Week 21

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway

Series Overview

Following the success of its first series, Windfall Films has been commissioned for a second series of The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway by BBC Two, giving viewers the opportunity to dig deeper into the story behind Europe’s biggest engineering project in development – London’s Crossrail.The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway’s last series left audiences astounded with the numerous challenges faced by engineers and construction teams striving to create the new transport route. From driving a 1000-tonne tunnel boring machine through a tiny gap between a live tube station and rebuilding a 138-year-old Victorian tunnel, to constructing a cathedral-sized station underwater - the tasks at hand were momentous. 

Episode Overview

This new two-part series will again give audiences front-row access to the ambitious project. Viewers will have the chance to follow over ten thousand engineers and construction workers as they race to build ten new stations in Central London, lay over thirty miles of track, and construct a fleet of sixty-six 200m long trains, completing the subterranean railway under the capital city.

  • Monday 22nd May 9pm

  • BBC Two

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Doctor in the House

Series Overview

What would a doctor discover if they lived with you twenty-four hours a day? This series will see Dr Rangan Chatterjee leave the comfort of his GP surgery to spend time with families across Britain. Each week, he will be invited into the homes of two families who are battling serious illness. He’ll gain unique insights into every aspect of their lives, detect undiagnosed illnesses, deliver some uncomfortable home truths and discover ways we could all live longer, healthier lives.

Episode Overview

The doctor is called in to help 34-year-old Emma, who has been suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression since she was 19. She is refusing to see a counsellor and instead relies on a cocktail of anti-depressants, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and high sugar foods. Rangan must find a way to get to the bottom of Emma’s mental health problems and break the vicious cycle that’s destroying her life  

Despite James Murray’s healthy lifestyle he struggles with debilitating exhaustion and terrible sleep. For twenty years, his condition has been a mystery to Doctors. Can Dr Rangan get to the root of his problem?

Cops UK: Bodycam Squad

Really’s brand new, real-life series following Staffordshire Police, one of Britain's most cutting-edge forces, as they fight crime in the county's diverse and contrasting communities, continues. 

Born to Kill: Class of Evil

Epsiode Overview

Known as the Teacup Poisoner, Graham Young was fascinated with toxins and poisons. As his obsession took hold, he ‘experimented’ on a school friend, poisoning him with doses of Antimony. Although his friend recovered, Graham’s mind turned to murder when it came to his own family. Aged just 14, he fatally poisoned his step mother before being admitted to Broadmoor psychiatric hospital. On his release in his 20’s, Young’s motiveless murders continued as he poisoned work colleagues in a photographic laboratory. Countless workers suffered agonising symptoms and tragically two men lost their lives at the hand of this twisted killer. 

Dr Christian Will See You Now

Episode Overview

This week returning to the clinic is Danielle. Dr Christian’s asked her back to see a psychologist after her initial visit for a dermatological problem uncovered a deeper mental health issue.

Also returning to the clinic today is Barry, who is having an MRI scan after a routine x-ray on his chest revealed a bigger issue. Dr Christian has called him back to get to the root of the problem.

Emma from episode one also revisits the clinic. She’s come back to see a psychologist after her initial visit for polycystic ovaries uncovered a mental health issue. 

Tale of Two Sisters

Episode Overview

There was perhaps no more fascinating a group of siblings in the twentieth century than the Mitford sisters.

This episode focuses on two of the sisters – Jessica and Diana – and a relationship which began in devotion but ended in rancour and estrangement.

September 2017 heralds the hundreth anniversary of Jessica’s birth. When “Decca” – as she was known in the family – was born, Diana was seven years old. The pair shared a common upbringing, controlled by their father, educated by governesses, and shifted between family homes in London and the country. As a child, Jessica adored her glamourous older sister, who became renowned on the social circuit for her startling beauty – and her ambition.

But the world beyond their nurseries and ballrooms was changing. Radical politics had polarised Europe and would soon come between sisters as well.

At age 19, Jessica fell in love with her second cousin Esmond Romilly. Romilly was a Communist who had fought during the Spanish Civil War. It was a passionate, politics-fuelled romance. To the horror of her family, Jessica renounced her aristocratic background and eloped with Romilly for a life of poverty and adventure.

Diana’s political awakening had already taken her in a different direction however. In 1932, she had met Oswald Mosely, the notorious leader of the British Union of Fascists. In 1934, Diana visited Nazi Germany with her Hitler-obsessed sister Unity. It was here in 1936 that Diana and Mosely would marry. Adolf Hitler was among the guests. Diana’s politics repulsed Jessica and an unbridgeable rift grew between the sisters. 

  • Thursday 25th May 8pm

  • Yesterday

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Question Time

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time.

Most Haunted

Series Overview

Yvette Fielding and her dedicated team of paranormal investigators return for an all-new and exclusive fifth series of the country's most popular ghost hunting show.

This time around Yvette, Karl and co welcome Watson, a new four-legged member, to the team, and once again they take to the highways and byways of Britain going on another quest to visit and investigate the country's most haunted locations, and record and analyse any paranormal activity they find.

With a long and celebrated history of providing shocks and shivers, series five of Most Haunted could be the most dramatic yet.

Episode Seven – Ripon Prison

A small prison in Yorkshire gives a big impact when Yvette and her team attempt to stay the night. Although many inmates were released some are still locked up and they are not happy.

  • Friday 26th May 10pm

  • Really

  • 7 of 10


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