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The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway

Series Overview

Following the success of its first series, Windfall Films has been commissioned for a second series of The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway by BBC Two, giving viewers the opportunity to dig deeper into the story behind Europe’s biggest engineering project in development – London’s Crossrail.

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway’s last series left audiences astounded with the numerous challenges faced by engineers and construction teams striving to create the new transport route. From driving a 1000-tonne tunnel boring machine through a tiny gap between a live tube station and rebuilding a 138-year-old Victorian tunnel, to constructing a cathedral-sized station underwater - the tasks at hand were momentous. 

This new two-part series will again give audiences front-row access to the ambitious project. Viewers will have the chance to follow over ten thousand engineers and construction workers as they race to build ten new stations in Central London, lay over thirty miles of track, and construct a fleet of sixty-six 200m long trains, completing the subterranean railway under the capital city.

  • Monday 29th May 9pm

  • BBC Two

  • 2 of 2


Doctor in the House

Episode Overview

Kiki is 11 years old, 11 stone and at risk of diabetes. Although he's obese, his diet is good and he's one of the sportiest kids at school. Rangan must discover why he can't lose weight and come up with a solution quickly to keep school bullies at bay. His Father, Mark, has chronic back pain and suffers from stress. A former athlete, some days he can barely move and it’s destroying his relationship with his son.

Hoshi-Rae is a 16 year old girl with an eating disorder. Her diet is causing her health issues and seriously affecting her teenage years. Is the key to her problems her Mum, Lisa, who has a history of bulimia? 

Cops UK: Bodycam Squad

Really’s brand new, real-life series following Staffordshire Police, one of Britain's most cutting-edge forces, as they fight crime in the county's diverse and contrasting communities, continues. 

Born to Kill: Class of Evil

Episode Overview

Although by all accounts, Dennehy had a happy childhood her behaviour rapidly deteriorated during her later teenage years. In 2013, in Peterborough she used her sordid ability to manipulate the opposite sex with devastating consequences, luring two of her three male victims to their death with the promise of sex. Her spree ended in South West England with two frenzied knife attacks in broad daylight on the streets of Hereford. Although her male victims survived, the escalating violence displayed shocked detectives. In 2014 Dennehy was sentenced to a whole life term for her despicable crimes

Tale of Two Sisters

Episode Overview

In the summer of 1963, President John F. Kennedy toured Europe. It was during this trip that he visited the German capital and made his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. Beside him throughout was a beautiful and stylish young woman. It was not however Kennedy’s wife Jackie – she was at home, preparing for the birth of their second child. Instead it was Jackie’s younger sister Lee who accompanied the president that summer.

Jackie remains iconic, a figure of high fashion and
tragedy famous from a thousand photographs. Lee is less well-known today. Yet it is impossible to truly understand the life of one without the other.

The children of stockbroker and womaniser John Bouvier, Jackie and Lee grew up in Manhattan. The bond between sisters was a strong one but Lee found it difficult to live up to Jackie’s academic and equestrian accomplishments – as well as their father’s clear preference for his eldest daughter.

Unlike the perfect appearing Kennedys, Lee’s marriage was a troubled one. By the late 1950s it was over and Lee had found a new husband – the charming Polish émigré aristocrat Stanislaw Radziwill. But even as Lee embarked on this new phase in her life, Jackie and her husband were at the start of something far greater.

The 1960 presidential campaign was an unexpected triumph for Kennedy. Aged just 31, Jackie found herself the new First Lady of the United States and an instant international celebrity. The young First Lady would come to rely on her sister more and more. Not least after the tragic events of November 1963.

Jackie’s marriage to wealthy Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis came as a shock to Lee, who had conducted her own affair with the tycoon just a few years earlier. The once close relationship between sisters never truly recovered.

Decades passed, marriages soured, and fortunes shifted. In 1994, Jackie was diagnosed with and quickly succumbed to cancer. She left nothing to the devastated Lee.

  • Thursday 1st June 8pm

  • Really

  • 3 of 3


Question Time

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time

Most Haunted

Series Overview

Yvette Fielding and her dedicated team of paranormal investigators return for an all-new and exclusive fifth series of the country's most popular ghost hunting show.

This time around Yvette, Karl and co welcome Watson, a new four-legged member, to the team, and once again they take to the highways and byways of Britain going on another quest to visit and investigate the country's most haunted locations, and record and analyse any paranormal activity they find.

With a long and celebrated history of providing shocks and shivers, series five of Most Haunted could be the most dramatic yet.

Episode Eight - Standon Hall Part One:
Yvette and her team take on a three-part investigation that tests them to the very core. A place that surprised, intrigued and terrified the hardened team, making Standon Hall the most fearful place they have investigated.

  • Friday 2nd June 10pm

  • Really

  • 8 of 10


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