***NEW*** Britain's Viking Graveyard

In the 9th Century, a massive army of Vikings stormed these shores. Several thousand strong, it was one of the biggest fighting forces ever to invade Britain, yet it left little trace of its bloody conquest on the landscape. Now, an intrepid team of archaeologists sets out to prove that a mass grave discovered in a vicarage garden in Derbyshire is the last resting place of this great Viking army. Using the latest forensic techniques, they will piece together for the first-time extraordinary stories of women warriors and a Viking warrior king reunited with his son in death. And in a world exclusive, they unearth new evidence of a massive military encampment, in what looks set to become one of the most significant Viking sites ever discovered in Britain.  

  • Sunday 21st April, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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Life After Lock-Up

Observational documentary series tracing a year in the lives of ex-offenders as they are released from prison and attempt to reintegrate back into society. 

In the last episode of the three part documentary, newly released prisoners, Andrew and Kimberley battle with their longstanding addiction to alcohol;  still homeless, Gemma sets about moving to the park to live over the summer; and Jason seeks professional help for his deteriorating mental health and drug addiction.

Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

In the Tattoo Fixers: Extreme parlour this week, Alice rids Jade of a faulty ode to friendship, Uzzi gets rid of country boy Foston’s rural rhyme, London Bridge terror attack hero Charlie comes in for his first ever ink and Sketch helps Beckie cover up her mother’s favourite tattoo. Elsewhere, Dirty Dancing obsessive Craig has the time of his life, and Gemma lets the cat out of the bad tattoo bag.

Rich Kids Go Homeless

In this revealing observational series, six young Brits, whose privileged lives have left them with the idea that homelessness is often the result of the victim's own actions, and they could fix it if they really wanted to, have agreed to sleep rough on the streets of London for three nights. The rich kids want to prove that it's easy to escape homelessness, and they all have a plan to make money and get off the streets. They'll beg, get jobs and even start a business while surviving as rough sleepers during the winter months. Will meeting the real homeless people change their perspective on homelessness?

Heir the family fortune, 21 year old Hanif tops up his fund investing in the stock market. Hanif is a currency and commodities trader. He is also keen shooter and spends every day in the gym. Agreeing to give this up to spend three nights on the streets, Hanif believed the homeless were lazy and uneducated. He thought he could easily get off the streets by getting some manual work. Homeless Hanif was dropped in Camden and he prioritised eating over working. Survival was his main priority. Job-hunting took a back seat. His first night sleeping rough was a shock to the system. But despite this, and a threat from a homeless man, desperate Hanif failed to get a job and was forced to spend a second night sleeping rough.

The Hangover Games

The penultimate episode of The Hangover Games is in leafy Canterbury in Kent this week, but the garden of England is no longer peaceful as comedian Matt Richardson challenges a group of local friends to play some outrageous games for cash prizes all while they are suffering terrible hangovers. The all-girl group must face Dirty Pints of chilli and fish sauce as well as a twerking challenge and a head spinning ride on a Beer Bike.

  • Wednesday 24th April, 11:05pm

  • E4

  • 9 of 10


Naked Beach

The UK has some of the lowest body image scores in the world and over a third of us admit we’re unhappy with the way we look. In Naked Beach, a new five-part series, social psychologist Dr Keon West and body image expert Natasha Devon MBE have devised a radical experiment that could help people who hate their bodies learn to love them again.

In each episode three ‘Guests’ with critically low body image jet off to a sunny Greek retreat to live with a group of unclothed, body confident ‘Hosts’ who have little more than elaborately designed body paint to cover their modesty. The immersive process is based on research by Dr Keon West which shows that spending time with a range of naked bodies of all shapes and sizes, rather than picture-perfect ones, can improve body image, self-esteem and life happiness. Together with Natasha, Dr West wants to see if the same principles can be used to help transform the way body-conscious Brits feel about themselves. After four days of being pushed out of their comfort zones and their clothes, the guests face the ultimate challenge: to join the hosts and bare all on Naked Beach.

In this episode, Helen Learns to let go of what other think of her body; Steven realises confidence is a state of mind; and Mike begins to embrace his body after years of hating himself.

  • Thursday 25th April, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 5


British Made with John Prescott

In this brand new series Lord John Prescott heads across Britain visit the factories who make some of our favourite food and drinks. Meeting the producers of some of the nation's biggest brands John will seek to discover the secrets of their success. Between his factory visits we spend time at home with John and his wife Pauline and in each episode he’ll share his experiences with her. From creamy custard in Devon, to tea in Liverpool, battered fish in Grimsby and crisps in the forest of Dean John is on a manufacturing journey of discovery.  

Tonight John Prescott hits the road again to find out how to of his favourite meals are made, a fish supper and rice pudding. Travelling all the way to the West Country John visits the Ambrosia factory in Devon where he joins the production line making some of the nation's favourite desserts. Back up north John heads to the Youngs factory in Grimsby to find out how their signature fish pie is made and how they create fish and chips in a box! 

  • Friday 26th April, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 4


Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

Comedian Joe Lycett, famed for his epic battles with petty officials and dodgy scammers, fights for the consumer rights of the Great British public in this new series. With the help of his assistant Mark Silcox, a weekly celebrity guest, and some daring hidden camera investigations, Joe campaigns on behalf of viewers who've been wronged by big corporations, caught out by small print, and hoodwinked by fraudsters. From dishing the dirt on unhygienic takeaways and battling with big banks, to pulling back the covers on sub-par hotel rooms, and taking low budget airlines for a bumpy ride, Joe is determined in his quest for consumer justice. Who will be his celebrity guest this week and will he be able to help the public?

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