***NEW*** Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

New series, Nightmare Tenant,s Slum Landlords, delves into the dark side of Britain’s overheating rental market. Gaining unique access into the lives of the haves and the have nots of Generation Rent, the eight episodes follow the work of Letting Agents up and down the country trying to keep their tenants with a roof over their head. The series witnesses Eviction experts helping frantic landlords who can’t get their tenants to pay – or move out. And cameras are on the frontline with housing teams as they try to protect vulnerable tenants living in squalor and dangerous conditions.

Episode 1

In the first episode of Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords, in Darwen, Lancashire, whilst carrying out a routine inspection on a property letting agent Paul Ainsworth Lord bumps into what he’s led to believe is a neighbour. In fact, the neighbour is his unruly tenant. Unhappy about being questioned about rent arrears in his home, the tenant becomes extremely hostile and aggressive. A three-month explosive standoff ensues, leaving letting agent Paul facing ongoing threats, and a growing concern that he’ll never receive the debt owed. Ozge and Mykia from Harrow’s Housing Enforcement team are shocked when they discover up to 30 people living in horrendous overcrowded three-bedroom house. The team face the grim decision of either prohibiting the house and potentially forcing these people into homelessness, or hoping the managing agent is as good as her word and makes the house safe. But things take a nasty turn when the officers try to act in the tenants’ best interests.

Small business owner, Pauline Ivaldi, has been up against a group of squatters living in her shop in South London for months. Advised by the local authority to try and reason with them, she has been attempting to get them to leave. Running out of time and money, Pauline has to give the leased shop - empty and in good order - back to her landlord. But the trespassers are refusing to budge, claiming they are victims of Britain’s broken housing market. Already losing income due to the invasion, can she oust them in time to avoid thousands of pounds worth of fines? 

  • Monday 3rd June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 8


***NEW*** Casualty 24/7

Casualty 24/7 returns for a second series toBarnsley Hospital’sbustlingEmergency department. It’san exclusive look at how the staff deal with the unpredictability of never knowing what they’re goingto be faced with next from life threatening cardiac arrests to kids with sprained ankles.As the busydays unfoldthe doctors and nurses reveal why they’re so passionate about caring for other people–and how it impacts their own lives. Across the series we see the team deal with record-breaking days,night shifts, winter weather and trauma and find that it’s humour and camaraderie that gets themthrough their toughest days.

It’s Monday at BarnsleyCasualty, traditionally the busiest day of the week and they’re expecting totreat 277 patients. But it soon becomes clear that this shift could break the hospital record of 349patients, a number that no-one wants to beat.The emergency red phone ringsto alert the team that a critically ill patient is due to arrive byambulance. Junior Doctor Dan Bewick prepares for the paramedics who rush in Phil with a suspectedbrain injury. His wife, Tracy, is supported by his bedside while Dan and the team race against theclock to save Phil’s life.When children arrive at casualty they are treated in a separate paediatric triage, and it’s NurseJohnathan Sharpe who is assessing patients today. 9 year old Lily has injured her ankle and isdesperate not to stay inhospital overnight.Sister Benita Wainwright is co-ordinating the department and needs to ensure the patients keepmoving, but before beds become available more start arriving. Like 41 year old Ian, who has hobbledinto casualty with severe foot pain and is concerned that it could be deep vein thrombosis. ConsultantDoctor Dyfrig Hughes investigates.Also seeking treatment is 79 year old Geoffrey, who was pulled over by his Sprocker Spaniel and hadto be rescued from a muddy field by paramedics. He’sbroken his knee and when OrthopaedicPractitioner Shaun Coles comes to plaster it, it turns out they’re old friends.And Health Care Assistant Sharon Bailey treats her hard working colleagues to her own home-mademedicine–almond slices, chocolate cupcakes, cherry bakewells and meringues. While Volunteer JaneAllen is on hand with tea, toast and a big smile to lift the spirits of patients and staff alike...once she’ssorted out the bad smell coming from the lost property box.

  • Wednesday 5th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 12


***NEW*** Old School for Lazy Kids

Living for the weekend. Living for themselves. And, living at the hotel of mum and dad. Britain’s lazy kids are about to get the mother of all wake up calls, as they are sent from their cushty lives to move in with the nation’s most proactive pensioners. They’re about to get a good old-fashioned lesson in life. But the youth of today are not coming quietly. Their very negative views will be challenged over the two days they spend together. Face to face with active OAPS, can the young with their lives and futures ahead of them, learn from wise old grannies and grandpas who have seen it all before?

Lazy Kid and wannabe rapper Tyler, 18, lives at home with his Dad. While he waits for the record labels to call, he’s more bothered about his phone and his play station than helping out at home or looking for a job. Tyler is about to get the mother of all wake up calls, when he’s sent from his cushty life to spend two days living with proactive pensioner, Barb, 70. This go-getting granny has worked all her life, been a mum, and now travels the world. Young Tyler is about to get a good old-fashioned lesson in life. But he’s not coming quietly. Tyler thinks old people need to earn respect, not assume they are owed it, from the youth of today. After 48 hours of domestic chores, cooking and work challenges, what can lazy kid Tyler learn from ‘recycled teenager’, Barb, who’s seen it all before?

  • Wednesday 5th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 4


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