**NEW** Intercity 125: The Train That Saved Britain's Railways

We’ve all travelled on an Intercity 125 – they’re the British built workhorse that powers more than half of all our high-speed trains. Now new hi-tech trains from all over the world are starting to replace this national icon and it’s time to celebrate the untold story of this design classic.

It’s more than just a train – the 125 is a homegrown hero that singlehandedly saved the world’s oldest railway network. Originally only meant as a stopgap, in just two years a team of plucky engineers and designers overcame formidable foes, from British Rail Management, to football hooligans, the rail unions and soggy BR sandwiches to produce the world’s fastest diesel-powered train ever.

Intercity 125 trains slipped quietly into service in 1976. With British Rail in the doldrums, there was no fanfare, but this brilliant piece of engineering and design would go on to redefine the way we travel.

It slashed journey times, but also set new standards in travel comfort, luxury and reliability with its sleek lines and spacious style that can never be matched again. The 125 attracted a new generation of passengers to the train, saved British Rail from terminal decline, and continues in daily front line service forty years on. Only now as it’s successors begin to arrive from Japan, are those in the know waking up to what they will soon miss.

Big names like Prue Leith, Peter Purves and Pete Waterman have inside stories to tell, along with designer Sir Kenneth Grange and the engineers that built Britain’s favourite train.

  • Tuesday 15th May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Ready or Not

Welcome to the quiz show… that comes to you! From the supermarket to the seaside, Blackpool Tower to Birmingham city centre, brand new comedy entertainment show Ready or Not brings a hilarious twist to the traditional gameshow. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, our crack team of quiz show hosts won’t be far away, ready to surprise you with their crazy games.  The show features voiceover from much-loved star Paddy McGuinness, and a roving team of hosts ready to surprise members of the public across the nation – when they least expect it. This week we startle another culture lover in an Edinburgh art gallery, Quiztina’s brought her Quiz Me Quick stand to sunny Brighton, Question Mark’s making friends in Glasgow and Crumpet gets chatting to a cool customer in Crawley. So if you want to win big, you’d better look out – because we’re coming for you… Ready or Not!

  • Saturday 12th May, 6pm

  • BBC One

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Buy It Now



On today’s show...Father and son inventors Graham and Ron, share their product to improve posture; Julian has a nifty double use product to make mealtimes more fun; and 19 year old entrepreneur Maimunah has a little beauty product she hopes will catch the eye of our shoppers and retailers.



On today’s show….Ann from Hertfordshire has a product to help festival goers and holidaymakers smell fresh and stay clean; Wes has poured his professional know how as a physio into a product he thinks will help keep people out of his clinic; and Rob has flown in from Canada with a low price item to help DIY, but will it stick with our shoppers?



On today’s show….Sandy from Edinburgh has brought his little friend Marty to illustrate his hi-tech invention; Peter from Cheltenham has a product he hopes will tie up lots of sales; and friends Clare, Philippa and Adam have a money saving gadget which avoids costly waste.



On today’s show...Brothers Charles and Anthony have had many businesses’ together and they hope this one might succeed;  Plamen has also brought his brother along to help demonstrate his new fitness product; and Helen from St Helens hopes her invention will help weening children and stressed out parents.



On today’s show...Friends Jay and Barney have a solution to a floppy problem they believe many men suffer from; Mum Melanie has a neat idea to help parents get more sleep; and Theresa has a discreet solution to help an embarrassing issue.

  • weekdays 14th – 18th May, 5:30pm

  • Channel 4

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Building Giants

In this episode we follow an international team of engineers and workers as they attempt to build one of the largest and most advanced cruise ships in the world. Named ‘Meraviglia’, this nautical leviathan is built from 35,000 tonnes of steel, stretches 1,036 feet long and will carry over 5,700 passengers. 

Site Manager Gaetano Rolando, a seasoned naval engineer has been tasked with overseeing the construction of the giant vessel, but this is his first ever cruise ship. We follow Gaetano and the team as they race to construct the vessel from 50 giant sections – called ‘Mega Blocks’, install over 2,200 cabins and design and test a mammoth bespoke LED screen ceiling – the longest LED screen ever built on a ship! Making the construction of this brand new class of cruise ship a challenge like no other.

  • Monday 14th May, 9pm

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My Floating Home

Now that they’re 6 children have finally all fled the nest, Allen Lacroix and Jill Gamblen want to create a new home..a home that floats on the Annacis Channel, just south of Vancouver, Canada. Their million dollar mansion will be the perfect place to entertain with its enormous open plan living area, 3 outside decks, luxury master bedroom with their own steam room and a huge hot tub on the top terrace with amazing views across to Annacis Island.

These luxury features don’t come without complications – racing against the bad weather head builder Larry Kenmare has to make sure the 200 ton house is perfect. That the windows – all 26 of them – are installed in time and protect the home from the potentially hostile weather conditions but covering it with a special cement composite cladding ..

This remarkable 200 ton floating home then needs to be launched by sliding it down a slipway before tipping into the high tide of the Fraser River. This dangerous event will be controlled by expert Matt Tobias and his team.  Then the house will be towed up river navigating through strong currents and frozen swing bridges before rounding the North tip of Annacis Island to its final mooring site. A perfect place for their future married life together and a tranquil spot offering incredible views of the surrounding wildlife and crystal waters.

The Lacroix story is combined with another million dollar house in Seattle.

Joan Rosenstock is a floating home veteran but she’s taking the plunge and sinking her savings into a pair of brand new monster mansions worth a million dollars each! She’s not going to hold back on the high end finishes, installing luxury open plan lounges and kitchens, a sun deck on each of the three stories and a custom lighting plan to ‘zone’ the space.

The only hitch is that they’re being built way up in Vancouver, so will face a perilous 150-mile sea voyage down to Seattle. Unfazed, Joan sets her build team to work and 12 months later the homes are ready for their journey of jeopardy... in the middle of winter. Back at Joan’s mooring in Seattle, we follow a second team as they race to move four other floating homes and clear the site in preparation for the new arrivals. The pair of million dollar mansions squeezes through the locks and canals of Seattle at night before a team of tugs ease them into their moorings. Finally, we see the luxury interiors come together as the dream becomes reality for Joan.

  • Tuesday 15th May, 9pm

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Rich Kids Go Skint

In this eye-opening series, six rich kids ditch their fast cars, five-star hotels and endless shopping trips to share a home with families living on the breadline. During their stay, they experience life below the poverty line, helping to shop, feed and babysit for families who are struggling to make ends meet. How will these privileged teens cope as they come face-to-face with a stark reality check? Jodie is a happy-go-lucky rich kid who can’t get through the day without taking a dozen selfies on one of her regular shopping trips around Mayfair, before posting them to her many followers. Jodie experiences a huge comedown when she goes to live with Becky in her small flat. Becky is a single mum of two living on the breadline in Barkingside, Essex. She is shocked that rich kid Jodie doesn’t know how to wash up dishes, cook food, or even how to get on public transport by herself! Cleaning up after the two young and typically messy kids proves to be a real challenge for Jodie.

  • Tuesday 15th May, 9pm

  • 5Star

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Britain’s Best Home Cook

The search for Britain's Best Home Cook continues as the queen of home cookery, Mary Berry, top chef Dan Doherty and produce expert, Chris Bavin, put the remaining eight of the nation’s best home cooks through their kitchen strides. It’s week three and Claudia is keeping a close eye on the tight circle of cooks who are also living together. Tonight they must create their ultimate pie displaying their individual cooking style. Will Pippa’s departure from Asian cuisine be her undoing? Will Tobi’s Nigerian twist come up trumps? The judges will each decide who made their ultimate favourite. Next they have to invent a sweet or savoury dish with plums or cheese as the key ingredient. Trevor fears another elimination - can he pull it back with a solid improvised dish without the unusual extras? A tense elimination round leaves everyone in pieces as the culinary battle reaches its closest result yet. Who will lose their nerve and make the most mistakes leaving the remaining 7 to fight another week?

Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords

Landlord finds flat on Airbnb. Chris Sharpe helps a landlord evict squatters. Essex grandmother evicts her nightmare tenant. A raid in Harrow reveals poor living conditions.

  • Thursday 17th of May, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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