**NEW** Extreme Lives: Little People, Giant World

Over 6000 people in the UK have dwarfism - we follow 3 extraordinary young people who have Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism- as they reach major milestones in their lives and find the determination to overcome daily obstacles. Often the simplest of tasks can be a huge challenge as they learn to live in a giant world. We meet 28 year old Jack who is leaving home to take part in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs pantomime; and we join 19 year old Jess as she starts learning to drive; and 15 year old Freya is shopping for a very special dress for her end of school prom.

  • Tuesday 22nd May, 9pm

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The final epic showdown. Fearless competitors are back for one last time. Entertainment for all the family with edge-of-your-seat drama.

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On today’s show...Friends Melissa and Dominique have a two-in-one product to help parents on the go; Harriet has a solution for our mucky four legged friends; and fitness instructor Julian has brought his mum with him for moral support.



On today’s show….Tony from Ireland has a fun children’s product to get close to nature; Nadine from Switzerland has a fashion garment she hopes the shoppers will buy in to; and Noam from London has some nifty magnetic stationary.



On today’s show….Andrew from Lincolnshire has a nifty invention to improve our trips to the beach; Trishna from London has a beauty product to help the daily make up routine and brothers Bob and Andy have an invention inspired by their nan.



On today’s show...Roland from Stockport has a product he thinks makes the perfect cup of tea; Chris is replacing his wife who is about to give birth to pitch their brand new board game; and Vicky has a DIY product inspired by her dad.



On today’s show...Lucy from West Lothian has brought her son Charlie to perfectly demonstrate her new invention; Daniel has made the trip from Austria with his nifty safety gadget; and friends Simon and David have a simple solution to a hefty problem.

  • weekdays 21st – 25th May, 5:30pm

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Building Giants

New York City is so crammed with skyscrapers that there’s scarcely space left to build on. This creates a unique challenge for developer Tim Flynn. At 53 West 53rd street, Tim plans to construct an 82-storey skyscraper that will add 50,000 square feet to the Museum of Modern Art and provide luxury apartments with stunning views of Central Park. The ambition is for a giant skyscraper – one of the tallest in the city – but Tim must build it on a tiny plot of land scarcely large enough to park a few cars.

We follow the engineers and workers as they meet the challenge of building this uniquely tall and thin tower.  They can’t build it the traditional way, with columns inside the building, as these would take up precious floor space. Instead, workers must construct a diagonal framework on the outside of the building – the largest of its type ever attempted.

  • Monday 21st May, 9pm

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Intercity 125: The Train That Saved Britain’s Railways

We’ve all travelled on an Intercity 125 – they’re the British built workhorse that powers more than half of all our high-speed trains. Now new hi-tech trains from all over the world are starting to replace this national icon and it’s time to celebrate the untold story of this design classic.

It’s more than just a train – the 125 is a homegrown hero that singlehandedly saved the world’s oldest railway network. Originally only meant as a stopgap, in just two years a team of plucky engineers and designers overcame formidable foes, from British Rail Management, to football hooligans, the rail unions and soggy BR sandwiches to produce the world’s fastest diesel-powered train ever.

Intercity 125 trains slipped quietly into service in 1976. With British Rail in the doldrums, there was no fanfare, but this brilliant piece of engineering and design would go on to redefine the way we travel.

It slashed journey times, but also set new standards in travel comfort, luxury and reliability with its sleek lines and spacious style that can never be matched again. The 125 attracted a new generation of passengers to the train, saved British Rail from terminal decline, and continues in daily front line service forty years on. Only now as it’s successors begin to arrive from Japan, are those in the know waking up to what they will soon miss.

Big names like Prue Leith, Peter Purves and Pete Waterman have inside stories to tell, along with designer Sir Kenneth Grange and the engineers that built Britain’s favourite train.

  • Tuesday 22nd May, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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My Floating Home

Ben Spokes and wife Michelle have always been caravan fanatics, even running their own vintage caravan club. They found on a auction website a rare British relic…an amphibious caravan that needed rescuing – a Caraboat. She was named The Frog Prince and was made 48 years ago…but was a wreck.

For four months, engineer Ben tackles everything from engine problems, to re-building the fibreglass shell, re-wiring and updating the interiors. They want to renovate this antique, into a fun and functional holiday getaway vehicle…that can travel by road or by river.

With Ben getting stuck in with the engineering, his wife Michelle is in charge of making the upholstery, the finer details. But then Britain’s coldest winter for years wreaked havoc and hardship as they tried to renovate the Frog Prince. After months of hard work and graft, its ready to launch ceremoniously next to the famous SS Great Britain, in Bristol City harbour. But will this fragile fibreglass blast from the past actually float?

Over on the other side of the Atlantic…

Canadian Linda Nixon loves nature and the outdoor life. Her dream is to build a floating home and moor it at Maple Bay Marina on Vancouver Island. Her plan is to position the home so it overlooks her favourite nature reserve – Chisolm Island.

She commissions a local company to take on the huge challenge of building her a float home with massive windows. The extra weight of the glass requires complex engineering to stop the walls from collapsing. The 80 ton build proves to be a nightmare tow to its’ mooring; the slow pace puts the home right in the landing path of the island’s float planes and the difficult steering makes for a treacherous journey through the rocky shallows of the bay.

Finally Linda Nixon achieves her wildlife dream – a spectacular floating home nesting on the emerald waters of the bay, offering 360 degree views of the surrounding nature and local otters as new neighbours.

  • Tuesday 22nd May, 9pm

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Rich Kids Go Skint

Callum is a rich kid vlogger who spends thousands on designer clothes without thinking twice. He’s sent to live with, and help out doing the chores for, Luke and his 2 kids. They are living on the breadline in Deal, Kent. It's not long before Callum's looking after the young kids all by himself, and he is brought to tears when he finally realises the struggle other people have to face.

Although it's set to be an important lesson for the rich kid, it's actually his host, Luke, who’ll come to the biggest, shocking revelation.

  • Tuesday 22nd May, 9pm

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Britain’s Best Home Cook

The search for Britain's Best Home Cook continues as the queen of home cookery, Mary Berry, top chef Dan Doherty and produce expert, Chris Bavin, put the remaining 7 of the nation’s best home cooks through their kitchen strides. It’s week four and Claudia is keeping a close eye on the tight circle of cooks who are also living together. Tonight they must create their ultimate roast displaying their individual cooking style. With some classic lamb, a wild card ox heart and a spicy twist on chicken there’s plenty for the judges to like here but who will win out with the finest roasties? The judges each decide who made their ultimate favourite before the best cooks choose between cauliflower and crab as the key ingredient in the next round. Several cooks are out of their comfort zone and a tense elimination dessert round ensues as the culinary battle reaches its closest result yet. Who will lose their nerve and make the most mistakes leaving the remaining 6 to fight another week?

Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords


On this week’s Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords, we revisit some of the most explosive stories we have uncovered and find out what happened next.

When live in landlord Emmanuel Longe moved abroad for work he left the lodgers he had been sharing his home with in charge, thinking all would be well.  How wrong he was, after he left the country the lodgers stopped paying the rent - a year later and £24,000 in mortgage arrears Emmanuel is in danger of getting his house repossessed by the bank.  But worse than not paying their rent, now Emmanuel no longer even feels safe in his own home as one of his lodgers even threatened his partner.  Forced to seek refuge at his partner’s home, he has to sneak back at night to collect some clothes, but that doesn’t go well.  Out of his home and out of options Emmanuel turns to eviction specialist Paul Shamplina.  But even with Paul’s help, Emmanuel has some tough decisions to make so he doesn’t lose his home for good. We return and find out How Emmanuel got through his ordeal, and how he plans for the future.

When Andy Fernandez was asked by a friend if he could rent out his north London home Andy was only too happy to rent out to someone he knew and trusted. Big mistake. His friend sub-let the property, pocketing the profits and paying Andy nothing for the privilege. Andy now has to evict tenants he’s never even met, and they’re not leaving without a fight. Trapped in his own home as the men who’ve been evicted try to get back in, Andy is forced to call the police for protection… We catch up with Andy to find out what really happened that day, and whether he ever caught up with the friend who betrayed him.

Harrow Council’s Ozgy Albaraik investigates a property that she’s been tipped off could be a death trap. Her early morning raid uncovers a small two bed flat which is housing up to a dozen tenants, crammed into unsafe and overcrowded living conditions. She need to make the property safe, and find out who’s responsible for putting the tenant’s lives at risk. CAN Ozgy on her return get the landlords to carry out all the work and start putting their tenants safety first.

  • Thursday 24th May, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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