Week 1

The Secret Life of The Hospital Bed

The Secret Life of The Hospital Bed, is a unique 15-part series where across the 45-minute episodes, fixed-rig cameras tell the story of patients who enter four different hospitals across the country.  The hospitals are Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, Queens Hospital in Romford, Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and the Great Northern Children’s Hospital in Newcastle. The circumstances, the ailment, the treatment, the length of stay - everything is personal to the individual involved. But the one constant throughout is the bed. 

With over 130,000 currently in use across the NHS, hospital beds witness the most important moments of our lives. Filmed over five weeks, the series features four hospitals and one of the beds in their units including: A&E, Maternity, Day Surgery and Paediatrics. 

Every patient who enters hospital has a different story to tell of how and why they are there. The unique nature of the access means that viewers see the ways in which patients and staff interact, shining a spotlight onto the vital work carried out by the hospital’s dedicated staff members, and giving an intimate and heart-warming portrayal of life, death, and everything in-between inside Britain's hospitals. 

  • Monday 2nd January, 11am

  • BBC One

  • 8 of 15


The Great Interior Design Challenge


In the first round of the first heat, the three amateur designers are hairdresser Oliver, dog walker Katie and photographer Daniela. They must transform a bedroom each in Regency properties in the stunning Pittville estate in Cheltenham.

Katie has a love of all things vintage, and plans to please the client with her use of a controversial peach colour scheme which divides the judges.

Oliver is being creative trying to bring "the outside in" when he makes over a tired and unused dreary basement guest room; however, he's taking a risk with his design so will he be able to satisfy their dislike of chintz and what will they make of his children's toy hula hoop light fitting?

Daniela meanwhile has to design for a younger client but can she satisfy a 12 year old schoolgirl, who is after a sophisticated look for her bedroom? Will Daniela be able to rise to the challenge and has she bitten off more than she can chew?

All three will be trying to come up with quirky and innovative designs when they are given a "Creative Challenge" - they'll each be given a surprise item which they'll have to cleverly incorporate into their scheme within three hours.

They each have a thousand pounds, 48 hours and a small team to help deliver their schemes.

Who has and who hasn't satisfied the judges, as one of them will be going home?

  • Tuesday 3rd January, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 1 of 9


The Great Interior Design Challenge


It's the second round of the first heat and the three amateur designers are actor and director Nicholas, marketing assistant James and event stylist Anna.

They must transform a living room each in three Grade 1 Listed former workers' cottages in the pretty town of Saltaire.

Nicholas is reaching out to his spiritual side as his client wants a Zen inspired relaxing consulting room but has he bitten off more than he can chew with an elaborate Japanese inspired scheme. Will his client like it?

Anna meanwhile has to breathe new life into a lack-lustre living room for her client but will she be able to give it a modern masculine bachelor pad makeover? And will the judges think her schemes are manly enough. 

James is also going to have a testing time trying to fulfil a Scandi brief for his homeowner but can he finish it to his own high standards?

They'll also have a three hour window in which to complete this week's Creative Challenge.

They'll each have a thousand pounds, three days and a small team to help deliver their schemes. Expectations are high from their clients and the judges and they will decide who has done enough to stay in the competition - and who will go home.

  • Wednesday 4th January, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 2 of 9


The Great Interior Design Challenge


It’s the last of the heats and this time our group of amateur designers are transforming rooms in Holly Village, a unique collection of Grade 2 listed properties in North London.

Our designers are Richard, an artist from West Yorkshire, Shaida a freelance makeup artist from Northampton and Susanne a solicitor from Loch Lomond in Scotland.

They each have the task of transforming a bedroom in imposing Victorian Gothic cottages.

Richard is reaching out to his “Industrial “ side for his client who wants a chic hotel look but will his original art work and use of “raw” natural materials go down well with his homeowner? Can he finish his bedroom on time and to the homeowner’s specification when a delivery goes wrong?

Meanwhile Shaida finds that even though her brief from her client matches her own personality, it doesn’t mean that her design will be plain sailing. Working to the specifications and constrictions of period properties proves quite challenging and will Shaida who has a love for all things Moorish - be able to marry gothic and romantic into her Moorish plans?

And a peaceful muted zen like room is a testing brief for Paisley pattern loving Susanne.  Challenged by incorporating the homeowners’ bulky furniture and technology, Susanne has to draw on all her design charm to impress.

And of course they’ll have a three hour window in which to complete this week’s Creative Challenge.

They’ll each have a thousand pounds, 48 hours over three days and a small team to help deliver their schemes. Expectations are high from both their clients and the judges.  Who has done enough to stay in the competition – and who will go home?

  • Thursday 5th January, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 3 of 9


Tattoo Fixers

Episode PI to follow.

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