Romeo & Duet

Romeo and Duet, a brand new singing dating show hosted by Oti Mabuse, sees four lucky singletons climb the stairs to a blinging balcony in the pursuit of their perfect singing date.  

Each ‘Picker’ will be serenaded by, but will not see, up to four different singers. And if they like what they hear, they must make their way to the bottom of the stairs to choose their favourite, opening the door and locking in their choice before the performance comes to an end.

Then they’re off backstage, on a first date like no other, a ‘Duet Date’ - to learn a song together which they will perform at the end of the show. 

Each of the four new couples will then compete to be crowned the winners by the studio audience, and bag themselves a second date, away from the studio. 

House band, Vikki Stone and The Heartbeats add the live soundtrack to this family-friendly, heart-warming party of a show, across all seven episodes. 


Brand new dating show that uses the power of singing to help singles find their ideal partner. This week Oti Mabuse helps Jide, Becky, Steph and Daniel in their pursuit for musical happiness 

  • Saturday 16th April, 7pm

  • ITV

  • 1 of 7


The Thief, His Wife & The Canoe: The Real Story


Beatrix: The Queen Who Gave Up the Crown

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was a European royal who stood out from the crowd. Her 33 years on the Dutch throne weren’t without controversy. From public opposition over her choice of husband, to riots on the day she took the throne and even fatal attacks on her and her family during a royal celebration. 


After three decades she abdicated as an incredibly popular monarch. What was the key to her success? And who is the real woman behind the Dutch crown?

Gregg Wallace's Island Getaway

In search of some Winter sun, Gregg Wallace is traveling to the beautiful island of Madeira, just a four-hour flight from the UK.  There, he discovers a sub-tropical land full of surprises. Gregg fulfils a personal dream, getting close to a family of whales; hikes in ancient forest; and slides down a mountain in a hundred-year-old basket – a Madeira rite of passage. But it’s not all action; there’s a lot of food for Gregg to discover as well. From tropical fruit even he never knew existed; to the island’s signature dish, espatadas - beef skewers cooked on coals; to its biggest export - Madeira wine. Join Gregg for a packed adventure with cable cars, rum… and pirates.

  • Friday 22nd April, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


The Speedshop

Titch has a desire to re-enter a race he’s not competed in since 2014, the mighty Weston Beach motorcycle race.  With the four-mile sand course containing obstacles the size of houses it is one of the most punishing beach races in the world.  The three-hour endurance race takes its toll on both riders and machines, and Titch’s battered body - the result of years of Special Forces abuse - isn’t as injury free as when he last competed in this race.  But if concerns over his own fitness weren’t enough, he wants to make things even harder by entering the race on a machine the same age as he is, a 47-year-old vintage scrambler.  Which will break first the 47-year-old bike or the 47-year-old man?  


In preparation for the race it’s not just the bike that undergoes a rebuild – Titch visits Orthopaedic surgeon Charles Willis-Owen to see what, if anything, can be done about his damaged knees and ankles before the flag drops at Weston.  


Titch is joined in the race by last-minute entry and colleague, Billy.  If Titch thought he wasn’t in the best physical shape to tackle the race, injured military veteran Billy is attempting the race with just one fully functioning arm.

The Fall of House Maxwell

This episode tells the story of the latest in a long line of scandals to engulf the Maxwell family: the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, and the shocking events that lead to her being charged with recruiting and trafficking young girls for Jeffrey Epstein.  


A survivor of Jeffrey Epstein’s speaks for the first time about her experiences with the billionaire and Ghislaine. She describes seeing at least sixty girls in the time spent with them, comparing the sex trafficking operation to a “factory” which Epstein was “running” and Maxwell was “operating”. She shares never-seen-before photographs taken on the notorious private island where much of the abuse took place.  

Jeffrey Epstein’s masseur on that same Caribbean island, who also met Maxwell speaks for the first time about what he witnessed and his regrets about not having recognised what was happening sooner.  

A Palm Beach lawyer describes how the truth about the abuse started surfacing almost twenty years earlier, when his client became the very first victim to contact police. The call triggers an investigation which identifies dozens of potential victims. But it’s a short-lived window of hope, as Epstein is let off with a lenient plea deal and none of his associates are charged. 


With victims feeling let down, one of the US’ top legal firms get involved. They start to uncover the “astronomical” scale of the sex trafficking operation, and Ghislaine Maxwell’s “central role”. One of the survivors they represent describes how a meeting with Maxwell led to being abused by Epstein, completely changing the trajectory of her life.  


Jeffrey Epstein is arrested for a second time but just a month later, shocking news breaks that he has died in a New York prison whilst awaiting trial. With Epstein dead, the authorities focus on Ghislaine Maxwell. As they build their case, Maxwell’s old friend Prince Andrew gives an interview with Emily Maitlis for Newsnight, which reverberates around the world and sheds light on their relationship.  

In a dawn raid, Ghislaine Maxwell is arrested at her home and charged with grooming and recruiting teenagers for Epstein.  


Maxwell's day of reckoning arrives in what’s dubbed the “trial of the century”. The world’s media descends on the New York courthouse and the Maxwell siblings arrive to speak out in support of their sister. Former friends take their seat in the public gallery and speak of their shock at seeing the high-flying socialite they once knew now sitting in the dock facing life in prison.  

What emerges is a story about Maxwell's enduring role as Epstein's right hand woman, apparently trading the fate of girls and young women in return for a position of wealth, security and power in a high society world.

Mary Berry's Fantastic Feasts

Dame Mary Berry knows a thing or two about cooking up a Fantastic Feast, so she’s sharing her cooking skills with three novice cooks - Rima, her mother-in-law Diane, and her best friend Noreen, who want to throw a spectacular surprise 30th birthday feast for Rima’s husband Mark.  With the help of Dame Mary, can they pull it off and give Mark a birthday surprise he’ll never forget?


Mary has also enlisted the help of Strictly’s Janette Manrara and presenter Scarlett Moffatt. While Mary will focus on getting the novice cooks up to speed in the kitchen, Janette and Scarlett oversee the extras that make will make this party extra special. They’ll also be on-hand to offer moral support when temperatures rise in the kitchen. 


Rima, Diane and Noreen from London have had their fair share of cooking disasters.  Mark had to teach Rima how to boil pasta, Diane cooks from packets and Noreen is known for leaving her family reeling with her crazily hot curries.


Mary has her work cut out turning the three novices into capable cooks able to serve up a fantastic feast. But it’s a challenge she is willing to take on as it’s been a tough few years for teacher Mark, and this party is about celebrating more than just a birthday.  


The novice cooks get the unique opportunity of visiting Mary Berry at home for some very special cooking lessons, learning recipes hand-chosen by Mary for a spectacular celebration… Blinis with three toppings, Salmon en Croute with a Spinach and Herb Sauce and a Birthday Chocolate Ganache Cake. 


They’re not the only ones getting to work on preparing for the feast, as Janette and Scarlett hit the shops on a mission set by Mary.  First stop is the sweet shop to pick up some treats for Mark’s school children to say thank you for a special message.  And then its off to pick up Mark’s favourite thing… cheese.  But can they organise something spectacular enough for the occasion?


After their one-to-one lessons with Mary, the novice cooks must master their dishes on their own at home, but can they remember the recipes or even how to work the oven when they’re home alone?


Then it’s time to step things up as they head to the London Rowing Club on the banks of the River Thames to cook their fantastic feast for 15, give Mark the surprise of a lifetime and finally celebrate.


With Janette and Scarlett in charge of the finishing touches, Mary’s on hand for some last-minute tips.  With a magnificent venue and incredible recipes, can they pull it off, surprise Mark and deliver a magical feast?

  • Monday 18th April, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 3 of 3


Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar

Mark Millar (DIY SOS) is back helping more homeowners transform the most important rooms in the house, and proves that not even a global pandemic, rising material costs and a shortage of available tradesmen can come between Brits and our beloved home makeovers. Kitchens and bathrooms cost the most money and add the most value, but they can be the trickiest rooms to get right. Mark brings 30 years of experience to help design-loving homeowners achieve their dreams with amazing transformations, and tells the rest of us all what we need to know so we can create our own dream kitchens and bathrooms, on any budget. Prepare to be amazed.


In the last episode of the series, Mark Millar helps a couple with a Modernist house in Yorkshire and a budge tof £16,000who dream of creating two striking ‘his and his’ bathrooms in their modern home. And in a 500-year-old Tudor manor house in Dorset, Mark meets a family who want to create two dream kitchens, one ancient and one modern, in their historic home. 


In Barnsley, Yorkshire, Stephen and Lee are renovating their 1960s modernist home, complete with two separate ‘his and his’ bathrooms. They’re taking on the challenge to design a luxury bathroom each, with £16,000 to spend on high-end fixtures and fittings, but they’re saving hundreds of pounds by doing most of the work themselves. Stephen’s usually the designer: he’s taking on the bigger bathroom and a bigger portion of the budget to transform it into a luxurious black- and-white haven. Lee is usually in charge of building work: he’s designing the smallest room in the house, and is going for dark and moody in his en suite, with black marble tiles and even a black loo — but a mix-up means he’s ended up with a tiny window. Mark suggests he replaces it with a bigger one, but will they take his advice? 


In Athelhampton, Dorset, Giles and his family are hoping to soon move into the home of Giles’s dreams, one of the world’s finest examples of a Tudor manor. It’s full of period features, but not fit for living in the 21st century. An old 1970s kitchen has been ripped out, and Giles wants to return the room back to its original state as a Tudor kitchen, complete with a restored huge arched fireplace, bread oven and an iron spit for roasting over an open fire. They’ll use this for cooking on special occasions and family feasts, and as a dining room. 


For their everyday needs, he’s installing a new modern kitchen in the room next door, choosing Shaker style and trying to blend in with the ancient building. Mark helps remove hundreds of years worth of paint to reveal the original 500-year-old brickwork in the fireplace. Later, during further renovations, Giles discovers an original bread oven that he plans to bring back to working life. 


When choosing the style of the modern kitchen, Giles is keen that he’s sympathetic to the period property and lays reclaimed flagstone floors in both kitchens, while Mark shares his tips with viewers on how to get the look for less. Giles visits the local blacksmith, where he has had some specially commissioned ironwork made up, including candlestick holders and the spit-roast. Can Giles pull off a sensitive restoration of the original Tudor kitchen? And can he incorporate a new kitchen into this historic home without ruining its period charm? 


Also in this episode, master builder Mark looks at how to make a bathroom work with black walls, and explores the new trend for coloured sanitary ware. He shows inside some inspirational homes, like that of interior designer Samantha Todhunter, who shows us the tricks she used to make her brand new kitchen blend in with her 300-year-old home. 

  • Tuesday 19th April, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 8 of 8



Episode 13 

It’s the fifth and final week of Heats and this year the judges are mixing it up – introducing a whole new set of challenges that the passionate amateurs must complete to progress in the competition.


Nine home cooks arrive with both their dreams and ingredients ready for their first test, the Audition Round. This year’s auditionees come from all over the UK - cooking a range of dishes that not only aim to challenge the palettes of the judges, but to make their tastebuds dance. Cooking their Signature Dish, the hopefuls must show John and Gregg who they are as a cook and how good they could become. 


John and Gregg don’t witness them cook in the MasterChef kitchen. Instead, they taste each dish in the new Tasting Room. Just like diners in a restaurant, they judge each contestant’s food solely on the plate that is put in front of them. After tasting all nine plates, John and Gregg pick their three favourite dishes, giving those cooks a well-earned MasterChef apron and immunity from cooking in the next round. 


However, for the remaining six contestants the competition is not over. They all get another chance to impress the judges and win themselves that coveted apron. Pulling out all the stops for another of their Signature Dishes, the hopefuls must then cook a sweet dish if they delivered a savoury dish in the first round and vice versa. This time, John and Gregg are in the kitchen witnessing their every move. The pressure is intense and the stakes are high as at the end, only four cooks can join the three already fast-tracked in the next round of challenges. For two - their MasterChef dream is over.


Episode 14

This week’s seven best home cooks from the first rounds return to test their culinary wits and try to prove to judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace that they have the potential to be MasterChef Champion 2022.


Tonight, the contestants face two more challenges - designed to gauge both their creativity and culinary repertoire. The first is the Market Challenge - where the seven are tasked with inventing a dish on the spot for judges John and Gregg from a market full of ingredients - which include Bavette steak, plaice and oysters.


The pressure is on to impress because at the end of this test one contestant will be sent home. The remaining six take on their most demanding assignment so far - cooking a dish to a brief set by one of the country’s toughest food critics, William Sitwell. William has asked them to cook a dish inspired by a favourite ready-bought food item - sweet or savoury - that will get them a Quarter Final place.


At the end of this episode only four contestants can go through to the Quarter Final. Who can handle the pressure and show they have what it takes to progress further in the competition - another step closer to being crowned MasterChef Champion 2022?



Tonight, it’s the last Quarter Final and this week’s most talented four cooks return to fight for a place in the Semi Finals. Tonight, they face just one intense challenge. They must cook two courses that will excite not just John and Gregg, but also some of MasterChef’s most inspiring winners, finalists and contestants, who have all gone on to careers in the food industry. 


Tonight, their fate is in the hands of MasterChef Champions - from 2007, Steven Wallis, 2018, Kenny Tutt, and 2005, Thomasina Miers.  With just two Semi Final places up for grabs, these amateurs need to show real flair and ambition to edge closer to the MasterChef 2022 trophy.

  • Tuesday 19th April, 8pm
    Thursday 21st April, 8pm
    Friday 22nd April, 8:30pm

  • BBC One

  • 13 of 21
    14 of 21
    15 of 21


A&E After Dark

The hugely successful A&E After Dark is back, providing an uncensored picture of what it’s like working the night shift at A&E departments across the UK. With exclusive access to Hull Royal Infirmary, in an extraordinary year, this series shows the night-time challenges for NHS staff in a working environment that’s not for the faint-hearted. There are more admissions at night because of drugs and alcohol, resulting in regular aggression and abuse. The security team as well as the local police force work together to help keep both patients and staff safe.


In this episode, the team at Hull Royal Infirmary have another busy night: a man is involved in a motorbike collision with a deer; a young patient is in agony with his ankle facing the wrong way; and the team treat a man who has fallen down the stairs after a night out.


Yorkshire Air Ambulance bring 68-year-old Eric into Resus. He crashed his motorbike after hitting a deer in the road. Dr Jack is concerned that the patient should be feeling more pain than he’s presenting with and sends him for an emergency CT scan to check for life-changing injuries.


The Resus team receive an emergency patient who’s fallen down the stairs after a night out. He has a nasty gash on his head and needs to be urgently examined for injuries.


After a jump from a coach’s emergency exit went wrong, 19-year-old Harry arrives in Resus in excruciating pain. With an ankle facing the wrong way, the emergency care team have to try to manipulate his foot back into position. But it isn’t going back as easily as expected.


A walk in the park with her puppy ended with an unexpected trip to A&E for 66-year-old Carron: she has a suspected broken nose. And the team treat another facial injury when Karol arrives with a swollen eye after being punched in the face.


Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows.

  • Friday 22nd April, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • 10 of 15


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