**NEW** The Farmers' Country Showdown

Ep 1: SHEEPDOGS, Tuesday 2nd January

Today sheepdog trainers and farmers James Read from Lincolnshire and Cheshire based James Gilman will compete alongside man’s best friend in the Sheep Dog Trials at The Hope Agricultural Show in the Peak District.

Ep 2: POULTRY, Wednesday 3rd January

Today Rev. Daniel Reed from Cornwall shows his prize winning ducks whilst Gabbie Franklin from Herefordshire exhibits her chickens in the competitive poultry classes at the Pembrokeshire County Show in Wales.

Ep 3: HONEY AND VEG, Thursday, 4th January

Today two produce farmers hope to sell out at London’s oldest Farmers Market in Islington; Nigel Dyer, fruit and veg grower from Cambridgeshire and London bee keeper Curtis Thompson selling raw honey.

Ep 4: KILLIN, Friday 5th January

Today it’s a battle of the clans at Killin Agricultural Show in Scotland as local farmers Neil and Eilihd Campbell face Willie and Sandra Taylor in the competitive cattle classes.

  • Tuesday 2nd - Friday 5th January, 3:45pm

  • BBC One

  • 1-4 of 20


**NEW** When Television Goes Horribly Wrong 2

This 3 hour special narrated by Richard Bacon features epic fails from some of the nation’s best-loved TV hosts. Slips of the tongue, live gaffes, technical meltdowns, bust-ups and even fisticuffs are just some of the things that have left TV hosts high and dry through the years.

The show features the less-than-perfect moments from heavyweights Phillip Scofield, Anne Diamond, Denis Tuohy, Ross King and reality hosts Charlotte Crosby & Stephen Bear as well as some Horribly Wrong hosts from around the world. There are rib-tickling and sometimes jaw-dropping, first-hand accounts from the hosts who were there including Esther Rantzen who relives the shocking moment when she was arrested whilst camera filmed her embarrassment on That’s Life. Regional reporter Richard Wyatt recalls how he diced with death when filming a location segment involving a low-flying plane. And Gail Porter exclusively opens up about her battles with alopecia and depression which saw her TV jobs drying up.

Highlights include the opening night of BBC2 that was beset by technical problems from the start, shopping TV’s most accomplished hosts reveal their own colossal cockups and presenting royalty Nick Owen & Anne Diamond lift the lid on the moment a semi-naked lady of a certain age unwittingly shows more than she bargained for during a life drawing segment on daytime TV.

  • Sunday 31st December, 9:55pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Tattoo Fixers

This week the pop-up tattoo parlour receives a visit from porn star Rachel who wants rid of her feline inspired tattoo that is stopping her from getting frisky, Mark whose Greek tattoo has turned into a Greek tragedy and Emma’s whose punchy cover up needs knocking out. Meanwhile Alice helps Lois celebrate her penguin persona with a humorous tatt, Jay helps Gary to nip his freaky James Bond design in the bud and Sketch takes on Ex solider Terry who no longer wants to pay tribute to his favourite pastime.

Starting Up Starting Over

Malvern Brewery

Hani and Sarah are turning their backs on their comfortable suburban lives in South West London. The couple and their two young children move 100 miles up to the Malvern Hills.  They are putting all their life savings into building their own Brewery to sell their own beer – with no previous experience in the industry between them.

The couple have bought a 4 bedroom house and found a huge chicken shed 3 miles away that they think will be perfect for their Brewery. It’s an expensive construction project and it comes with lots of red tape. With no money coming in and living off savings, the couple need the business to be up and running in the next 6 months.

Schoolteacher Sarah takes on the role of Head Brewer and it’s down to her to come up with a range of new beers that people will want to buy.   She begins brewing at home to perfect her recipes. Hani is leaving a high paid job in Finance to get his hands dirty and project manage the Brewery build and then he will be in charge of sales and deliveries.  He’s taking over childcare duties for the first time too.

With planning permission delays to the brewery build, Sarah travels to a friend’s small brewery to see if her kitchen recipes work on a bigger scale.  But disaster strikes: two weeks later, when Sarah tries her beer, she finds that all the 500 bottles she has brewed are unsellable. All of her hard work goes down the drain. Have the couple bitten off more than they can chew?

Eventually, after months of waiting, planning permission comes through and the brewery conversion starts in earnest. Hani and Sarah are sinking all their money and time into their dream of running their own brewery in the beautiful British countryside. It’s a huge lifestyle change for the couple – can they adapt to their new roles and get their business off the ground?  Will the risk of starting up and starting over pay off?

  • Wednesday 3rd January, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 6


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