Great British History Hunters

With privileged access behind the scenes at the British Museum, this landmark four-part series follows a characterful cast of passionate metal detectorists as their incredible, and often valuable, discoveries make their way through the fascinating world of the Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme.


Episode 1

In this first episode a unique collection of Roman Bronzes make life changing amounts of money at auction, Mudlarks scour the Thames foreshore for treasures of London’s past, and a staggering 3,000 year old gold sun pendant stuns experts at the British Museum when it’s discovered in Shropshire.

Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts

The nation’s treasured emergency team from Yorkshire’s favourite casualty department are back. And there have been some changes at Barnsley’s A & E – nursing staff have been promoted, Junior Doctors have joined and there’s a shiny new red phone. The team remain at the heart of our over-stretched health service, struggling against a backdrop of closing GP surgeries and rising patient numbers. We see the life-saving medics in resus, the resilient nurses helping the walk-in wounded and the paediatric specialists looking after the youngest patients. Their passion, dedication and commitment keep them returning shift after shift but it’s their Yorkshire grit and humour that gets them through the toughest days.                                                                                                  

Every day is a busy day at Barnsley Casualty.  But when the emergency red phone is ringing off the hook and ambulances are queuing round the block, it takes a special team of nurses to make sure all patients get the level of care they need. Sister Benita Wainwright is leading the team, a day that she describes as “Chaos. There are people everywhere. It’s hard going. But staff pull together and make sure patients are looked after.”


Taken straight into Resus with dangerously low blood sugar levels is 2-year-old Kaitlynn.  Caring for her is Paediatric Sister Kate Ellis who reveals what it feels like when a child is rushed in; “you feel sick and anxious about what’s about to happen, how ill is the child going to be, how are you going to help?”


Junior Doctor Alex Chatburn has a different take on emergency admissions.  For him it’s an opportunity to treat the most urgent patients. “If I’m not by the red phone when it calls, I feel annoyed. I want to do things that fix things”. His emergency patient is former Merchant Navy man, 88-year-old Bill, brought in with heart and breathing problems. Dr Chatburn enjoyed hearing about what Bill got up to during his many years of service overseas.


Junior Doctor Jake Mullen assesses 44-year old Kay who arrives at the hospital with flu-like symptoms. He runs the risk of contracting a highly contagious strain of flu while treating her.


When the staff are rushed off their feet, Volunteer Jane Allen is on hand to make sure they are never far away from a nice cup of coffee. “Looking after the ones that look after us”. 


Episode 16

To kick off Semi Finals week, the 10 remaining hopefuls are given their first taste of what it’s like to work in a restaurant setting, whilst being tested on teamwork. MasterChef turns into a professional kitchen for the day with judge John Torode running the pass. Tables are laid in the dining room and filled with 20 past MasterChef Quarter Finalists, Semi Finalists and Finalists – all of whom have gone on to have full time careers in the food industry since taking part in the competition.


The Semi Finalists are tasked with creating a three-course menu that they would be proud to serve in their own restaurant or put in a cookbook. Split into three groups, three contestants must each cook their starter, four must each cook their main and the remaining three, each their dessert. Like at a restaurant, the diners choose their three courses from the menu - showing the judges whose dishes are the bestsellers. With John running a tight ship, it’s up to the teams to bring all their orders to the pass upon call of service. It’s feedback from the dining room, however, that lays bare how the contestants cope with a service environment – where they hope to receive rave reviews, but instead could fall behind the pack.  


At the end of this mammoth task, two contestants will be saying goodbye to their dream of becoming MasterChef Champion 2022 and the remaining eight continue to the next round.



Episode 17

The best eight cooks remain in the Semi Finals and take on a daunting Invention Test where they must create a dish inspired by the chicken or the egg. The Market is open, and with a larder full of ingredients to choose their accompaniments, they must create a dish worthy of being put through to the next round – all the while ensuring the chicken and/or the egg remain the stars of the show. At the end of this challenge, two contestants will go home, with the remaining six stepping up to the next round.


The six Semi Finalists travel to Middle Temple in Central London where a very special centenary event is taking place. The Royal British Legion celebrates 100 years since the nation’s collective Remembrance traditions were first bought together and the organisation began its important work supporting serving and ex-serving personnel and their families. The Poppy Appeal, the Two Minute Silence, Armistice Day, the Service for the Unknown Warrior, and the March Past at the Cenotaph are traditions that millions participate in every year. Under the supervision of Glynn Purnell, Head Chef of Michelin-starred Purnell’s Restaurant (Birmingham), the contestants are split into teams of two to deliver a three-course menu for a prestigious lunch celebrating over 20 war veterans and crucial fundraisers – all of whom have bravely served their country – so expectations are high.  


Episode 18

The last challenge in Semi Finals week is a celebration of MasterChef’s surprise musical fame. Filmed 10 years after MasterChef and judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace were sampled to inspire the hit single Buttery Biscuit Bass – reaching the Top 40 in the UK charts and over 11 million views online and counting – this episode marks this momentous achievement by returning the favour. The final six contestants must prepare a dish that is inspired by the song and one of over 20 different food references within it. Savoury or sweet, it’s up to the contestants to interpret the brief, while staying on theme, celebrating MasterChef’s musical heights and impressing the judges enough to secure a place in The Finals.  At the end of this challenge, one contestant’s MasterChef dreams are dashed, with the Final Five entering their last week – within reach of becoming MasterChef Champion 2022.

  • Tuesday 26th April, 8pm
    Thursday 28th April, 8pm
    Friday 29th April, 8pm

  • BBC One

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Romeo & Duet

New singing dating show that sees singles tempted down from their balcony by singing love matches. Oti Mabuse helps Adonye, Selina, Sven and Jessica to find their perfect match. 

  • Saturday 23rd April, 7pm

  • ITV

  • 2 of 7


The Speedshop

The team have had a busy summer and Titch thinks a week away for some R & R is just what the boys need.  A sun lounger in Greece isn’t his style, so he proposes they do something a little more challenging; a 700km off-road trans-Iceland motorcycle ride should fit the bill!  The scenery is stunning the only catch being, at this time of year they are likely to encounter snow, and motorcycles and snow don’t mix.  However, could bolt-on skis be the answer, and turn their motorcycles into snow capable machines.  The boys set-to designing and building their ski solution.  But with only time for a brief, unsuccessful, snow dome test before heading to Iceland, they are very much entering the unknown. 


At the last-minute Billy receives some shattering news from the doctor – a fractured bone in his hand, sustained while racing Weston Beach race, means he can’t ride a motorcycle for six weeks, so riding across Iceland is off.  However, every cloud has a silver lining, in this case in the form of a giant Icelandic 4x4, which means Billy can still participate.      

A&E After Dark

The hugely successful A&E After Dark is back, providing an uncensored picture of what it’s like working the night shift at A&E departments across the UK. With exclusive access to Hull Royal Infirmary, in an extraordinary year, this series shows the night-time challenges for NHS staff in a working environment that’s not for the faint-hearted. There are more admissions at night because of drugs and alcohol, resulting in regular aggression and abuse. The security team, as well as the local police force, work together to help keep both patients and staff safe. 


In this episode, doctors treat the victim of a violent baseball bat attack; a 19-year-old who has crashed his motorbike and an obese patient who has fallen and is struggling to breathe. 


In resus, 64-year-old retired coach driver Paul is rushed in by ambulance after falling onto fire-stoking tools. Weighing just under 20 stone, the ambulance and the fire service lift him from the scene. Concerned about the patient’s breathing, and the extreme pain in his shoulder and abdomen, Dr Austin calls a full trauma team to monitor Paul’s situation. The team want to avoid the need for an operation at all costs. 


After being attacked with a baseball bat, the police have brought 48-year-old Dave into majors with damage to his face and bite marks on his ear. Dr Rebecca is concerned that he may have a broken jaw, which can be a life-changing injury, so she sends Dave for scans to survey the damage. 


Having being thrown from his motorbike in a road traffic collision, 19-year-old Callum is ambulanced into resus. The emergency team examine him and send him for urgent scans to look for any life-threatening injuries. 


After falling off his scooter, nine-year-old Kayden is in the paediatrics department with a broken leg. Dr Chris carefully administers pain relief so that he can realign the bone. Using high-powered drugs such as ketamine on children presents a more challenging procedure for Dr Chris. 


And 31-year-old Abdus arrives in A&E with horrific burns from an oil fire in his kitchen. Dr Joe needs to determine what degree the burns are in order to assess whether Abdus can fully recover from his injury. 


Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows.

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