Week 24

The Art Show

Art provokes ideas, transcends differences and helps us all to think about the world in a new way – so in this new 8-part series, The Art Show, we’re travelling the globe to bring you fascinating stories about art.

On The Art Show this week: Kate Bryan and Will Best spend a smoggy weekend in Beijing, seeing exquisite ancient treasures and cutting edge new Chinese art. Charming Baker visits the woman who’s been called Britain’s greatest living stone sculptor, Emily Young, at her home and studio in Tuscany. And Carrie Scott goes to Detroit, where artists are setting up new studios in old buildings left derelict thanks to the city’s financial troubles. June Sarpong meets digital curator of London’s Serpentine Gallery, Ben Vickers. 

Cops UK: Bodycam Squad

Really’s brand new, real-life series following Staffordshire Police, one of Britain's most cutting-edge forces, as they fight crime in the county's diverse and contrasting communities, continues.

Question Time

BBC One’s political debate programme, Question Time.

Most Haunted

Series Overview

Yvette Fielding and her dedicated team of paranormal investigators return for an all-new and exclusive fifth series of the country's most popular ghost hunting show.

This time around Yvette, Karl and co welcome Watson, a new four-legged member, to the team, and once again they take to the highways and byways of Britain going on another quest to visit and investigate the country's most haunted locations, and record and analyse any paranormal activity they find.

With a long and celebrated history of providing shocks and shivers, series five of Most Haunted could be the most dramatic yet.

Episode Ten - Standon Hall Part Three:

The concluding part of the team’s most scary investigation to date, but will they last the night as something definitely wants them out.

  • 16th June 10pm

  • Really

  • 10 of 10


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