Thursday 15th April, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 1 of 10


Food Unwrapped

Banana Blossom, Raspberries, Onions 

Food Unwrapped is on a mission to unearth the secrets behind the food on our plates. This week, Jimmy Doherty's in Thailand asking how the blossom from a banana tree is shaking up our fish and chip suppers. Matt Tebbutt's in Spain to work out how the delicate raspberry gets from the field to our fridges without turning to mush. And Andi Oliver grabs a hankie and heads to an onion factory to see how the eye-watering vegetables are peeled on a gigantic scale.

  • Friday 16th April, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 4


Dragons' Den

Dragons’ Den in back. The lift doors open to more nervous entrepreneurs as the series continues. Ready to snatch a good deal are fire breathing multimillionaires Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani, and Sara Davies.


Braving the heat of the Den in this week’s episode include a beauty entrepreneur with her range of affordable yet luxury waterless face oils, and a Northumbrian inventor has endless possibilities with his nifty construction bracket. A tech entrepreneur is put through her paces when she showcases fitness app aimed solely at women.  And hoping the Dragons’ will throw her a financial bone is a Scottish dog lover with her range of natural doggie treats.

  • Thursday 15th April, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 3 of 14


Churchill: Path to Victory

This programme reveals how Winston Churchill sealed his place in history as Britain’s greatest ever war leader. With Britain facing defeat by the Nazis, Churchill had to use his powers of persuasion and personal charm to win over powerful allies and lead Britain to victory in World War II. 


In 1941, Churchill arrived in the USA to be greeted like a movie star by an adoring public. After more than two years of wartime blackouts in Britain, the festive lights of Washington, DC were a welcome sight. But Churchill was not there on holiday. 


Securing the support of US president Franklin Roosevelt and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin required all Churchill's skills as a communicator and negotiator. The supreme effort that he put in to keeping his allies on side almost killed him. But it gave him the chance to lead his country to victory. 


This episode also explores the behind-the-scenes story of the Allies' extraordinary victory on D-Day, and how it took two letters from the King to stop Churchill leading the attack from the front. But Churchill would ultimately get his moment on the frontline at the end of the war in March 1945, crossing the River Rhine into enemy territory, victoriously puffing on his ubiquitous cigar.

  • Friday 16th April, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 6


This Is MY House

Stacey Dooley hosts this brand new, prime time series in which four people claim to own the same house and be the same person. The catch, only one of them is telling the truth, the other three are weaving a web of lies. It’s never been easier to win a gameshow, simply tell the truth. 


Bill Bailey, Emily Atack, Judi Love, Jamali Maddix and guest panelists Spencer Matthews & Vogue Williams must separate the fact from the fiction and find the true homeowner. Pick correctly and the homeowner wins a cash prize, pick it wrong and the homeowner gets nothing.


This week four people claim to be Mitch from Hinckley near Leicester, to be married to partner Adam and to be the interiors enthusiast who has lovingly created their green-heavy home. Mitch 1 gets in a tizz over comments about Adam’s “lovely bum”, Mitch 2 is prepared to go to any lengths to prove his is a real doctor, Mitch 3 is ousted by a discovery after Stacey Dooley turns a bedroom upside down and Mitch 4 attempts to win the day with a sob story. 


Which Mitch is the real Mitch remains a mystery to the very end as the panel are up in arms about their final choice.

  • Thursday 15th April, 9pm

  • BBC One

  • 4 of 6


The Repair Shop

TX3  – Midge the Monkey, Workman’s Vice and Little Joe’s Wife

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


Toy restorers Julie and Amanda welcome a stuffed monkey called Midge into the barn. Owner Charles received the toy primate as a Christmas present in the 1960s, but when he turned 14 his market trader dad put Midge to work on his Barnsley Market stall. To attract shoppers, the monkey hung from the stall whilst an invisible pulley waved his hand. Now retired, the years of hard graft have left Midge in dire need of a Bear Ladies makeover.


Metal expert Dominic Chinea faces the heavy-duty task of unseizing a metal vice. Owner Daniel cherishes the multipurpose tool which has inspired four generations of his Derbyshire family to revive, make and mend. Seized up and rusty from years in the garden, Dom enlists Jay’s help to try to prize the stubborn vice apart. It becomes a case of brute strength to get the vice working again in time for Daniel’s return.


And wood wizard Will Kirk puts his carving skills to the test as he tackles a Scandinavian folk figurine that has been mauled by a mischievous puppy. Owner Paula treasures the sculpture as a memento of her grandfather who was honoured for his work in the wood pulp industry by the King of Sweden.


TX4 – Toy Carriage, Rock ‘n Roll Records and Nana’s Clock

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


Metal expert Dominic Chinea takes on a toy carriage which originally belonged to a young boy born in 1911. Owner Jane inherited it from her father and remembers pulling it along and sitting on it as a child. Most of all, she recalls placing her stuffed toys carefully inside. Dom turns his hand to replacing the battered roof, while Jay Blades sets off on a sewing mission of his own. Now a pensioner, Jane’s thrilled to be reunited with her restored carriage and poignantly places her old dolls back inside. 


Silversmith Brenton West is in his element as he carefully restores two platinum framed records given to rock star Jimmy McCulloch, a guitarist in Paul McCartney’s band Wings. Jimmy’s younger cousin, Margaret, is now custodian of the precious discs and longs to see them revived in honour of her beloved relative who tragically died when he was just 26 years old. The restoration triggers a trip down memory lane for ‘70s music fan Brenton.


And mechanical expert Steve Fletcher takes on an ornate but broken clock. For owner Simon the timepiece not only triggers memories of his much-loved grandmother but also symbolises the significant setbacks suffered by his 18-year-old daughter Emily.


TX7 – Sweetheart’s Portrait, Tin Plate Rocket and Lucky Leather Purse

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.


Paper conservator Louise Drover rescues a pastel portrait of a young couple, with water damage running down the woman’s face and neck. Owner Simon cherishes the portrait of him and his late wife, Vicky, captured whilst on holiday in their youth. It is a delicate task for Louise, as she uses more moisture to tackle the stubborn water stain. Simon is overwhelmed when he returns to the barn with his daughter Honey, to see Vicky’s portrait restored to its full glory.


Mechanical maestro Steve Fletcher takes receipt of a 1950s toy rocket which once had sparks. It was gifted to owner Marcus by his grandfather who told him to be very careful with it. But a decision to take it to school ended in disaster, with the rocket overwound and broken. Now Marcus and his son James would love to see the sparks flying from the ruined rocket once again.


And leather expert Suzie Fletcher is delighted to work on a cherished purse that has become a good luck charm for owner Jennie. Now battered and crumbling and held together with elasticated hairbands, Suzie needs all the luck she can muster to get it back to its original state. 


TX11 - N/A


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Britain's sharpest armchair critics share their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows. From entertainment juggernauts and the week's biggest news stories, to hard-hitting documentary series and gritty drama, Gogglebox offers sharp, hilarious and often emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows. 

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