Britain’s Best Home Cook

Semi-Final - Episode Seven, Wednesday 13th

It’s the semi-finals on Britain's Best Home Cook and the queen of home cookery, Mary Berry, top chef Dan Doherty and produce expert, Chris Bavin, raise the bar again in the kitchen for the 4 remaining home cooks. Claudia is keeping a close eye on the tight circle of cooks who are also living together. Tonight they must create their ultimate drinks party with four savoury canapes, one sweet canape and a drink displaying their individual cooking style. With mini delights including arancini balls and a passion fruit posset, fun ideas including season-your-own crisps, Indian delights of samosas and tikka bites washed down with a cool Pina Colada, there’s plenty for the judges to like and critique here. The judges each decide who made their ultimate favourite before the best cooks choose between orange and ginger as the key ingredient in the next round. The cooks push themselves with their creations but the judges prove tough to please as they search for their 3 finalists. A tense elimination round ensues as the culinary battle pits strong contenders and friends against one another. Who will falter and make the most mistakes leaving the final 3 to fight one last week?

The Final – Episode Eight, Thursday 14th

It’s the Final of Britain's Best Home Cook and the queen of home cookery, Mary Berry, top chef Dan Doherty and produce expert, Chris Bavin, raise the bar for the last time in the kitchen for the 3 remaining home cooks. Claudia is keeping a close eye on the finalists, who are firm friends as well as cooking rivals. Tonight all three challenges count towards the judges’ final decision so it’s all to play for. First up it’s the recipe round which is a fiddly classic summer favourite. Nerves are running high as none of them want to falter and precision is required.  Next up it’s the cook’s challenge when they must create stunning dishes in one hour using a key ingredient but the judges have a few tricks up their sleeve which will push their creativity even further. After an emotional last night in the shared house, the cooks return for their last Ultimate Challenge. The judges are coming around to theirs for dinner and they must make their finest main and pudding displaying their individual cooking style as well as dressing their table and playing the calm host. With classics including beef wellington and a sticky ginger pudding, fragrant crowd-pleasers of warming lamb shank and a rich carrot cake and a Thai curry and a risky take on one of Mary’s cakes, there’s plenty for the judges to like and critique here. At the end of the day who will bowl the judges over with their exceptional cooking and be crowned the winner of Britain’s Best Home Cook?

Trucking Hell

On one of the UK’s busiest roads, a jack-knifed HGV has careered through the front-garden of a property and onto a neighbouring ditch. After leaving a trail of destruction behind, the badly damaged vehicle is blocking a lane, dramatically reducing the flow of traffic. Called to the scene are supervising recovery op Matt and his colleague Mateusz. They’re under pressure to get the fragile wreckage out of the way and get the lane back up and running as soon as possible.  But unforeseen problems make the job much harder than it seems.

Meanwhile, a broken down low-loader with a caravan on its back, is stranded on the M42. Ex-soldier Jim gets the call. On arrival it appears the job is straightforward but Jim is in for a much tougher gig, his metal is about to be well and truly tested. And when rookie recovery driver Nathan, calls operations manager Steve, out to the front line, Steve faces a rebellion that tests his 26years in the business.

  • Thursday 14th June, 9pm

  • 5Spike

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Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive

In tribute to one of Britain’s best-loved personalities, ‘Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive’ returns to the schedules. Dale packs his bags, rents a car and heads off on a four week road trip around America’s Sunshine State. His 1,500-mile journey takes him everywhere wonderful, wild and weird that Florida has to offer. This week’s adventure starts in Miami, at the extravagant Casa Casuarina, an upscale boutique hotel that was formerly the home of fashion designer Gianni Versace until his untimely death in 1997. The fashion icon’s influence is visible throughout, from the leopard-print cushions, to the swimming pool made out of thousands of 24-carat-gold tiles, to the ten-foot bed in the Versace Suite. Dale then hits the beach, and after a quick chat with lifeguard Chris who has been patrolling the shores for more than 30 years, he heads to Muscle Beach where beautiful bodies are pushed through strength-sapping, gravity-defying routines on the beach’s workout apparatus. In Little Havana, home to Miami’s ever growing Cuban population, he meets up with Sandy, owner of a cigar factory. Bubbling with enthusiasm, she instructs Dale through the cigar-making process and introduces him to the delights of Cuban coffee. After checking in to the prestigious Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, the playground of the rich and famous, Dale gets a personal tour of the many multi-million dollar mansions on Billionaires Row, which some of the richest people in America call home. His tour includes a drive by of Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s ‘Winter White House’.

  • Friday 15th June, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 4


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