The Jubilee Pudding: 70 Years in the Baking

BBC One follows a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as five exceptional home bakers are plucked from thousands in a national competition to find a brand-new pudding to mark The Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee.


In The Queen’s Jubilee year, this one-hour celebratory special - The Jubilee Pudding: 70 Years in the Baking follows Fortum & Mason’s competition as it celebrates our Monarch’s 70 years on the throne by finding an original and celebratory cake, tart or pudding fit for The Queen.


Following in the footsteps of the Coronation Chicken and the Victoria Sponge, this winning recipe will go down in history and become part of the British food story. Up and down the country on Jubilee weekend the winning recipe will be recreated at street parties, family events and community gatherings as the centrepiece to the nation’s celebrations as the Platinum Pudding. 


Fortnum & Mason, who have a longstanding history with the Royal Household and in conjunction with The Big Lunch Charity an official partner of the Platinum Jubilee Weekend, challenged the people of Britain to create an iconic dish fulfilling the criteria of being makable in a home kitchen, containing easily accessible ingredients, telling a story, and having the potential to stand the test of time and become Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Pudding.  


A phenomenal response of nearly 5,000 entries flooded in from across the country, from Land’s End to Duncansby Head, the final short list of 50 was judged ‘blind’ – purely by recipe alone, and selected by Executive Pastry Chef, Fortnum & Mason, Roger Pizey, Fortnum’s Chef Director Sydney Aldridge and their team. They painstakingly assessed the incredible range of different styles of cakes, tarts and puddings, to select the final 50.


Together with Buckingham Palace Head Chef, Mark Flanagan LVO, Roger Pizey and Chef Sydney Aldridge filtered the 50 to a final five ambitious, passionate and creative bakers – all sharing inspirational stories behind their stunning designs.


We follow the finalists, Kathryn, Jemma, Sam, Shabnam and Susan as they make their way from across the UK to London and walk through the iconic Fortnum & Mason doors to prepare their culinary creations fit for The Queen. Our finalists have motivations and inspirations as varied as their creations – all with two things in common, a love of baking and the honour to develop a dish worthy of being named the Platinum Pudding.  


Under the watchful and supportive eye of Chef Roger Pizey and his team, there is no time-limit for the finalists to prepare their beloved recipes before presenting them to the esteemed judging panel.


Chaired by Food writer and Television Presenter, Dame Mary Berry the judging panel comprises of award-winning home bakers and professional chefs, authors, historians and pâtissiers including Monica Galetti: Chef proprietor of Mere, TV presenter and judge on MasterChef: The Professionals, and Food Writer, author and baker, Jane Dunn; Baker, author and TV presenter, Rahul Madul; Pastry Chef, Matt Adlard; and culinary historian and author, Regula Ysewijn.


The creations are an exceptional sight to behold, taking inspiration from grandmothers, grandparents, childhoods and the four nations with puddings, tarts and cakes that are thoughtful, utterly delicious and entirely accessible to recreate – truly worthy of the Platinum Pudding title.   


For each and every one of the five finalists, it is beyond their wildest dreams that such an esteemed panel of their baking and cooking heroes will taste and comment upon their recipes. Viewers have a front row seat behind the scenes as the judges discuss, deliberate and decide on the winning recipe – but it’s not an easy decision – all of the puddings and cakes have their own merit, original flavour combinations and look divine. 


Once the historic decision is made, Dame Mary Berry has one last surprise for the finalists as she introduces a very special guest to announced the winning recipe - HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, patron of The Big Jubilee Lunch, an idea from the Eden Project.


Every year since the Eden Project idea began in 2009, The Big Lunch has encouraged communities to celebrate their connections and get to know each other a little bit better. 


Following the success of the first Big Jubilee Lunch, to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, The Big Lunch will once again bring the Jubilee celebrations into the heart of every community in 2022.


Fortnum’s will support The Big Jubilee Lunch as the nation comes together for the Jubilee weekend celebrations (June 2-5), gifting the winning Platinum Pudding recipe to the nation for all to enjoy for the commemorative weekend and beyond, alongside recipe cards and expert baking tips.


The winning recipe will be available online via the BBC and Fortnum’s websites.


The Jubilee Pudding: 70 Years in the Baking, a 1x60’ for BBC One and iPlayer, is made by Sidney Street. It was commissioned by Catherine Catton, Head of Commissioning, Popular Factual and Factual Entertainment, and the Commissioning Editor is Ricky Cooper. Karen Ross is Executive Producer with Lucy Hards as Producer and Phil Ashton and Ray Easmon as directors.

  • Thursday 12th May, 8pm

  • BBC One

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The Repair Shop

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life. 


The first arrival at the barn is a unique challenge for horologist Steve Fletcher - the largest timepiece he’s ever attempted to restore at the barn. This horological wonder was designed and built by Monica Norton’s father, Ron, a cabinet manufacturer by trade but who had always dreamed of building wooden clocks. This huge example, standing nearly 3 metres tall, took thousands of hours to make and was built for a display at the World Trade Centre in Dallas. The over 30 years ago, the clock was taken apart, packed away in huge crates, and shipped back to the UK, it hasn’t been seen working since. Now Monica and her husband Andrew want to revive Ron’s legacy and donate the clock to a museum for all to see. For this monumental task and with hundreds of individual wooden pieces to check, clean and restore before he can even attempt to get the clock ticking again, Steve calls in the help of his apprentice and son, 21-year-old Fred.


Next to arrive at the barn, another mammoth project but on a smaller scale, this time for metal worker Dominic Chinea. Father and son Ol and Nathan Gynn have a rusty childhood treasure that was once the pride and joy of Nathan and his older brother Marcus. This iconic Austin J40 toy pedal car was originally built in a factory in Wales as part of a scheme to employ ex-miners incapacitated by lung disease and became one of the most desirable toys of their time. After the death of his older brother, Marcus, five years ago Nathan would like to revive their prized pedal car for his own two sons who are the same age as when Ol first gave it to them. But it will need a full service, respray and more than a bit of body work from Dom to get it back on the road.


The combined skills of ceramic specialist Kirsten Ramsay and electronics expert Mark Stuckey to coax the barn’s next arrival back to working order. Dominic Nasmyth-Miller arrives clutching a small wooden dog kennel with, lurking inside, a china model of a dog named Polly. It was built by Dominic’s grandpa in the 1940s, and by an ingenious feat of acoustic engineering, Polly could be enticed out of her kennel simply by calling her name. Sadly, Polly hasn’t answered her call for many years and Dominic is keen to revive her for the next generation to enjoy this treasured family pet. But first Mark Stuckey must unravel the secret of how Polly works, while Kirsten must restore her cracked figure. 


Finally, avid football fan Peter Whiting and his daughter Angela have a tricky task for master hatter Jayesh. Peter is a lifelong Rotherham United fan and for at least the last thirty years has taken the same cap to every game he’s been to. Peter’s love of the game has rubbed off on the rest of his family and his daughters and grandson and they go together as much as they can. Sadly, the cap is on its last legs, suffering from its years out on the terraces in all weathers, and with it also being something of a lucky mascot for Peter it’s not just the responsibility of reviving the headwear that Jayesh has in his hands but also the fortunes of Rotherham United!

  • Wednesday 11th May, 8pm

  • BBC One

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The Andrew Neil Show

The UK's pre-eminent political interviewer is back with a brand-new live politics show for Sunday evenings. The Andrew Neil Show breaks free from the established Sunday circuit, conducting forensic, extended interviews with decision-takers and news-makers from across the political spectrum. Andrew gives his individual take on the biggest issues of our times; as well as A-list analysis, commentary and debate from a regular cast of contributors. Invaluable insight from all angles and perspectives: free, fair, impartial and considered. The week ahead starts here.

  • Sunday 6th May, 6pm

  • Channel 4

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Britain's Top Takeaways


  • Monday 9th May, 8pm
    Tuesday 10th May, 8pm
    Wednesday 11th May, 8pm
    Thursday 12th May, 8pm

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The Great House Giveaway

Monday 9th May, 4pm, 7 of 30

On today’s The Great House Giveaway, presenter Simon O’Brien pairs up complete strangers banker Boris and builder Shane to renovate a decrepit family home in Leeds. Previous owners had started a renovation but given up half-way through, leaving the house in a sorry and dilapidated state. With a limited budget and just six months to secure a sale, it turns out to be an uphill battle to get this house finished on time and on budget. When one of the pair struggles to commit to the work, the pressure is on the other to get the job done. Will they succeed in making a profit, or will they crack under the sheer weight of the task in hand?


Tuesday 10th May, 4pm, 8 of 30

On today’s The Great House Giveaway, presenter Tayo Oguntonade teams up delivery driver James with company owner Kevin. They are given a budget and six months to transform a dilapidated family home in Middlesbrough, and get it on the market to try and make a profit. Their combined trade and excellent negotiating skills means they make a cracking start, with loads of help from friends and family, and a ton of stuff blagged for next to nothing. However, as the renovation goes on their luck starts to run out. Will they be able to keep up the good work and make a profit at the end of it?


Wednesday 11th May, 4pm, 9 of 30

On today’s The Great House Giveaway, presenter Simon O’Brien teams up Apprentice Plumber Peter with Factory Manager Daniel to transform a dated house in South Wales into a dream home. However, things start to fall apart in every sense of the word from day one. As the building is practically taken apart, the budget flies out of the window spectacularly, and what should have been a ‘quick flip’ becomes a nightmare renovation. Simon is on hand to help get this one over the line, but even he is left speechless by this house of horrors. Will the work ever get finished, and will there be any profit left at the end of it at all?


Thursday 12th May, 4pm, 10 of 30

In Somerset, presenter Tayo Oguntonade pairs up complete strangers Aaron and Stuart to renovate a property in some urgent need of TLC. Between them, these two have got all the trade skills they need to make this a big success. But on The Great House Giveaway, nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems. As work begins, it quickly becomes apparent that every single wall in the house has to be stripped back and replastered from scratch, a huge task. Can these two work together to pull off an ambitious renovation? Or will events conspire to work against them? Either way, it turns out to be an emotional rollercoaster.


Friday 13th May, 4pm, 11 of 30

On today’s The Great House Giveaway, presenter Simon O’Brien pairs up electrician Aaron and farmer Wil to transform a crumbling house into a dream home. They are given just six months and a limited budget to fully restore, renovate and put it back on the market with the aim of securing the biggest profit they can. It’s a huge job, and they have to pull in favours from a legion of friends and family. They take on a lot of the work themselves to try and save as much money as possible. But despite being a pair of proper grafters, can they do enough to secure a life-changing amount of money once the dust has settled?

  • Monday 9th May, 4pm
    Tuesday 10th May, 4pm
    Wednesday 11th May, 4pm
    Thursday 12th May, 4pm
    Friday 13th May, 4pm

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Food Unwrapped

Food Unwrapped returns, with more answers to some intriguing questions about our favourite grub. This time, Matt Tebbutt is off to Fray Bentos, in Uruguay, where he solves the riddle of what the 'corn' is in a tin of corned beef. Dr Helen Lawal finds out the tricks that snack manufacturers use to keep us wanting more. And Briony May Williams heads to Ireland to discover the difference between Scottish and Irish whisky.

  • Monday 9th May, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 3


Jay Blades: No Place Like Home

The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades returns to his childhood neighbourhood to discover the extraordinary history that was on his doorstep. From Zeppelin air raids in World War One to Victorian stars of the Music Hall, and from the notorious Kray twins to a refuge for nineteenth-century women ex-prisoners, Jay Blades will meet locals, historians, and old friends as he explores the place he thought he knew so well, and discovers there is often much more than meets the eye. 


Jay Blades is walking around his childhood neighbourhood discovering the history on his doorstep. This week he retraces his footsteps as a teenager in East London. From his old home in London’s Stoke Newington, he revisits his old haunts and uncovers their extraordinary histories and the people behind them. Jay discovers how his old road was totally transformed by a V1 rocket during the Second World War when he meets Doreen Lavelle, who can actually recall when the doodlebug hit. Doreen was lucky not to be one of the 15 people who died on Jay’s old road on 18 June 1944. Jay learns the historical significance of a 1970s West Indian front room, and the objects he took for granted as a child, when he visits a recreation at the Museum of the Home.  He treads the boards of his local theatre where he used to hang out, uncovering its rich history as a music hall venue that rivalled West End theatres, and hosted East London’s biggest Victorian star, Marie Lloyd. Jay goes to the Rio cinema and discovers another local, but lesser-known, hero, Clara Ludski, who was a visionary when she turned her auctioneers shop into a cinema in 1909 in the era of silent film. The Rio discovered a cache of slides taken in the 1980s which are full of teenagers like Jay, and he’s transported back in time, even spotting some familiar faces from his youth. Jay finishes his journey where many of his teenage nights out ended, with his old friend DJ Spoony, in Dalston. Their favourite music venue the Four Aces is no longer standing but they meet its founder, a reggae legend whose club helped change the face of British music forever.

  • Tuesday 10th May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 3


Great British History Hunters

With privileged access behind the scenes at the British Museum, this landmark four-part series follows a characterful cast of passionate metal detectorists as their incredible, and often valuable, discoveries make their way through the fascinating world of the Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme.


This week, behind the scenes at the British Museum, conservators get to work on a once in a lifetime discovery, a club dig in Buckinghamshire uncovers an Anglo-Saxon burial that redraws the map of ancient Britain, and military veterans in Lincolnshire unearth a link to their Roman counterparts.

A&E After Dark

The hugely successful A&E After Dark is back, providing an uncensored picture of what it’s like working the night shift at A&E departments across the UK. With exclusive access to Hull Royal Infirmary, in an extraordinary year, this series shows the night-time challenges for NHS staff in a working environment that’s not for the faint-hearted. There are more admissions at night because of drugs and alcohol, resulting in regular aggression and abuse. The security team as well as the local police force work together to help keep both patients and staff safe.

In this episode, the night staff at Hull Royal Infirmary battle to save the life of a motorcyclist who crashed into some railings. Dr Chris came across the accident on his way home from the hospital and returns with the patient to help him. A full trauma team is assembled, and after a CT scan reveals internal bleeding, the patient is rushed to theatre for an emergency operation.

Dr Pon treats a patient who was run over by a car she’d been a passenger in. After getting out of the car following an argument, the car was driven into the patient. With suspected head injuries and pain to her shoulder and body, Dr Pon orders an emergency CT scan to check for any internal life-threatening injuries.

Dr Joseph and nurse Emma treat 51-year- old Lisa, who fell off a ladder at home while decorating. X-rays show a serious fracture of the wrist, so the team must manipulate it back into place. Supported by her twin sister, Lisa receives significant pain relief before the painful procedure is undertaken.

And after having been assaulted on a night out, 50-year-old Romanian Cosmin arrives into A&E with his father. He was allegedly hit over the head with a pool cue, and has clear head injuries. Dr Pon looks after the patient, but as Cosmin speaks very little English, communication is difficult.

  • Wednesday 11th May, 9pm

  • 5Star

  • 5 of 6


Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts

Life and death, trauma and tears- the dedicated team at Barnsley A&E need to be ready for anything and everything. From the heart of Yorkshire, the nation’s favourite emergency team is back in action. For the staff of Barnsley A&E this a relentless job that’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This dedicated team take it all in their stride with professionalism and a big dose of Barnsley humour.


Barnsley Hospital’s Casualty Department is in the middle of one of the worst storms in decades, but that doesn’t stop casualty being busy. 


And it's not long before Paramedics bring in the storm’s first victim. Nurse Chloe treats 88-year-old Enid, who has been knocked over by high-speed winds and has a severe open head wound.  She needs to assess Enid quickly in case she’s suffered from a head trauma. 


Next, Consultant Doctor Mason and Registrar Doctor Staunton meets 44-year-old Darren in Resus.  He has been rushed in suffering from severe chest pains and a rapid heartbeat caused by an ongoing heart abnormality.  The team need to get Darren’s heart rate down and fast.


In Paediatrics, Nurse Elisha and Dr Evans are given the task of getting 2-year-old Holly’s finger out of a toy.  But it proves to be more difficult than expected.


As the shift continues so does the storm but it’s not slowing down patients’ arriving.  Paramedic Sam brings in 77-year-old Erich with suspected stroke like symptoms. Consultant Doctor Greer and Sister Jo are on hand.  Having already had a bleed on the brain last year, the team urgently start to investigate Erich’s potential life threatening symptoms.


And finally, back in Paediatrics, Nurse Greg meets 5-year-old Harvey who injured his head whilst at school.

  • Thursday 12th May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 3 of 6



Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows.

  • Friday 13th May, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • 13 of 15


Romeo & Duet

New Singing Dating show sees 4 lucky singles serenaded by up to 4 possible love matches. Tonight Oti Mabuse will help River, Zainab, Christian, and Koby as they let their ears do the deciding. 

  • Saturday 7th May, 7pm

  • ITV

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