Three Families

The Abortion Act of 1967 which permitted abortion in the UK did not extend to Northern Ireland. Three Families, set in 2013-19, tells the real story of three women and their families before the recent change to legislation in Northern Ireland as many voices fight to be heard.


With a cast including Sinéad Keenan (Little Boy Blue), Lola Petticrew (Bloodlands), Amy James-Kelly (Gentleman Jack) and Genevieve O’Reilly (The Dry), Three Families explores the emotive issues around abortion in Northern Ireland, and the experience of families whose lives have been profoundly affected. Names and details have been changed to ensure the anonymity of the real-life contributors.


Written by Gwyneth Hughes (Doing Money, Vanity Fair) and directed by Alex Kalymnios (The White Princess, Becoming Human), Three Families is made by Studio Lambert, an All3Media company, the producers of Three Girls, the BBC’s multi-award winning account of the grooming scandal in Rochdale, and The Nest, for BBC One.



  • Monday 10th May, 9pm
    Tuesday 11th May, 9pm

  • BBC One

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Trevor McDonald & Charlene White: Has George Floyd Changed Britain?

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, Sir Trevor McDonald and Charlene White host a new hour-long documentary for ITV exploring its impact for people living in the UK.


Produced by ITN Productions, George Floyd: Has Britain Changed? [W/T] investigates the consequences of the tragedy and the conversations that have followed in Britain and around the world. 


Sir Trevor and Charlene examine the effect of the Black Lives Matter movement and, in the wake of recent studies, ask to what extent prejudice is embedded in British society.


George Floyd’s death, and the circumstances around it, prompted a re-examination of race, racism and made Britain question what we stand for, who we really are and what needs to happen next. 


Sir Trevor and Charlene will speak to people across Britain, from all walks of life – to gain an insight into the experiences of people in the UK. 


Floyd’s death prompted both prominent figures and members of the public to share their own stories – but a year on, what has really changed?


Among those featured in the documentary are teachers attempting to transform the curriculum in schools, mothers campaigning for better maternity outcomes in hospitals and representatives from historic institutions that are re-examining the past. 


The programme also hears from high profile public figures on why they’ve called for change and used their platforms to speak out about racism in the last year. 



  • Wednesday 12th May, 9pm

  • ITV

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Secrets of the Krays

Episode 1 - The rise of the Kray twins, from impoverished beginnings in East London to Britain’s most notorious gangsters.


This is the start of the legend of Ronnie and Reggie Kray, episode one of a third-part series which gives the most definitive account yet of their incredible story.


It features exclusive interviews with friends, former gangsters and relatives of the twins plus rarely seen archive footage and items including Reg Kray’s personal scrapbook, charting their crimes and court appearances as if they were prized posessions.


The story of the Kray twins begins in Bethnal Green in the East End of London in 1933 – revealing the influences that shaped them: their mother, their love of Hollywood gangster films and their desire to be both feared and famous.


It also reveals the bond that could never be broken between them but would ultimately lead to their downfall.


This episode follows their path through protection rackets, thuggery and violence to their arrival as national figures following their move into the West End in 1964.


Interviews include world famous photographer David Bailey; Krays family friend Maureen Flanagan; Kim Peat - the twins’ neighbour and cousin; former gangster Chris Lambrianou, who was sentenced to 15 years alongside the Krays; 89-year old Nemone Lethbridge who was the Krays’ barrister and Fred Dinenage, who co-wrote the twins autobiography.


The twins were born into an impoverished household where violence was ever present. It reveals their father beat their mother so badly she lost a baby girl a few years before they were born. The abuse would continue until a teenage Ron administered a beating of his own to his father. 


It traces their influences, through the old fashioned hard men of the East End, including their own boxing grandfathers, to the Hollywood gangster B-movies of the 1950s and 1960s. 


It tracks their first tentative steps into the world of crime – “this boy has been beaten by beasts,” declared one magistrate in 1950 after the Krays and their gang confronted a rival outside a dance hall. And it looks at their emergence as protection racketeers in the mid-50s.


We tell the story of Ron’s imprisonment in 1956 and his confinement in a mental hospital where he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic – and of his extraordinary escape after he and Reg exploited their identical appearance to deceive hospital staff. 


Episode 2 - “Fear & Fame” charts the Ronnie and Reggie Kray’s rise to the very height of their powers before it all came murderously crashing down.


The cast is joined by Tom Mangold, journalist and one time friend of the Krays in the mid 60s, Pat Read, wife of police officer Leonard “Nipper” Read who was tasked with bringing the Krays to justice, Sir Ivan Lawrence who defended the Krays on charges of blackmail with threats of violence at the Old Bailey and Michael Emmett, who befriended Reggie Kray in prison in the 1990s.


The film begins in 1964 with the Kray twins riding high after coming out on top in the Boothby scandal. The police have backed off and the Krays are now celebrities in their own right with the great and the good of mid 60s showbiz London thrilled to share the spotlight with London’s most notorious gangsters.


Away from the paparazzi, the Kray twins are doubling down on their business of extortion. Threats of violence are issued to frightened West End club owners who hand over protection money to the Krays for fear of reprisals. But a career copper has his sights trained on the twins’ criminal activity and is determined to finally put them away.


Having been met with a terrified wall of silence for months, Nipper’s relentless pursuit is rewarded with a lucky break when one Soho club owner decides he’s had enough and is willing to stand up and testify that he is being extorted by the Krays. The Twins are arrested and staring down the barrel of up to 14 years in prison.


We discover how the prosecution built their case but with their liberty and their growing empire under threat, the Twins use their tried and tested method of threatening violence to flip the key prosecution witness. The trial collapses, the police are once again in retreat and the Twins are about to reach new heights of fame and power.


Tom Mangold gives us the inside track on befriending the Twins and interviewing them on the BBC in the wake of their high profile acquittal. The Krays are now household names across the country and David Bailey peels back the curtain on the studio session that produced their most iconic photographs.


This episode also sees the Twins emerge as two distinct personalities – the psychopathic Ron is clearly the senior partner in the Twins’ criminality and Michael Emmett recounts Reggie’s disclosure to him that his desire to move away from criminality into legitimate business was stifled by his brother.


We learn how Reggie’s desire for a normal life led him to marry his childhood sweetheart Frances but that the marriage would prove to be a disaster and unconsummated – bringing Reggie’s closeted homosexuality to the surface.


As Reggie’s marriage fails, we reveal how he is drawn ever closer to his increasingly unstable and violent brother whose gangster fantasy culminates in his slaying of George Cornell in front of drinkers in an East End pub.


We delve deeper into the culture of fear that the Krays created and how this prevented witnesses from testifying to the murder that everyone in the East End knew Ronnie Kray had committed.


The Krays become increasingly out of control as their springing of prisoner and friend Frank Mitchell from Dartmoor ends in yet another murder.


As Reggie’s estranged wife Frances sees no way out of the Kray nightmare and tragically takes her life, we hear from the Twins’ cousin Kim Peat about how the news was broken to a distraught Reggie in her mother’s living room and how she bore witness to Reggie’s drink and drug fuelled descent into grief and loss of control.


The episode ends with Ronnie seizing on his brother’s weakness to pressure him into committing his own murder screaming “I’ve killed mine, now your kill yours!”


Episode 3 - The final episode of this definitive account of the rise, reign and fall of Britain’s most notorious gangsters tells the story of their dramatic downfall, and how the twins’ subsequent decades in prison saw the legend of the Krays grow.


Episode three of this Britbox original documentary series features exclusive interviews with friends, family, former gangsters, police officers involved in their capture, prison mates and business associates.


After charting their rise from local East End thugs to national figures and revealing how they combined the worlds of showbusiness, politics, business and organised crime, this episode begins in 1967 with the Krays on the edge of self-destruction.


This chapter includes the murder of Jack ‘The Hat’ McVitie, the gangster plots to kill the Krays, the twins’ eventual arrest, and their trial which saw them found guilty of murder and sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison. 


But this is far from the end of their story.


Over the years the legend of the twins only grows. We speak to fellow inmates about their incredible prison years, a time full of violence, money making schemes, tabloid sensations and celebrity visits. From behind bars they carefully cultivated, and profited from, their growing reputation, with new generations of fans emerging.


When Ronnie died in 1995, his funeral saw thousands line the streets of the East End of London. Reggie, allowed out of prison to attend, was greeted like a returning hero. It symbolised the extent to which the Krays story has passed into folklore. The twins were no longer seen by many as just old villains, but figures in the mould of Robin Hood. 


What is the legacy of Ronnie and Reggie Kray? Are they figures to be admired or reviled? More than 50 years after they went to prison, why has their name endured? What is it that makes the Krays so fascinating?

  • Thursday 13th May

  • Britbox

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Gregg Wallace's Big Weekend Away

Athens - Gregg heads to Europe’s oldest capital to explore a city that may have done more to shape the modern world than any other.  The Greek capitals 5000 years of history are still on show and Gregg explores as much of the food, history and culture as he can in a packed 3 day trip.


Heading to the Acropolis to meet the Ancient gods, popping into one of the world’s finest Byzantine churches and discovering the birthplace of the modern Olympics Gregg charts a story that just keeps on giving.  Plus of course there is that amazing Mediterranean cuisine, including filo pies, amazing souvlaki and donuts that were given out millennia ago at the original Olympics. 


And if that wasn’t enough he even gets on stage to help with a production of a classic Greek tragedy.

  • Friday 14th May, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • N/A


Katharine: The Compassionate Duchess

Today, the Duchess of Kent is one of the least known members of the royal family, yet throughout her 60 years as a member of the Firm she has dedicated her life to helping others. Her warm and informal manner has charmed the public, yet behind the smile is a woman desperate to lead a normal life out of the spotlight of the family she married into. 


From the beginning, she has led her royal life in a unique and untraditional way, and she has made a huge success of it. Proud of her Yorkshire roots, she married Prince Edward, Duke of Kent at York Minster in 1961 - the first Royal wedding there for more than 600 years. In later life she landed herself a job as a music teacher in Hull - where she called herself Katharine Kent for more than ten years – without the press getting a whiff of what she was up to. 


She also opted to drop the religion followed by the Royal Family since 1688 and chose Catholicism on the basis it had more rules she could follow and served as a comfort to her after tragedies in her personal life, including the loss of two children. In this programme, we reveal how the Duchess has successfully done things her own way, while remaining an exemplary ambassador for the Royal family. We ask what is it about her, that has transfixed the nation with outpourings of affection? And how she got her approach to Royal life so right, when others around her have got it so wrong? These questions are answered by Royal experts, biographers, and close friends of Katharine's. 

  • Saturday 8th May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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The Great Garden Revolution

Episode 2

This week, garden designer Joel, ecological gardener Poppy and craftsman Bruce focus on wild gardens that celebrate nature, with plenty of tips and inspiring ideas on how to create your own.  Poppy takes inspiration from our countryside to create a wild planting design that brings nature into our backyards in a low maintenance way. Joel shows us how to make a living teepee for the kids to play in (and for adults too!), while Bruce adds a stunning table with its own herb patch and inbuilt bar as well as showing us how to bring bird life into the garden.


At the heart of this week’s episode are the Barnes family – beginner gardeners looking for an outside space that goes with their stunning view of the Saddlworth countryside in the Pennine hills. By the time the team have finished, their garden will be totally transformed to take a walk on the wild side.  

  • Saturday 8th May, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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A&E After Dark

Security are called to an incident in the minors waiting room after a violent argument begins between two patients. With a full waiting room, security have to try to diffuse the situation and minimise stress for the other patients. 


Four men from Sudan are brought into hospital by police, suspected of being illegal immigrants after being found at the ferry port. Covered in an unknown yellow substance, Dr Denis must investigate - but with the men not speaking English, it presents a challenge.,


The red phone rings in resus with a critically ill patient being blue lighted in by ambulance.The patient is under cardiac arrest, and Dr. Jehad and the team battle to save their life.


Elsewhere in the hospital, 47 year old factory worker Mark has had an industrial accident, tearing the muscle and skin away from his wedding ring finger. Plastic’s Dr Anna is concerned about keeping Mark’s finger function,  and to make matters worse, it’s Mark’s 28th wedding anniversary. 


63 year old Ian arrives in resus with a worrying head injury, after falling down a full flight of stairs late at night. Ian is concussed and confused, so Dr Jehad must establish if Ian has a life-threatening bleed on the brain. As Ian has been drinking, communication with him is difficult for the medical team.


67-year-old Gary  is rushed to hospital with a worryingly high heart rate, triggered by a condition called SVT. The condition can raise the heart rate to nearly 200 beats per minute, and can cause the patient to go into cardiac arrest.  Dr Austin leads the team, performing a procedure designed to bring Gary’s heart back into a normal rhythm.

  • Monday 10th May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar

Mark Millar (DIY SOS) helps create a dream Farmhouse kitchen for £15k in an Aberdeenshire cottage, and a designer bathroom retreat for £3.5k in Maidstone, Kent.  


In Aberdeenshire, Emily and Chris want a traditional Farmhouse style kitchen to be the heart of their dream cottage in the countryside outside Aberdeen. They are relocating the kitchen to a spacious converted barn attached to the cottage and want natural wood cabinets and oak worktops, a range cooker, flagstones on the floor, and a huge island.  To afford the quality materials they want, the couple take on ambitious jobs like flooring and upcycling a huge wardrobe.  Will their handmade efforts live up to the quality of the rest? And will their kitchen look authentically farmhouse, or a modern pale imitation?


In Maidstone, Camellia and Evan are lovingly decorating their forever home, but the big family bathroom is freezing and damp, not ideal with young children. It is a massive challenge to demolish and rebuild it on their budget, let alone transforming it into a beautiful designer oasis of calm. Camellia’s vision is of a luxury tropical holiday hotel, with feature wallpaper, eye-catching tiles and rich paint colours. Can Evan learn the basic builder skills to do the labour? And can Camellia apply her decoration talents while upcycling and tiling and building stud walls, and pull off a luxury 5-star transformation for just £3.5k? 


Mark Millar is a master builder and carpenter with 30 years’ experience. He brings his skills and expert advice to help the families achieve their dreams.  In this episode, Mark also gives viewers his golden rules for Farmhouse kitchen style and how to create a 5-star luxury bathroom at home, he shares his favourite upcycling ideas and this year’s most popular colours, and guides us through range cookers and flagstones flooring.

  • Tuesday 11th May, 7pm

  • Channel 5

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Fast Justice

The Sentinels gear up for a raid on a house containing a suspected drug dealer. After breaking the door down, they find one man inside. A search uncovers cannabis in the garden shed, a large amount of cash and scales. It’s significant evidence, the man is arrested, and the drugs are seized. 


Later, a car linked to drugs sparks the team’s interest but when they pull it over, they are met with a bloodied man who has been self-harming. The Sentinels quickly change tact and tend to the man’s wounds and his mental health, but a search of his person leads them to a shocking discovery. 


On another shift, a car is pulled over carrying a man who failed to appear in court for driving offences. As The Sentinels question him at the side of the road, a passer-by takes an interest in them, and The Sentinels take an interest in him after they smell cannabis. A tearful confession reveals he’s stashed drugs in his pants.


In Lowestoft, the team have a tough job on their hands when they stop an uninsured car. After discovering that the driver is also disqualified, the situation heats up. 


The team also find themselves chasing a car with a male driver, but a female registered owner – could it be stolen? Even when he can prove all is in order with the paperwork, a crucial spot from one of the officers leads them to suspect drug use.

  • Sunday 9th May, 6pm

  • Dave

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Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction is BACK! The dating show that dares to bare all returns and this time it’s even more revealing!

The world’s most daring dating show is back! Helping sassy singletons avoid the pitfalls of fake online profiles and fancy filters by choosing their perfect partner based solely on the power of Naked Attraction. When we are entirely unfiltered what do people really find sexually attractive? 


Episode Five:

First into the studio is 24-year-old Sian from Norfolk.  This petrol head wants to find a man she can love more than her beloved car and hopes Naked Attraction will find her a new model with a big exhaust to drive her wild.  


Next is 33-year-old fashion entrepreneur Tansel from London. He’s looking to settle down and hopes Naked Attraction will find him a girl that can last more than just a season.

Trucking Hell

It’s all about the wet and freezing conditions for the recovery ops on Trucking Hell this week.  Ant and Matt arrive at the scene of a catastrophic lorry crash on a narrow road. A truck is wedged three meters deep in a boggy dyke after coming a cropper in the freezing fog.  The lads will have to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. Using all of their winch cables, with the truck at full pulling capacity, the question is, will their own wrecker stay on firm ground?


Transport Manager, Dan, is called out of the depot to an off-road nightmare - a stolen eight-tonne dumper truck, abandoned and buried in three feet of mud. Located a mile into churned up farmland, Dan knows that nothing in Crouch’s own fleet will be able to take on the challenge without meeting a similar fate.  It’s time to bring in the big guns, a tracked digger from a local farm!  It’s digger vs. dumper in this wet and wild rescue, and with no steering to rely on, will Dan be able to guide the dumper as it’s dragged backwards, or topple over in the treacherous mud?


Sean is called out to a container lorry with a wonky wheel and an out-of-action axle, stranded on a busy motorway slip road.  Braving the freezing cold undercarriage of this 26-tonne trailer, will Sean’s roadside mechanical know-how be enough to get the driver back on the road?


And Michael’s mood is tested by a muddy rescue when a seven-tonne lorry slides off a narrow country lane to avoid an overhanging tree branch.  Blocking the lane in order to pull from the best angle, will Michael’s patience pay-off in this slippery winch out, as traffic backs up on the country lane?

  • Thursday 13th May, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 5 of 10


Dragons' Den

NEW – The Den doors open once more as a fresh batch of entrepreneurs brave the heat of the Dragons. Who will be victorious in securing a deal with business titans Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Sara Davies?


Hungry for investment in tonight’s fiery episode; two ex-barmen with their nifty premium whisky subscription business think they’re in with a shot, a construction worker with his easy-assemble lighting system hopes to spark some interest, an Isle of Man entrepreneur pitches her clever sand-removing powder and the Dragons are intrigued by a quirky nose-mounted air filter but will it get a sniff at investment?

  • Thursday 13th May, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 7 of 14



Britain's sharpest armchair critics share their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows. From entertainment juggernauts and the week's biggest news stories, to hard-hitting documentary series and gritty drama, Gogglebox offers sharp, hilarious and often emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows. 

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