**NEW** My Obese Life

In this film we follow three extraordinary young women who have all battled with their weight. As they fight perceptions, and their demons head on, we hear how the simplest things derailed their body image. They are learning to overcome what others think and love their bodies. Nearly 3 million 16- 24 year olds and around half of all women of childbearing age tip the scales beyond their recommended BMI weight. We meet 20 year old Shannon, she is a size 22 and celebrates her curves by selling lingerie products to the larger ladies; we also hear from 24 year old Naomi, who has been a secret eater for most of her life and is desperate to stabilise her weight; and we join 24 year old Jess, who comfort eats to cope with stress, as she tries to shed some pounds. 

  • Tuesday 5th June, 9pm

  • 5Star

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Britain's Best Home Cook

It’s quarter final week on Britain's Best Home Cook and the queen of home cookery, Mary Berry, top chef Dan Doherty and produce expert, Chris Bavin, start to raise the stakes in the kitchen for the 5 remaining home cooks. Claudia is keeping a close eye on the tight circle of cooks who are also living together. Tonight they must create their ultimate sharing feasts with four complementary dishes displaying their individual cooking style. With ambitious dim sum, a fragrant Indian feast, a west African selection including a boozy pineapple salad and a deep south American style platter, there’s plenty for the judges to like and critique here. The judges each decide who made their ultimate favourite before the best cooks choose between squid and mackerel as the key ingredient in the next round. The cooks push themselves with their creations but the judges prove tough to please as they search for their 4 semi-finalists. A tense elimination round ensues as the culinary battle pits strong contenders and friends against one another. Who will falter and make the most mistakes leaving just 4 to fight another week?

Trucking Hell

When an HGV collides with another vehicle on one of Britain’s busiest motorways, heavy recovery op Marcus Charman has his work cut out. The HGV has split its fuel tank and diesel is spilling out onto the motorway in the middle of evening rush hour. 

The light is fading fast and despite the best efforts of the fire brigade the tank is still leaking. Its down to Marcus and colleague Trigger to patch up the tank and move this huge truck fast!

Meanwhile a snapped spring on a car transporter is not the simple job Tez Higgins hoped for. Working under the heavy vehicle is dangerous and despite putting his all into removing the ubolts around the spring Tez is getting nowhere. 

Time to bring out the big guns in this job and fire up the blow torch!

And when a driver breaks down on the side of a busy road, he’s in for a long wait as he’s given the recovery operators the wrong information about his whereabouts. Fortunately Jim Howard’s on the road and is gearing up for a speedy recovery.

  • Thursday 7th June, 9pm

  • 5Spike

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