A&E: After Dark

The hugely successful “A&E: After Dark” returns for a second series, giving an uncensored picture of what it’s like working the night shift of A&E Departments across the UK. With exclusive access to Hull Royal Infirmary, in an extraordinary year, this series shows the night time challenges for NHS staff in a working environment that’s not for the faint hearted. There’s more drug and alcohol related admissions at night, resulting in regular aggression and abuse.. The security team, as well as the local police force, work together to help keep patients and staff safe.

  • Monday 4th January, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Secrets of the Royal Palaces

From the discovery of a lost Caravaggio in the Collection at Hampton Court to the morning the Queen woke to find an intruder sitting on her bed in Buckingham Palace, Britain’s royal palaces are rich in untold history, incredible artworks and dramatic and funny tales.


We unlock the secrets of the eight most famous royal palaces: Buckingham, Kensington, Windsor, Sandringham, Balmoral, Highgrove, Holyrood and St James’s Palace.  Historian Kate Williams tells scandalous and shocking stories of ancient Palace history.  To guide us through the art, architecture and recent events are specialist historians, royal commentators and ex-royal staff members who give us the lowdown on the stories that have shaped the modern royal family.  


Episode 1

Our series begins with Buckingham Palace, the brainchild of George IV, who hired architect John Nash to turn modest Buckingham House into a palace on a grand European scale.  Nash doubled its size and made it the focus of central London.  Queen Victoria added another major expansion, shifting George’s beloved entrance, Marble Arch, to make way for an even larger residence.  


In 1980, Prince Charles was a playboy prince, reluctant to settle down.  But one weekend young Diana Spencer came to stay with his family for the first time: this was the famous Balmoral Test.  She threw herself into long walks, outdoor life and helping with the washing up, and passed with flying colours.  Photographer Ken Lennox describes her ‘unique savviness’ in dealing with the press right from this first occasion, when he bagged a scoop with the first photographs of her among the royals.


In 1689 William and Mary took the throne, making their home at Kensington Palace.  William installed an intricate weather vane on the roof, which was connected to a map below in the King’s Gallery.  This ingenious device told him where to direct his ships, giving him a huge advantage in battle.


A lesser known characteristic of Buckingham Palace is its rat problem.  Jack Black V.R. was personal Rat & Mole Catcher to Queen Victoria.  But the problem remained until WWII, when the Queen Mother used palace rats as target practice, shooting them with a handgun.


In 2014 the Queen was gifted a new Diamond Jubilee Coach to add to her collection.  It’s 5m x 3m and needs 6 horses to pull it.  Made in Australia by coach maker, Jim Frecklington, it includes an intricate pattern of wooden panels, with shards taken from Canterbury Cathedral, 10 Downing Street, Henry VIII’s flagship, the Mary Rose and even from Isaac Newton’s apple tree.  


Finally we reveal what really happened in March 2020 when the Queen arrived for a weekend at Windsor to find herself locked out of her own house.  


Secrets old and new, from the darkest history of the royal residences to modern day dilemmas and disasters – it’s all here in Secrets of the Royal Palaces.

  • Saturday 2nd January, 8:30pm

  • Channel 5

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Prince Philip: The Bachelor Years

He was a Greek prince and an ambitious young sailor whose promising career was full of adventure, tragedy and scandal - before he fell in love with the Queen. 


This revelatory documentary will shed light on Prince Philip’s early life, his playboy father and troubled mother, and an immediate childhood connection that blossomed into a royal romance. 


Royal experts and insiders reveal his achievements in the face of danger as a sailor in the Second World War, and the extraordinary experience of fighting against his aristocratic German brothers-in-law. 


The programme also explores the extent of the sacrifices he made to marry Elizabeth, as he shed his former life, giving up his Mediterranean titles, becoming a naturalised British citizen and devoting his life to the service of the British crown, always in deference to his wife.

  • Saturday 2nd January, 9:30pm

  • Channel 5

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South Africa with Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace is in South Africa exploring its stunning landscapes, majestic wildlife and of course its food glorious food. Along the wild coast, on safari, through vast savannahs and into the cities Gregg discovers the flavours this diverse country has to offer; from the winelands around Cape Town to an Afrikaans braai in the Kalahari desert at sunset, Soweto’s street food stalls selling fat cakes, and traditional hearty dishes like bobotie. Gregg also discovers South Africa's famous wildlife - coming face to face with sharks and helping care for wild leopards and African penguins and immerses in the country's rich culture and tradition, new and old, as he journeys east to west to get a taste of the real South Africa.

Episode 1 -Safari in Amakhala 

Gregg starts his journey around South Africa by going on safari at the Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. After a Game Drive through the reserve he camps out overnight and tastes his first poike  - a traditional South African stew - cooked over a campfire.  In the morning Gregg joins wildlife Vet Dr Will Fowlds and his team as they care for a wild leopard.

  • Tuesday 5th January, 7:30pm

  • ITV

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Bargain Brits on Benefits

Everyone loves a bargain….But for some of us, coping with a super-tight budget is more than a nuisance - it’s a way of life.


Meet the Bargain Brits on Benefits whose clever ideas and savvy schemes save them a small fortune - and make mugs of the rest of us paying full price. These are the canny claimants making their cash work for them, bagging the biggest bargains... While the rest of us pay through the nose...


Life with little money, doesn’t always mean a life with no fun. In this energetic, characterful series we meet the savvy brits who are making their benefits go further. With inventive ways of saving money these bargain loving families and inventive individuals know how to get more …. for less. 


From £9.50 caravan holidays, to bargain shoppers with an eye for a great deal, we’ll be invited into the bustling kitchens making meals for a quid, be shown how to give council homes a makeover on a super tight budget and how you really can feed a family of four well on £40 a week – if you know your supermarket coupon blags. There will be nights on the town for a fiver, and big celebrations pulled out of the bag for less than £100.


Being on benefits doesn’t stop you throwing a party, having a huge wedding, or going away on family trip, it’s all about knowing the tricks. Across the episodes we reveal just how they manage to do all this, whilst on the tightest budget, celebrating the crazy creativity and inspiring resourcefulness that the rest of us aren’t clever enough to work out . 


 These are the Brits who are not just surviving the system, but making it work for them. You’ll be inspired by their inventiveness, wonder at their creativity, and be touched by their selflessness. And in their super saving savvy lives the Bargain Brits on Benefits show how it is really possible to live well for less.

  • Thursday 7th January, 7pm

  • 5 Star

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The Bidding Room

Today in the Bidding Room – set deep in the Yorkshire countryside - Nigel Havers welcomes 5 people with intriguing pieces they’d like to sell.  To help them before they face the dealers, Nigel introduces them to resident valuation expert, who has been an auctioneer for nearly 30 years. Simon will provide the sellers with specialist information about the item’s history and an educated valuation.  Armed with this knowledge, Nigel guides the seller through to the bidding room where they’ll face five eager dealers, ready to spend some money. 

The dealers have no idea who is going to walk in or what they’ll be selling but if it’s something they want, they’ll have to bid against each other to secure the deal.  The sellers will need to keep their heads and haggle hard if they want a bidding war to break out. Plus they’ll keep Simon’s valuation to themselves as a guide to what kind of price is the minimum they should settle for. 

First through the doors is Annalisa with a unique piece of farming history: will the dealers work out what it is? And can Annalisa convince them to buy? 

Also facing the dealers are mother and daughters, Jennifer, Ann and Gina with a fascinating tribal mask bought from their local school. Simon helps them work out where it came from before they face the dealers. Using their new knowledge, can they strike a good deal? 

Third up is Paddy who baffles the dealers with a piece of photographic kit from Edwardian times – can the dealers work out what it is and see the value?

Fourth in to the bidding room is Beverley with a unique piece, originally used for printing patterns on to material. It’s one of the most impressive examples some of the dealers have ever seen. So can she press them to pay the price she’s after?

Last to try her luck with our buyers is Chrissy, with a charming family heirloom – a toy horse and cart that she hopes will see her galloping off with a tidy profit.  

The dealers in today are Adi, Ian, James, Jane and Tash. So will any of them spend? And if they do, will any of them match – or even top – the valuation placed on each of the items? 

  • Monday 4th January, 4:30pm

  • BBC One

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Chatsworth House: A Great British Year

Filmed throughout 2020, this new series offers a unique insight into one of Britain’s best loved stately homes, with unprecedented access during extraordinary times. Six episodes follow four seasons, weaving stories and characters from the house, the gardens and the wider 35,000-acre estate, with the series beginning with a festive special.


Chatsworth House is the historic Derbyshire Treasure House that provided the inspiration and iconic backdrop for Pride and Prejudice and has been seat to the Cavendish family since 1549. The 12th Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Stoker and Amanda Cavendish, plus their community of 800 staff take us on a fascinating - and often emotional - journey through what turns out to be one of the most challenging years in this stately home’s five-century history. 


With a host of characters, humour, enchanting history, the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and access to the aristocracy, this series reveals how a unique British institution, now a modern phenomenon, battles through a year like no other.


Episode 2: 

This episode rewinds the year to March 2020. The house emerges from deep winter hibernation anticipating a bumper year of visitors and events. Inside the house, a dining table commissioned for Queen Victoria’s visit is decked out with centuries worth of family silver, all laid with laser precision. Outside on the 35,000-acre estate, everyone – including the Duke and Duchess – pitches in to collect litter from all the verges and roads. Everything needs to be pristine for opening day: cafés are refurbished, the garden’s made spick and span by an army of volunteers and gardeners, and finishing touches are added to 150 bespoke guide uniforms commissioned by the Duchess. 


But just a few days before the grand opening, coronavirus hits. House staff race to pandemic-proof the visitor route, only to discover the house won’t be able to open to visitors after all. 


But against all odds, the team manage to open the garden to a public desperate for a last hurrah before lockdown. Two thousand visitors, as well as the Duke and Duchess, enjoy a day of sunshine in Chatsworth’s 105-acre garden, 48 hours before the Prime Minister orders the nation to lockdown. For the first time in recent history, Chatsworth is closed for the spring and the sheep have the Duke’s lawns to themselves. 


As a stunned nation gets used to staying home and staying safe, the Duke and Duchess, hole up in just three of the house’s 175 rooms and take to Zoom to stay in touch with their staff – and the film crew.

  • Tuesday 5th January, 9pm

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