Race Across The World: Revealed

Over 54 days, five pairs of ordinary Brits took on the challenge of a lifetime and attempted to travel, at ground level, the entire length of Latin America: from Mexico City to Ushuaia, Argentina, the most southerly city in the world – with no planes, no credit cards and no smartphones in sight. They came across extreme weather, states of emergency, evacuations, challenging budgets as well as life-changing encounters, incredible acts of generosity and dramatic landscapes. Most of all, they had to survive each other.

The race may be over but the drama is unfolding, as all five teams reunite for the first time to reveal their fascinating insights into their different strategies and individual experiences. From their highest highs to their lowest lows, from money woes to emotional breakdowns, from the hardships of travel to the kindness of strangers, the emotional breakdowns and moments of self-discovery. The confessions continue as they reveal their first impressions of each other and how these changed as the competition between them grew fiercer. Has the unbreakable bond they formed as a group held strong after the race?  Or have old rivalries re-emerged? What’s happened since returning to the UK? One thing is certain – the lives of all who took part have been changed for good. 

A truly unique, captivating, behind the scenes look into how these intrepid travellers coped with the trials and tribulations of this incredible, life-affirming race – along with some surprising revelations still to come…

  • Sunday 3rd May, 8pm

  • BBC Two

  • 9 of 9


Mo Gilligan’s All Star Happy Hour

Join award-winning stand-up sensation Mo Gilligan and all-star celebrity guests for the happiest hour on television. Live from his very own home, Mo will present a joyful mix of high-energy comedy, music and one-of-a-kind games, as members of the public go head to head with famous faces in a quest to win amazing prizes. Accompanied by some surprising guests, Mo will also give his unique take on the week's TV and funniest clips and will be joined by some of the nation's favourite music acts performing their biggest hits in a brand new way. Mo will bring celebrity-filled fun and hilarious prize-winning games direct to the homes of the public as he seeks to deliver joy to the country.

  • Monday 4th May, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 4


The Queen & Charles: Mother and Son

A documentary exploring the relationship between the Queen and her eldest son; how has it weathered the storms of Charles' marriage breakdown and other controversies from the Prince? And what has he, as the monarch in waiting, learnt from his mother? 

Rich Kids Go Homeless

Rich Kid Josh, 21, lives on his country estate with mum and dad. He loves his expensive collection of motorbikes and watches. Josh is convinced that when he lives rough on the streets of London’s three nights, he’ll easily make money and get a roof over his head by using his country gent charm.

On his first night out, Josh struggles to make a penny and is shocked at the rejection he experiences. He meets a homeless man called Tommy and not only gets advice on how to survive sleeping rough but is given some money – by a fellow rough sleeper. Josh is blown away by his generosity.

After a terrible first night’s sleep Josh decides to put his plan into action and buy and sell water to make money to get a room in a backpacker’s hostel. After selling nothing he struggles to understand why no one cares until a man gives him ten pounds and he breaks down. This happens again when another passer-by helps Josh to pay for a hostel online.

Josh meets up with William a homeless man living in a tent and learns about how we ended up on the streets.  But Josh chooses not to sleep out with William and heads back to his room.  Turfed out in the morning Josh meets ex-drug addict Craig who helps Josh to raise money for a hot meal. Craig is shocked to hear how much Josh makes in his rich life and gets upset when he shares his own desperate situation.

After a night in a tent with Craig under the lights of Piccadilly Circus, Josh gets to leave homelessness, the city and return to his country life. Will he stay in touch with Craig? How has the experience affected Josh?

  • Wednesday 6th May, 9pm

  • 5 Star

  • 3 of 6


Around The World By Train With Tony Robinson

The last leg of Tony’s round the world adventure begins deep in the Arctic Circle. He is on a mission to see Scandinavia in all its glory, to understand the differences from country to country as he travels from the from the beautiful fjords of Norway to meet some happy-go-lucky Danes in Copenhagen. But it all starts with three huge wolves licking Tony’s face.

His first stop is at a Polar Park working with wolves on a fascinating but brave project. Dressed in a protective suit, Tony gingerly enters the park and is soon kneeling in the snow as three huge wolves lick his face. Still trembling, Tony races out into the fjords with a local fisherman and after an arduous trek through the snow he finally reveals prehistoric stone carvings that carry messages from 11,000 years ago.

Back on the rails, Tony rides the Arctic Circle Train south to the mining town of Kiruna on the edge of Swedish Lapland. This town is undergoing a very unique transformation as it’s being moved building by building to a whole new area. This is the site of one of the world’s largest underground iron ore mines, but years of mining have meant the town is starting to sink, and now the community is having to relocate its whole town.

Next Tony gets to see behind the scenes at the famous Ice Hotel, a structure which is rebuilt every year from ice taken from the nearby Torne river. Tony gets to see inside the ice factory as they prepare for this year’s construction, before putting on extra jackets as he beds down in one of the permanent ice rooms for the night.

The next day Tony boards the sleeper train from Kiruna south to Stockholm and on to the Danish capital, Copenhagen. He’s on a mission to find out why Denmark has the enviable reputation of being one of the happiest countries in the world, so he meets up with two members of Denmark’s Happiness Institute who take him on a tour of the city to reveal their secrets.

Sadly, it’s time for Tony’s round the world journey to end, but he is ending it in a very special place, Miniature Wonderland – the world’s largest model railway. Every step of his rail adventure is recreated with tiny figurines and Tony gets honoured with the unveiling of a miniature version of himself and the crew to commemorate his epic trip around the globe.

Casualty 24/7

We spend an eventful night shift with Barnsley Hospital’s Casualty team. Evenings are a peak time for road traffic collisions and the most critical cases are blue lit straight to Casualty; like thirty-two-year-old Michael who is rushed in by ambulance after he was involved in a serious motorbike accident.

Doctor Ashleigh Trimble orders eight different X-Rays to establish the scale of his injuries. She explains, ‘most of the time you can guess if something’s fractured by examination, but sometimes you get a surprise by the extent of what’s happened to the bones.’

Nurse Jade Boothroyd assesses the next patient to arrive - eighteen-year-old Dalton who’s struggling to breathe. Dalton is vulnerable to sudden, dramatic asthma attacks - so he is taken straight to Resus where he can be closely monitored.

As the night shift continues, Junior Doctor Jake Mullen has the added problem of needing to wake his next patient before he can treat her. 27-year-old Toni has had a fall but because she has the rare condition, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, she needs special attention.

When the red phone rings again Nurse Chloe Wesley heads to Resus to prepare the Paediatric Bay for another arrival - a two-year-old boy with breathing problems.

And it’s not just the NHS that’s open 24/7 - Yorkshire industry doesn’t stop either. Welder Richard arrives after a metal splinter hit his eye during his night shift, but can Dr Trimble remove it?

Also on the night shift Nurse Abbey Moughton says, ‘It’s important to have a rapport with patients sometimes you can have a laugh and a joke with them. A & E isn’t a place you come to have a good time but if you can it always helps.’

  • Wednesday 6th May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 6 of 20


The Mash Report

We’re very pleased that it’s going to be possible to put The Mash Report back on BBC Two at a time when people need laughter and topical insight more than ever.

Reflecting what everyone else is going through at the moment, the show will be self-isolating, with the whole cast filming themselves at home.

Nish Kumar will be virtually joined by our quarantined correspondents including Rachel Parris, Geoff Norcott, Ellie Taylor, Steve N Allen, Catherine Bohart, Desiree Burch, and Ahir Shah.

So if you don’t like jokes and analysis, you will at least get to see inside the houses of some very minor celebrities.

Secrets of Your Supermarket Food

This week on Secrets of Your Supermarket Food, Sian Williams and Stefan Gates are looking at the latest foods about to hit our supermarket shelves, what should we be buying and what should we be avoiding?

With a trade deal with USA imminent, Stefan investigates the safety of American chlorinated chicken that might be heading our way. He meets Dr Callum Highmore at Southampton University to find out how effective chlorinating chicken really is. Poultry farming in the USA has much lower hygiene and welfare standards than the UK and as a result Americans wash chickens in chlorine once they are slaughtered to kill dangerous bacteria. But as Stefan discovers when they look at the chicken under the microscope – the dangerous bacteria is still alive- the chlorination is just masking it. Something to consider when choosing your chicken in the future. 

Nothing is more important than feeding our future generations, and baby food is big business. Research suggests we’ll be buying eighty-six million kilos of the stuff by 2022. With Britain in the midst of an obesity crisis, and supermarkets being urged to cut the amount of sugar our children eat, baby food is one of the last places you would expect to find high levels of sugar. But our family discover some shocking truths about the high levels of sugar found in some baby foods – one brand had as much sugar as five and a half mini doughnuts in a serving.

Sian and our family look at whether recipe boxes are good value compared with buying the ingredients ourselves and discover in some cases the mark up is an eye watering 150% on the recipe boxes. They also discover an extra helping of plastic and packaging on the side.

Meanwhile Stefan discovers a new world of insect food and tries out his insect burgers on the unsuspecting public.

Sian investigates one of the latest diet foods, ‘skinny teas’, to see the effects they can have on people sucked in by the claims. Skinny teas, sometimes called detox teas, have taken the multi-million-pound health and wellness market by storm and often come complete with a celebrity endorsement. But Sian finds out the dangerous effect they can have on our bodies. Nutritional therapist Thalia Pellegrini talks Sian through the harmful effects these teas can cause and Sian meets a woman who’s suffered them first hand.

The Steph Show

Steph McGovern presents the brand-new daily programme, The Steph Show, broadcast live from Steph's living room in Yorkshire, as she celebrates the everyday heroes who are keeping the nation moving in these uncertain times. The Steph Show includes the daily lunchtime Channel 4 News bulletin and features the latest information, advice and ideas to help us navigate our way through these unique times we are living in. Plus, there's a mix of entertainment, lifestyle and a variety of guests beamed live into Steph's living room.

  • Monday 4th May, 12pm
    Tuesday 5th May, 12pm
    Wednesday 6th May, 12pm
    Thursday 7th May, 12pm
    Friday 8th May, 12pm

  • Channel 4


Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back

Joe Lycett, the man responsible for making complaining funny, returns for a supersized new series of Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back as Britain’s customer service hero vows to continue to fight the good fight on behalf of the British public.  

Throughout the series, we’ll see Joe score victories for consumers everywhere as he battles rubbish council bin collections, settles scores against scammers, deals a blow to dodgy delivery companies and takes up the fight against corporate giants. Each week Joe will also be behind the Customer Service desk as he tackles viewers’ consumer problems, no matter how big or small.

New Scotland Yard Files

Geeta Aulakh, a wife and mother of two boys, was fatally attached with a machete as she made her way to pick up her children in Greenford, west London.

When an informant arrived to tell the New Scotland Yard Detectives that he thought he might have been unwittingly involved in the murder, they finally had a breakthrough.

It helped police to discover key pieces of evidence linking the people involved, but there was no explanation as to who wanted Geeta dead or why was she murdered. It’s only through detailed police work and analysis of phone records that the real culprit was identified and convicted.

  • Thursday 7th May, 10pm

  • CBS Reality

  • 9 of 10


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