The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan

Bigger, better and now double BAFTA award-winning, the critically acclaimed The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan returns for a supersized third series. Fronted by comedy superstar and multi-award winning Mo Gilligan, The Lateish Show will put the fun back into Friday nights as Mo is joined in the studio by a dazzling array of famous faces from the worlds of entertainment, music and sport alongside house band, The Compozers. Across the series, we'll be treated to hilarious sketches featuring Mo's trademark characters, more iconic Nursery Grimes, unmissable music performances and one of a kind studio games where the audience could win some incredible prizes. Not only that, the guests will have to face members of the public with some hilarious, risqué and never-before-asked questions in Reply or Deny - will they be able to stomach the tough questions? In the first episode of the series, Mo will be joined by guests including Top Boy actor and musician Ashley Walters, comedian and Loose Woman Judi Love, and dancehall legend Sean Paul. Funny, fresh and late...ish, it's the only party you need to be at on a Friday night…

  • Friday 27th May, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 8


Romeo and Duet

The big-hearted, inclusive, singing and dating show where love always wins returns! Rachael, Jamie, Ky and Joey are this week’s singing singles, looking for Oti Mabuse’s help as serenading suitors hope to find their perfect match.

  • Saturday 21st May, 7pm

  • ITV

  • 5 of 7


The Andrew Neil Show

The UK's pre-eminent political interviewer is back with a brand-new live politics show for Sunday evenings. The Andrew Neil Show breaks free from the established Sunday circuit, conducting forensic, extended interviews with decision-takers and news-makers from across the political spectrum. Andrew gives his individual take on the biggest issues of our times; as well as A-list analysis, commentary and debate from a regular cast of contributors. Invaluable insight from all angles and perspectives: free, fair, impartial and considered. The week ahead starts here.

  • Sunday 22nd May, 6pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 10


When Holidays Go Horribly Wrong

As a nation, we spend a staggering 60 billion pounds a year on day trips. For some, it’s a chance to get out and enjoy a day of fun with friends and family. Whether it’s trip to the zoo or a something a bit more adventurous. When these day trips go right, they're the stuff of dreams. But when they go horribly wrong, they can be catastrophic. Actress Glynis Barber narrates this 90-minute special that features first-hand interviews with people whose day trips ended in disaster.

Highlights include a trip to the zoo that ends in horror as a young family encounter an escaped chimpanzee. A day at a safari park turns to a walk on the wild side as a pair of dualling camels cause £6000 of damage to the family car, rendering it a write-off.

There are near misses up in the air including the tourist who soon regretted going on a hang-gliding day trip in Swiss Alps. Self-confessed adrenaline junkie Chris Gursky was looking forward to seeing Switzerland from bird’s eye view but little did he know that his pilot had failed to attach the safety cord, and he would be clinging on for dear life with a potentially fatal drop of 5,000 feet. An avid base jumper’s day trip hits the rocks when his parachute fails to deploy, leaving him helpless and in agony.

Other stories include mountain trip which turns to terror, as a runner comes face to face with a cougar. A day tripper is enjoying a swim with hammerhead sharks, until he witnesses his fellow diver being savaged by the apex predator. And a deadly jellyfish stings a holidaymaker, leaving him fighting for his life.

Expert interviews include travel presenters Jasmine Harman and Danni Menzies and journalist and broadcaster Simon Calder. 

  • Sunday 22nd May, 6.30pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 2


The Hamptons: Home of the Rich and Famous

Load the Lamborghini, dust off your diamonds and step inside the world’s most opulent destinations in Playgrounds of the Rich and Famous. This sumptuous series steps inside the luxury locations of choice for the obscenely rich and celebrity A listers. And we find out the secrets of these exclusive, decadent destinations, what first attracted the world’s most privileged to them, and the infamous stories of what the rich and famous got up to while they were there.     

In this episode we’re headed over the pond to the American super rich haunt on the Atlantic coast, The Hamptons.  With beach front mansions changing hands for over £50 million, famous owners including the likes of Stephen Spielberg, Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Calvin Klein.  

We meet high end estate agent Sarah Minardi.  In the world of the ultra-rich buyers rarely go and view properties, so Sarah is checking out a property in the twenty-million-dollar range for them.  

Despite the mega mansions, Hamptons life is more about the lowkey rather than the ostentatious.  Despite a regular clientele that includes billionaires Duryea’s seafood restaurant doesn’t take reservations or offer table service.  It helps if you can pull up in a multimillion-dollar yacht though.  

In town, Stephen’s Talkhouse has the appearance of a regular bar and music venue.  But with visitors including Paul McCartney who might just get up and play, this is no regular place.  As manager, Nick Kraus points out as recalls getting a visit from Bill and Hilary Clinton.     

Getting out on the water in the Hamptons is regular but expensive pastime.  We hang out with interior designers David, Jason, and Justin as they unwind with friends on the water, before heading off to luxury cocktail party at the home of dentist to the rich and famous, Dr Larry Rosenthal.

  • Sunday 22nd May, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 4


The Great House Giveaway

Monday 23rd May, 17 of 30

On today’s The Great House Giveaway, presenter Simon O’Brien brings together complete strangers house husband Justin and electrician Luke. They are given six months, a limited budget and a decrepit property in Walsall which they must renovate to a modern standard and put back on the market before their time is up. These two work well together and embark on some major structural changes, like knocking down walls to create a dog-leg kitchen. But a series of major set-backs means they have to dig deeper and deeper into their budget. Will they have done enough to secure a sale and a decent profit before their time is up?

Tuesday 24th May, 18 of 30

In the West Midlands, presenter Simon O’Brien brings together carpenter Tom and kitchen and bathroom fitter Renaldo to renovate a run-down end of terrace and turn it into a modern family home. With their combined trade skills these two get off to a cracking start, and it looks like they’ll be finished in no time. But then things start to grind to a halt, and a decision to go against some key advice given by Simon at the start looks set to come back to haunt them. As the work drags on, Tom and Renaldo watch their budget and schedule start to spiral out of control. Can they do enough to turn this around before their time runs out, and sell the house for a profit?

Wednesday 25th May, 19 of 30

In South Wales, communications worker Llyr and kitchen designer Elinor are two strangers paired up to renovate a run-down terrace house in the Welsh valleys. Presenter Simon O’Brien gives them six months and a limited budget to do the major makeover. But the pressures of the renovation start getting to them and they struggle to keep their morale up. As they approach the finish line, they have some last-minute bad news that may scupper their chances of making a profit. Will they be able to pick themselves up and finish the job, and will there be any money to be made at the end of it?

Thursday 26th May, 20 of 30

On today’s The Great House Giveaway, presenter Tayo Oguntonade pairs up bathroom fitter David with air conditioning engineer Nathan. They are given six months and a limited budget to tackle a total makeover on an old house that has seen better days, and turn it into a modern family home fit for the twenty-first century. Things are going great guns as they embark on an ambitious renovation that involves virtually ripping out the entire house and starting from scratch. But then things take an unexpected turn, throwing the whole project into doubt and leaving one of them feeling left out in the cold.

Friday 27th May, 21 of 30

In North Wales, presenter Tayo Oguntonade pairs up joiner Gethin with musician Jacob and gives them a house that hasn’t been touched since the day it was built. These two have their work cut out as they take on an ambitious renovation with just six months and a limited budget. Everything in the house is buckling, including a decrepit central heating system and two water tanks. As well as updating and modernising, the boys decide to try and build an extension as well. As things get close to the wire, have they bitten off more than they can chew? Or will they be able to turn all their hard work into a big profit?

  • Weekdays (23rd - 27th May), 4pm

  • Channel 4

  • 17-21 of 30


Food Unwrapped

Food Unwrapped continues in its quest to help us get more clued up about what we’re eating. This time, Jimmy Doherty's in Thailand to discover why coriander is the spice of choice for some of us, but for others it seems to taste just like soap. Matt Tebbutt's in Spain learning why some oranges are so devilish to peel. And Briony Williams finds herself in a bit of a jam as she interrogates an important kitchen conundrum, why dropped toast always seems to land the wrong side down. 

  • Monday 23rd May, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 4


Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains

Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains is back for a brand new series. In this confessional, cringe-worthy, hilarious show, Rhod asks his three special guests to revisit their teenage years and compete to be crowned the ‘Most Embarrassing Teenager’ at the end of each episode. Revealing their teenage lives through old diary entries, outrageous photos, nostalgic archive clips, stories of unrequited teenage crushes and school rebellions, our guests will share their most embarrassing tales of teenagehood. Whose memories will be consigned to Rhod’s box of shame, and who will outcompete the others to win ‘Most Embarrassing Teenager’?

  • Tuesday 24th May, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 2 of 6


The Repair Shop

Today in the Repair Shop, Jay Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life. 

First to arrive at the barn is Jack Laugher with a pair of very prized prizes – two Olympic medals from the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, one Silver and one Gold, and both won by Jack in the diving pool. In the years since this double achievement Jack has proudly shown off his medals and has taken them round schools to help inspire the next generation to take up sports. Unfortunately, all that attention has taken its toll on the metal of the medals and their wooden cases. To restore them to their winning ways will be an Olympian challenge for the barn’s silversmith Brenton West and wood wizard Will Kirk. 

Next to arrive at the barn, another memento from far off climes, brought in by husband and wife Barry and Bernadette. This precious musical Jewellery box was bought by Barry for Bernadette while he was in Malaysia with the British Army over 50 years ago, sadly when he sent it back to Bernadette in the UK it was damaged in transit and, though she has loved the box ever since, she has never seen it working. Now the responsibility of giving Bernadette the chance to finally see her beloved box working after fifty years falls to horologist Steve Fletcher. 

The barn’s bear repair pair, Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell are next to be called into action, this time against a mythical monster in need of some TLC. Duncan the dragon arrives with Marisa and her 10-year-old son Jonah. Duncan was given to Marisa when she was just a little girl, since then he’s been a huge comfort through life’s challenges, first for Marisa and now for Jonah. But the years haven’t been kind to Duncan, and it’s down to Julie and Amanda to make sure he’s sturdy enough to carry on his important work keeping the family under his wing for years to come.

Finally, a complicated fix on a simple tool for metal worker Dominic Chinea. Originally owned by Naranji Patel and brought in by his grandson Paresh, this hammer was one of a set of tools bought by Naranji after moving to the UK from India in the 1960s and with which he taught himself DIY to help save money on home fixes. For Paresh the hammer evokes happy childhood memories of helping his grandfather fix things around the home, and symbolic of the life lessons that Naranji instilled in him. However the hammer is no longer fit for purpose – the handle is old and bent and no longer fits the head properly – but fixing the hammer while preserving as much of the original as possible requires some creative thinking from Dom.

  • Wednesday 25th May, 8pm

  • BBC One

  • 3 of 7


Lovestruck High

Episode 4: 

After a shock expulsion, the county fair arrives in town. Who’s going to get friendly on the ferris wheel? The students find out it’s time for Summer Camp but not all of them will go as THREE newbies will choose who gets to go. Will any of the students be tempted to stray? And just when they think they can relax with a s’more, the Principal has some devastating news for them.

Episode 5:

The Camp Crush students return minus the latest student to be expelled. Yasmine has the convo she’s been dreading with Max. In sex ed class, things get very hot and steamy. Jess and Kyle enjoy a flirty first date in the diner. At Valentine’s dance, Sin and Max face a big dilemma and when Dan confronts his date, all hell breaks loose.

Episode 6:
The morning after the Valentine’s dance drama massacre. Some students are headed to detention but who exactly is in the bad books? Geoff’s seen another side to Chante and wants a chat. Could this spell the end? 

The school Talent Show takes place – with some showing more natural flair than others - but winning first place isn’t quite the fabulous prize the students were hoping for.  

  • Available on Thursday 26th May

  • Prime Video

  • 4-6 of 8



Britain's sharpest armchair critics return for a new series to share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows.

  • Friday 27th May, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • 15 of 15


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