Week 17

Born to Kill: Class of Evil

Born To Kill? returns to Really with an all-new UK Premiere series that takes a different look at some of the world's most notorious serial killers.

Not all serial killers are the same - but many share twisted desires and use similarly devious methods to get their perverse kicks.

Just as many serial killers have a victim type, so there are types of murderers: from the handsome charmers, who could seduce any woman in the blink of an eye but can't be satisfied unless they kill, to the power-hungry sadists for whom there's no pleasure without pain.

As usual, one new killer is investigated in each episode, but this series Born To Kill? delves into the extensive 'Born To Kill?' archive, to draw comparisons with some of the most iconic serial killers in history.

Professor Lou Schlesinger and Detective Jackie Sebire unravel the case of master manipulator Peter Tobin and draw comparisons with some of history’s most charming serial killers.

In 2006, the charismatic handyman murdered 23-year-old student Angelika Kluk in a Catholic church in Glasgow. The sadistic killer concealed her body beneath the floorboards near the confessional. As an investigation in to the cold-blooded murderer was launched, remains of a further 2 young women who went missing in 1991 were subsequently found at his former home.

  • Tuesday 25th April, 10pm

  • Really

  • 1 of 10


E4’s Tattoo Artist of the Year

The six remaining contestants return to the studio where they must produce two more top quality tattoos if they stand a chance of staying in the competition. Superfan customers want pieces relating to their obsessions, which include portraits of Elvis and Muhammad Ali. Guest judge Guen Douglas casts her expert eye over the contestants traditional work in the style challenge, and Jay and Rose drop the bombshell that the bottom two contestants after both challenges will go head to head for a place in the semi-final.  


Episode 13

After four weeks of fierce competition only the 14 best cooks remain, and tonight, the battle is on as they come together for the first time and cook off against each other across two shows.

The amateurs are split into two groups – the red group and the blue group – with seven cooks in each. Each set of contestants face a daunting cook-off based on a brief given by John and Gregg. Their challenge is to create one dish inspired by a family favourite or food from their childhood. Once both groups have finished cooking, John and Gregg will decide who is good enough to continue in the competition.

The blue group are the first to cook. In one hour and 30 mins, they must deliver just one dish that stands out from the crowd, and proves to the judges that they have a future in the competition. However, they won’t find out their fate just yet, as they’ll have to wait until the blue team have cooked later tonight before John and Gregg will choose who stays and who goes.

Who will crumble under the pressure and who will prove they have what it takes to take another precious step towards being crowned MasterChef Champion 2017?

Judges:  John Torode & Gregg Wallace

Episode 14

In tonight’s second episode Knockout Week continues, as the best 14 amateur chefs continue to battle it out in a high-pressured cook-off.

With the blue group already having cooked earlier tonight, it’s now the turn of the red group to face the same daunting challenge set by John and Gregg. Their brief is to create one dish inspired by a family favourite or food from their childhood.

In one hour and 30 mins, they must deliver just one dish that stands out from the crowd, and proves to the judges that they have a future in the competition.

John and Gregg must now make a difficult decision as they choose who has what it takes to continue in the competition and whose MasterChef journey is about to end.

Who will crumble under the pressure and who will prove they have what it takes to take another precious step towards being crowned MasterChef Champion 2017?

Judges: John Torode & Gregg Wallace

Episode 15

MasterChef is back with the most inspirational series yet. Out of the hundreds that auditioned, sixty-four amateur cooks have been whittled down to the most promising twelve. All of them have just one goal: to lift the coveted MasterChef Champion trophy.

Knockout Week continues, and last night saw two contestants leave the competition. Only the best can become semi-finalists at the end of this week.

Over the next two nights it’s a baptism of fire as the remaining twelve contestants are split into two groups and get their first taste of professional cooking when they have to run an entire lunch time service on their own.

Tonight, the first group head to Ormer Mayfair, a London restaurant headed up by award-winning chef Shaun Rankin. During a busy service, the six amateurs will be responsible for serving up every dish on the menu to paying customers. Who will falter as they cook in a completely unfamiliar and demanding environment?

Then, it’s back to MasterChef HQ for an Invention Test to show John and Gregg just what they have learnt. In a last chance bid to stay in this year’s competition, each contestant has to show they can invent an exceptional dish that is worthy of gracing the table of a professional restaurant.

In an unexpected twist, the contestants discover that they not only have to present their food to John and Gregg, but also a guest judge who will be helping John and Gregg evaluate the five amateurs – renowned Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin.

After this, one of them will be going home. Who will crumble under the pressure and who will make it through to Friday’s challenge – the gateway to this year’s semi-finals?

In a competition where only the food matters, these amateurs will need to stand out to survive - taking another precious step towards being crowned MasterChef Champion 2017.

Judges: John Torode & Gregg Wallace

Guest Judge: Tom Kitchin

Badass Brides: Here Comes Trouble

PI to follow

  • Wednesday 26th April, 9pm

  • 5 STAR

  • 2 of 10


Dr Christian Will See You Now

Dr Christian Jessen and his crack team of medical specialists once again embark on a mission to get peoples’ lives and relationships back on track.

Hoping for some answers is Becky, whose mum tragically passed away from breast cancer 12 years ago. Becky lives in constant fear that the same might happen to her and it is affecting her relationship with her husband. Will Dr Christian be able to help?

Desperate to see Dr Christian is Frankie, whose recent diagnosis of alopecia is threatening to derail his wedding to fiancée Charlotte. Can Dr Christian help get the wedding back on track?

Also visiting the clinic is taxi driver Tony, whose severe back acne and Lymphedema are stopping him from socialising and living his life. With the help of his in-house dermatologist, can Dr Christian work his magic?

Question Time

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time.

  • Thursday 27th April, 10:45pm

  • BBC One


Most Haunted

Yvette Fielding and her dedicated team of paranormal investigators return for an all-new and exclusive fifth series of the country's most popular ghost hunting show.

This time around Yvette, Karl and co welcome Watson, a new four-legged member, to the team, and once again they take to the highways and byways of Britain going on another quest to visit and investigate the country's most haunted locations, and record and analyse any paranormal activity they find.

With a long and celebrated history of providing shocks and shivers, series five of Most Haunted could be the most dramatic yet.

Episode Three - The Slaughter House

The Slaughterhouse is Liverpool’s oldest pub and gives the team more than they bargained for as object are moved from underneath the team’s noses.

  • Friday 28th April, 10pm

  • Really

  • 3 of 10


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