Lovestruck High

Episode 1: Homecoming: Fifteen single strangers all looking for love enrol at Lovestruck High, a very special American high school. Tonight, it’s the annual Homecoming Party and there’s just one rule: find yourself a date. As the students are all getting to know each other, one shock announcement ruins the party for everybody.


Episode 2: House Party: It’s a big day of learning at Lovestruck High. There’s dramatic scenes and plenty of tears - and that’s before they even hit drama class! News of a house party gets everyone excited - spin the bottle anyone? Plus, there’s a shock arrival of two new students... who have a very secret mission.


Episode 3: Spelling Bee: Battle lines are drawn, and tempers raised during the Lovestruck High Spelling Bee! There can be only one Queen Bee and a big bust up decides who gets to wear the crown. Things take a very different turn during Lifesaving class with some serious mouth to mouth action. In a surprise assembly, it’s decision time for Adam and Basit. Just who are they going to expel?

  • Wednesday 18th May

  • Prime Video

  • 1-3 of 8


Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains

Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains is back for a brand new series. In this confessional, cringe-worthy, hilarious show, Rhod asks his three special guests to revisit their teenage years and compete to be crowned the ‘Most Embarrassing Teenager’ at the end of each episode. Revealing their teenage lives through old diary entries, outrageous photos, nostalgic archive clips, stories of unrequited teenage crushes and school rebellions, our guests will share their most embarrassing tales of teenagehood. Whose memories will be consigned to Rhod’s box of shame, and who will outcompete the others to win ‘Most Embarrassing Teenager’?


In tonight’s show, presenter Steph McGovern and comedians Russell Kane and Sindhu Vee share their most embarrassing stories of their teenage lives with host Rhod Gilbert.


Who will win the coveted title of Most Embarrassing Teenager? Will it be Russell and his stories of his terrifying father and sad obsession with Dungeons and Dragons? Will it be Sindhu with her sad tales from school and preoccupation with horoscopes? Or will it Steph and her unusual infatuation with wigs and Irish Dancing?


In a bid to get their stories into Rhod’s Memory Box of Shame, they participate in some Irish Dancing, reveal some outrageous teenage photographs and share their Mixtapes from Hell, in which they have each chosen the music, TV shows and films that confused, embarrassed and shamed them as teenagers. If they go to Hell, these would be the clips playing on loop in the welcome lounge. Steph McGovern even pierces Rhod’s ear in an attempt to prove her skills from a teenage job she had years ago. 


Rhod mops up any further embarrassment with a quick-fire quiz, in which some of the most shameful and ridiculous stories are teased out of our guests. And in a surprise for the guests, Rhod has spoken to friends and family who knew them as teenagers to hand over some mortifying morsels they would probably rather he hadn’t got hold of.  


At the end of the episode, one guest is awarded the Most Embarrassing Teenage trophy and they are all given a chance to tell their teenage selves some sound advice with the benefit of hindsight.

  • Tuesday 17th May, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 1 of 6


Food Unwrapped

Food Unwrapped continues to bring you the surprising facts about our most popular grub. This time, is Brioche considered bread or cake? Jimmy Doherty fires up the barbecue to find out why we seem to prefer this new bun for our burgers. Matt Tebbutt is on a mission to find out why our wine comes in bottles of so many different shapes and sizes and Kate Quilton gets to the bottom of why some ice cream becomes a melty mess much faster than others. 

Jay Blades: No Place Like Home

 In his final journey, Jay follows in the footsteps of his young adult self, walking the streets where he used to live and discovering their hidden secrets. In a difficult time of his life, where Jay was sleeping in hostels for the homeless, he landed up in a flat share in a Peabody Estate in Bethnal Green. Now for the first time he revisits and discovers the philanthropic story of Peabody, lifting the deserving poor out of poverty, but with strict rules to follow. Everyone had to be vaccinated against smallpox, and good behaviour was essential; as Jay discovers when learning about some of the inhabitants of his former flat. On one of Hackney’s main thoroughfares, Mare Street, Jay explores a building that developers are restoring and finds a Victorian refuge for women prisoners inspired by Elizabeth Fry’s legacy in prison reform.  With a surviving casebook from 1849, the women who once lived there, and their often sad stories are brought to life. In Victorian days Hackney was full of factories, for furniture and fashion. He visits one of the area’s few remaining factories, that makes ballet shoes by traditional methods dating back to the early 20th century, and Jay turns a hand to shoemaking for one not-so-lucky ballet dancer. Jay’s walk takes him further up Mare Street, where he learns that the area was once home to the largest hothouse in the world. In the early 1800s much of the area was part of Loddiges’ world-famous nursery, housing thousands of rare species of plants, and 40-foot palm trees, which visitors came to marvel at. Jay’s journey of discovery ends where so many previous inhabitants ended theirs – at the area's famous cemetery, Abney Park. As well as encountering its fabulous relics, Jay recalls the ghosts of Hackney past that he has encountered on his journeys and the rich history of the place which shaped his youth, and which made him the man he is today

  • Tuesday 17th May, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 3 of 3


The Repair Shop

Today in The Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life. 


Today’s first arrival at the barn is a not just a cherished family possession but also an account of survival in the face of adversity. This Jewish Prayer book belonged Gary Fisher’s Austrian grandparents Emanuel and Gisela, unable to leave Austria after it was annexed by Germany in 1938 they were eventually sent to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Though many of Gary’s family didn’t survive the camps, at the end of the war Emanuel and Gisela were liberated along with the book. Signed by many of the camps other residents, it’s an important record of the era and a treasured family possession. This delicate restoration and conservation project is in the hands of the barn’s book expert Chris Shaw, who will need all of his book binding skills to preserve this unique and treasured item.


Mark Stuckey’s audio expertise will be tested by the barn’s next arrival - an ageing and very damaged radio brought in by Geoff Allum and his wife Jane. This radio is showing all the signs of a wild adventure on which it accompanied Geoff and his late cousin Donald. In 1971 they set off in a two-man rowing boat to cross the Atlantic from East to West. It took them just over 73 days in all, and as well as giving them a link to the world, this radio was a vital tool in their adventure. With just a sextant for navigation, listening to the BBC World Service gave Geoff and Don an accurate time of day to help them establish their location, and so to chart their progress across the Atlantic and allow them to work out for how long they would need to preserve and ration their precious stores of fresh water. Though the radio is badly damaged and hasn’t worked for many years, Geoff is hoping Mark’s expertise may mean he can one day hear it playing again.


Next to arrive at the barn, a stylish futuristic mid-century chair brought in by Tracy Dodds and her daughter Florrie. The chair was bought in the 1970s by her father Guy, a keen follower of fashion and design, and immediately a young Tracy fell in love with it. Not only was it an enclosed egg design finished in striking white with red upholstery but inside it held a hidden secret to the delight of Tracy and her siblings - a set of speakers which would envelope the sitter in the sounds of their dad’s favourite Elvis tracks. Sadly the speakers haven’t work for nearly 30 years and the chair itself is showing its age with the shell and upholstery deteriorating. To revive this stunning piece back to its best it will need a combination of the talents of the barn’s upholstery expert Sonnaz Nooranvary and electronics whizz Mark Stuckey.


Finally, Ramzi Al-Nayazi has a treasured toy from his childhood growing up in Iraq, it’s a mechanical horse racing game from the 1950s and Ramzi fondly remembers his whole family gathered round this game cheering on their chosen horse. Ramzi brought the game with him when he left Bagdad, but sadly it hasn’t worked for many years, and now is keen to play it again with his own family. The runners and riders are going to need the modelling and mechanical skills of David Burville and the skills of fabric aficionado Sara Dennis to get them back across the finishing line.

  • Wednesday 18th May, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 2 of 7


Deadliest Mums & Dads

This investigative series looks into criminal cases of murder perpetrated by some of Britain's most infamous parents, looking into what led them to kill, and if it could have been avoided.

  • Saturday 14th May

  • Discovery +

  • 8 of 8


The Andrew Neil Show

The UK's pre-eminent political interviewer is back with a brand-new live politics show for Sunday evenings. The Andrew Neil Show breaks free from the established Sunday circuit, conducting forensic, extended interviews with decision-takers and news-makers from across the political spectrum. Andrew gives his individual take on the biggest issues of our times; as well as A-list analysis, commentary and debate from a regular cast of contributors. Invaluable insight from all angles and perspectives: free, fair, impartial and considered. The week ahead starts here.

  • Sunday 15th May, 6pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 10


The Great House Giveaway

Monday 16th, 12 of 30

In Burton-on-Trent, builder Jack and Payroll Manager Helen are teamed up by presenter Simon O’Brien to bring a wrecked terrace house into the twenty-first century. With the news that in its current state the house is actually unmortgageable, this dynamic duo gets straight to work tackling the downstairs floor. Taking half the house back to bare dirt is one of the dirtiest, soul-destroying jobs you can do on a renovation. But that’s just the start of their troubles. As the clock ticks and their budget starts to dwindle, they both start to struggle with the workload, and it looks like the job will never get finished.


Tuesday 17th, 13 of 30

In Newcastle, Structural Engineer Ollie and Housewife Gill are two complete strangers paired up by presenter Tayo Oguntonade to renovate and sell a property that has seen better days. They are given a limited budget and a time limit of six months to get the house on the market. With Ollie’s extensive building experience and Gill’s enthusiasm and dab hand with a paintbrush, this dream team make fantastic progress as the whole house is worked on from the ground up. However, as they approach the finish line a disaster involving the kitchen makeover leaves one of them thinking about throwing the towel in.


Wednesday 18th, 14 of 30

In Hull, presenter Simon O’Brien pairs up bricklayer Michael with landscape gardener Andrew and gives them six months to transform a house built for twentieth century living into a home fit for the twenty first century. These two are men of many talents and they hit the ground running. Their ambitious renovation project involves knocking down walls to enable a huge reconfiguration including an open plan kitchen diner. But after making a storming start, work suddenly grinds to a halt after a visit from a structural surveyor who has some very bad news for them. Will this dynamic duo be able to dust themselves down and finish the job on schedule? And will they have done enough to make any profit once the house goes on the market?


Thursday 19th, 15 of 30

In Bangor in North Wales, presenter Simon O’Brien teams up complete strangers teacher Olivia and security officer Gethin. They are presented with a drab and dated two-bed terrace and are given a limited budget and six months to completely renovate the property into a modern family home. Olivia is able to bring her amazing organisational skills to the project to ensure it all runs smoothly, and Gethin is handy with just about everything. Together, they are a dream team on track to make this renovation a huge success. But will they have done enough to secure a decent profit when the house finally goes on the market?


Friday 20th, 16 of 30

In today’s The Great House Giveaway, presenter Simon O’Brien pairs up apprentice electrician Kasey with handyman Tom. They are given a maximum of six months and a limited budget to fully renovate a large property in South Derbyshire with an unusual construction. If they manage to sell the property before their time is up, they get to keep whatever profit they make. Tom and Kasey start off working well together, but halfway through the renovation the cracks begin to show as one of them starts to question the commitment of the other to the project. Can these two strangers find a way to work together to get over the finish line and make any money at all?

  • Monday 16th May, 4pm
    Tuesday 17th May, 4pm
    Wednesday 18th May, 4pm
    Thursday 19th May, 4pm
    Friday 20th May, 4pm

  • Channel 4

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Britain's Top Takeaways

Cooking show in which five different takeaway restaurants compete for the top prize.

  • Monday 16th May, 8pm
    Tuesday 17th May, 8pm
    Wednesday 18th May, 8pm
    Thursday 19th May, 8pm

  • BBC Two

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Great British History Hunters

With privileged access behind the scenes at the British Museum, this landmark four-part series follows a characterful cast of passionate metal detectorists as their incredible, and often valuable, discoveries make their way through the fascinating world of the Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme.


Episode 4

In the final episode of this landmark series the British Museum’s treasure experts are stunned when pre-historic Cumbrian gold is almost thrown away, coin hoards are unearthed in Suffolk and Somerset and Mudlarks on the Thames hover their way to the Capital’s treasure.  

  • Wednesday 18th May, 9pm

  • More4

  • 4 of 4


A&E After Dark

The hugely successful A&E After Dark is back, providing an uncensored picture of what it’s like working the night shift at A&E departments across the UK. With exclusive access to Hull Royal Infirmary, in an extraordinary year, this series shows the night-time challenges for NHS staff in a working environment that’s not for the faint-hearted. There are more admissions at night because of drugs and alcohol, resulting in regular aggression and abuse. The security team as well as the local police force work together to help keep both patients and staff safe.


In this episode, an ambulance rushes an elderly patient into resus after a fall down a full flight of stairs in the middle of the night. Dr Biju and the trauma team are concerned the patient may have internal injuries as well as the more obvious external injuries. Only a CT scan will reveal the full extent of the damage caused.


Also, 54-year-old gardener Simon arrives in resus with a dangerously high heart rate. Dr Kelum has to act quickly to prevent Simon from suffering heart failure. With a heart rate of over 150bpm, the medical team try everything they can to bring the rate down.


Terry, who is 75, is initially treated for a fall that happened at home. But when nurses investigate, they find that both his legs are bandaged with worrying blisters seeping into the dressings. Dr Sam and Dr Jehad are concerned that the blisters may be infected and are causing life-threatening sepsis to spread through his body.


Nurse Sally is faced with a nasty injury to 21-year-old Cameron, after he fell off his BMX bike. With visible head injuries, Sally is also concerned that Cameron may have a bleed on the brain.


Maisie, who is 83, has had a nasty fall at home, and her wrist has a visible deformity. X-rays confirm the wrist is badly fractured, and medics have to quickly manipulate the bones back into position before setting them in a cast.

  • Wednesday 18th May, 9pm

  • 5Star

  • 6 of 6



Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows.

  • Friday 20th May, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • 14 of 15


Casualty 24/7 Every Second Counts

It's another busy day for the casualty team; Sister Vicky is running the shift and she’s battling a doctor shortage due to sickness as well as a high influx of walk-in patients.  It’s the perfect storm and she’ll need to call on her years of experience to keep the shift on track.


70-year-old Fred is blue-lighted in having suffered a serious fall at home.  With a shortage of doctors in the department, he’s taken straight for an urgent x-ray after which he’s transferred to the care of Dr Tom Hawthorne.


Doctor Johnny Cooper and Nurse Greg are on high alert in paediatrics. They are waiting for paramedics to bring in 12-year-old Faith who has diabetes and is suffering from a serious condition called Diabetic Ketoacidosis. 


Also on shift is Nurse Bryony, who is sent to take charge of the busy Assessment Hub.  With the number of walk-in patients continuing to increase, her mission is to tackle the back log of patients and decide who needs emergency treatment and who can be fast tracked to other departments.


It’s a busy day for Dr Cooper, whose next patient is taken straight to resus.  70-year-old Nev’s heart is beating twice as fast as it should be; he’s previously suffered two heart attacks and is now at risk of having another.


Once Nurse Bryony has the walk-in situation under control, she’s called urgently to help with ambulance arrivals.  88-year-old Hilda has had a fall at home and fractured her shoulder. Sometimes a cup of tea is the best medicine and once she's been treated, a good cuppa is exactly what Hilda needs.

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