***NEW*** Carry Ons At The Castle

Documentary about the farcical goings-on at Bickleigh Castle in Devon, an events venue run by Sarah and Robbie Hay, with help (sometimes) from their over-stretched handyman Richard.

  • Sunday 19th May, 7pm

  • Channel 4

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***NEW*** Hoarders: Buried Alive In My Bedroom

Hoarding is on the rise and it’s believed that 1 in 20 people could have a problem. 
For Sally in the Midlands, it’s all about rubbish, - she just doesn’t throw anything away, and she’s a hoarding repeat offender. A council tenant in an 18 storey tower block, she’s already had her flat emergency cleared by the council before. The flat had been filled to bursting with bags of rotting food and mountains of cat litter and faeces around the flat meant this rubbish hoard was classed as a bio-hazard.  Just two years have passed since the last clean up, but is Sally going back to her old bad habits?
In North London, 40-year-old Faye has become overwhelmed by her compulsive shopping. Unable to say no to a bargain, she’s filled her flat to capacity. “I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I buy to get high”, even if it means she has hoarded piles of food that went out of date seven years ago. Faye also suffers with OCD, which means everything that leaves her flat, even old food wrappers have to be meticulously checked in a ritual she performs up to 30 times before they can go in the bin.  She’s amassed a hoard so huge, her sofa is the only place free for a nights’ sleep.
Richard from Surrey has dedicated a lifetime to collecting. He’s been keeping newspapers for the past four decades, and became known as the World’s worst hoarder. Every room in his detached home is piled high with precarious stacks of newspapers. Richard’s hoard spilled out into the garden over a decade ago, and along with the 17 rotting cars he’s also collected, his back garden looks like a bomb site.
With over 1.2million problem hoarders in the UK today, could one be your neighbour?

  • Tuesday 21st May, 10pm

  • Channel 5

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Rich Kids Go Homeless

In this revealing series, six young Brits whose privileged lives have left them with the idea that homelessness is often a result of the victim’s own actions, and they could fix it if they really wanted to, have agreed to live on the streets of London for three nights. How will their perspectives be changed? Twenty-one-year-old Isabella, from Wilmslow in Cheshire, went to private school, travelled the world, and now lives the high life with celebrity boyfriend, motor racing heartthrob, Seb Morris. But she is leaving all of this behind to live on the streets and prove that it is easy to escape homelessness. Isabella is dropped down in Stratford, a homeless hotspot in the London borough which boasts the fastest growing number of rough sleepers, Newham. Her first night is terrifying, as she encounters aggression and abuse on the streets. The next day she tries to find work, but fails. Instead she meets homeless mum Cathy, who is loyal to her companion dog and won’t do anything without him. Isabella also meets Cathy’s daughter— who is not homeless— and discusses what it’s like to have a mother.

  • Wednesday 22nd May, 9pm

  • 5Star

  • 6 of 6


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