A&E: After Dark

34-year-old Andrew arrives in the hospital in the back of a police van after punching his arm through a pub window. Andrew is handcuffed and accompanied by four police officers, and medical staff have to ask him to stop shouting and swearing, as they fear other patients within the department are being disturbed by him.  When Dr. Pon Ponnusammy explains the treatment plan for the cuts to his arm, Andrew says he’ll rip the bandages off, and demands to be treated immediately rather than the following morning, when plastics doctors are available. Police officers are reluctant to take him back to custody without treatment, as their custody sergeant will not allow him to stay. 

66-year-old Peter arrives in resus, having lost 20 per cent of his blood mass from a rectal bleed. Peter had some serious complications following a colonoscopy, so doctors have to administer several blood transfusions to keep his blood pressure above dangerously low levels. Dr. Zak Duthie and his team battle to find the source of the bleed before it is too late and call upon the help of specialist surgeons to try and save Peter’s life. 

31-year-old Neil fell off his bicycle and dislocated his elbow out of the socket. Medical staff try to relax Neil with gas and air, but his muscles are too tight. Staff take the decision to rush him round to resus to give him stronger sedation. 

Matron Kat Henry is faced with a drunk and flirtatious patient who has cut his head after a night out on the town. 28-year-old Blake is determined to leave the hospital without treatment, but Kat and Nurse Grace Penn-Timity go above and beyond the call to keep him in hospital until his head is dealt with. 

  • Monday 1st June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Princess Margaret: Rebel without a Crown

The Royal family is meant to be a role model to the nation, the epitome of duty and sacrifice, but then along came Princess Margaret, the 60s bombshell who became one of the most photographed women of her day.  The Queen’s little sister was determined to live her life exactly as she wanted, even if that sometimes meant bringing the monarchy into disrepute.

Even as a child Margaret was a mischievous and rebellious princess who loved being the centre of attention; her shy sister Elizabeth was more ‘strait-laced’. As the future heir, Elizabeth’s life was clearly mapped out but Margaret ‘the spare’ did not have that same security. When her Father George VI died Margaret was devastated and sought solace with the King’s  former equerry -  Group Captain Peter Townsend, a divorcee. It was the first in a series of scandalous romances for the rebel princess.

Margaret finally met and settled down with talented photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones. In choosing a ‘snapper’ rather than a land owning aristocrat, Margaret again rebelled against what was expected of a member of the royal family. She and Tony became the ‘it’ couple of the 60s until the marriage foundered. When they divorced, Margaret became the first major royal to do so since Henry VIII. She had unwittingly dragged the royal family into the 21st century. 

Scandal continued to plague Margaret when she was papped in the 70s on the island of Mustique with her lover Roddy Llwellyn, 17 years her junior. During a time that the country was experiencing economic hardship, it looked as though Margaret was swanning around with her toy boy. She was frequently criticised for not pulling her royal weight. 

Margaret suffered from ill health in her later years, before dying of a stroke in 2002. Her funeral reflected her love of life, many of the mourners at her funeral were the artistic and bohemian  friends she had made during her turbulent life. A royal rebel to the last, she broke with royal tradition and was cremated. 

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back

Joe Lycett, Britain's customer service hero and the man responsible for making complaining funny, fights the good fight on behalf of the British public, tackling viewers' consumer problems, no matter how big or small. In this concluding episode, Joe takes a very special look back at the series, featuring behind the scenes insights, never-before-seen moments, and Joe's most outrageous victories to date.

Celebrity Gogglebox USA

Attention Gogglers – the show which sees the sharpest armchair critics share their thoughts on the best of recent telly, is to head across the pond and step into the homes of a selection of familiar celebrity faces.

Produced by Studio Lambert, each hour-long episode will dive straight into the news and events on television, that are currently taking America by storm. Much like the Gogglebox we know and love, the celebrities will share insightful, funny and sometimes emotional critiques of the most popular and topical TV shows and news stories all from the comfort of their own sofas.

We’ll hear opinions from a cracking list of famous faces and their families including Rob Lowe, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Joe Buck, Raven-Symoné, Master P and Romeo, JoJo Siwa, Steve Wozniak, Curtis Stone, and Robert and Kym Herjavec. 

  • Wednesday 3rd June, 9pm

  • E4

  • 4 of 10


Redknapp’s Home Fixture

Redknapp’s Home Fixture, a new entertainment series on Sky One and NOW TV, stars Jamie Redknapp and his dad, football legend and national treasure Harry Redknapp, as well as his best mate ; BAFTA winning comedian Tom Davis.

The show will see Jamie, Harry and Tom invite the biggest and best names from the world of sport & entertainment to join them from the safety of their own homes, offering viewers a weekly fill of topical sports and celebrity chat as well as a healthy portion of Harry’s infamous anecdotes.

  • Friday 5th June, 10pm

  • Sky One

  • 5 of 6


What’s Funny About… with Peter Fincham and Jon Plowman

New to Radio 4 Extra, TV veterans Peter Fincham and Jon Plowman talk to the writers, producers, and performers behind Britain’s biggest TV comedy hits, and hear the inside story of how they brought their programmes to the screen.

We’ll begin each week’s conversation by asking ourselves and our guests the same question: What’s Funny About… their show?

In this episode, Peter and Jon talk to John Lloyd and Sir Tony Robinson about the modern comedy masterpiece that is Blackadder. They discuss the endless problems they had when making the first series ("the show that looked a million dollars and cost a million pounds”) and the importance of failure. They also open up about the tensions amongst the team, the “ladder of stupidity” in Blackadder’s world, and the real story behind that famous final scene.

  • Wednesday 3rd June, 10:30pm

  • Radio 4 Extra

  • 4 of 6


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