***NEW*** My Dad the Paedophile

This film explores the brutal reality of three women who were abused at the hands of their own fathers. Natasha, Emily and Maya give poignant firsthand accounts of their childhoods and how they have created new lives for themselves following years of abuse from their fathers.

Publicly, 35-year-old Maya had a normal relationship with her father, with him walking her down the aisle at her wedding. However, in private, he had been sexually abusing her since she was a young child. The abuse continued through her childhood until she left home at 16, leaving everything that had happened behind. However, in 2012 she received a call from the police, saying that her father had been arrested. They revealed they found written and visual evidence in his house of the abuse to which he had exposed Maya. Her father was brought to justice, and convicted and sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment.

Emily grew up with her mum and brothers, after her parents separated when she was seven. It was after this separation that her father started to take advantage of her. When she was 17, the abuse escalated, and her father raped her. In the morning, the reality hit her—that she had been raped by a man who she should have been able to trust. When she returned home, her mother knew instantly something was wrong—and her father was arrested and sentenced to nine years for child rape.

Now 28 years old, Natasha was four years old when her father’s sexual abuse started. However, it wasn’t until this year that she spoke to her mother about the abuse to which she was subjected. Her mother knew nothing of the abuse, until she was called by the police confirming that allegations had been made by her daughter. The programme also shows the extent of how the abuse affected other family members, including Natasha’s mother who felt she had failed her child. The depth of her father’s abuse wouldn’t be learned until years later, when it was discovered that he also abused her cousin and step-sister in a court case that would see him convicted for 12 years.

  • Monday 10th June, 9pm

  • 5Star

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***NEW*** Murdered in Paradise: The Killing of Jean Hanlon

In this series we examine stories of people who boarded a flight, heading off on their dream holiday, but ended up experiencing their worst nightmare. While millions of people go away every year and come back safely, there are tragic cases where people have gone on the ultimate honeymoon, back packing adventure, or exotic holiday, and ended up being murdered.   Each show we examine a new story and look at it in great detail, breaking down the events running up to the murder and the tragic circumstances around it.

Murder in Paradise: The Killing of Jean Hanlon explores the tragic case of Jean Hanlon, a 53-year-old mother of three from Dumfries, Scotland who went missing on Monday, March 9th 2009 on the Greek Island of Crete. Nine years on, her three sons are still searching for answers, and justice remains out of reach. After attending a successful job interview at a Taverna near to her home in Kato Gouves, Jean was reported to leave her celebratory glass of wine in a hurry. She needed to get to Heraklion, a forty-minute journey away. This was the last confirmed sighting of Jean, and what happens next is unclear. But just four days after she sent a troubling one-word text to a close friend – Help – a body was discovered floating in Heraklion Harbour. The following day, Jeans three sons – Michael, David and Robert Porter – who had travelled to the paradise island to search for their missing mum - had the heart-breaking task of identifying her body. Beyond recognition, it was an impossible task, but after DNA tests the worst was confirmed.  Jean Hanlon was dead.
A coroner ruled her death as accidental drowning, and whilst the police looked to understand how she ended up in the harbour, the family started to question the findings, was this really an accident? Their mum hated water, why was she in Heraklion and why was she so injured? But their concerns appeared to go unheeded… until nine months later when a second autopsy came to light, along with a second cause of death. With the mystery around Jean’s final day growing, a new investigation began.  As Jean’s last movements are unravelled the extraordinary challenges her sons have encountered are brought to light; and nine years on, the fight for justice is still not over.

Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

Episode 2

In this episode of Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords is in Lancashire with letting agent, Paul Ainsworth Lord, who has a tenant behind with his rent and won’t return any calls. When Paul goes to investigate at the house the mystery deepens. The locks have been tampered with, the electricity looped and there’s fresh blood on the bedsheets. Fearing the worst Paul heads into the upstairs bedroom, discovering a fully functioning cannabis farm. With a furious and shocked landlord, Paul now must track down the tenant, clear the house of all the drugs and chase the missing rent. 
Eviction lawyer Chris Sharpe is called to evict the severely anti-social tenant, Kirk. With landlord Jack Wood’s previous attempts at evicting his unruly tenant ending prematurely due to a ‘vicious’ dog, Chris and his team of bailiffs are faced with not only a potentially dangerous dog, but a barricade of furniture and white goods being hurled down the stairs at them. With the police moving into arrest Kirk, he threatens to blow the house up by putting a gas cannister on his stove.

Monwara and Mohammed hired a letting agency who, to their shock, have been pocketing their tenant’s rent. With a new company name above the door, familiar employees claiming ignorance and a violent confrontation, the landlords are left out in the cold. However, their doorstep may not be in vain, as a few minutes later the landlords receive a call from the lettings agent, and eviction expert Paul Shamplina tries to chase down the £20,000 they’re owed.
Harrow Enforcement Officers, Ozge and Andrew, are called to a local hairdresser, where a leak spreading from the overcrowded flat upstairs is disrupting business owner Masi’s ability to run her shop. When investigating the source of the leak, Ozge and Andrew are confronted with a locked door and no answer from the tenants. Finally, with the landlord agreeing to give them access, they discover terrible conditions and a back yard piled with rubbish. The landlord now has a furious shop owner and vulnerable tenants living in a dangerous property to deal with. If he fails to comply with the enforcers’ urgent demands, he will face prosecution.

  • Monday 10th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 8


Casualty 24/7

Freezing fog has descended across the whole of South Yorkshire so Barnsley Casualty is inundated with weather-related accidents and emergencies.

Paramedics ring the emergency red phone to let the team know that they’re bringing in a critically ill patient, Paul. He was having breakfast in a local café with his wife, Yvonne, when he suffered a cardiac arrest. The ambulance crew manage to get his heart re-started and are rushing him to the hospital with blue lights and sirens. The casualty staff are on standby for his imminent arrival.

Consultant Dr Bharath Reddy treats Maxine who’s broken her wrist when she slipped de-icing the car. It will need to be manipulated back into position but her husband, Mike, who’s come to provide moral support, is scared of needles. Also taking a tumble is Anne, who slipped on some grass outside work and has fractured her shoulder. Junior Doctor Ashleigh Trimble administers the pain relief to re-set it and Anne’s husband wants to know, ‘will she get home in time for Emmerdale?’ 90-year-old Barbra didn’t realise quite how icy the floor was and fell outside on the way to water her plants, banging her head and knocking herself out. Her neighbours come to the rescue, bringing her to casualty to be treated by Advanced Nurse Practitioner Cheryl Barnes. It makes the team reflect on the stoicism of the aging population, Cheryl comments, “They say, ’I didn’t want to put you out, I know you’re busy’, but you think, but that’s what we’re here for!’ And Volunteer Jane Allen keeps everyone smiling, seeing the bad weather as an opportunity to play a practical joke on Sister Kelly Smith.

  • Wednesday 12th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 12


Old School for Lazy Kids

Lazy Kid and party girl Caitlin, lives at the hotel of Mum and Dad. Working a full time job but wishing for the Kardashian lifestyle, she’s bothered more about her appearance and followers than helping out at home.
Caitlin is in for a bit of a shock when she’s sent from her cushty life to spend two days living with former teacher and proactive pensioner, Joan, 78.
This go-getting granny built a career out of turning directionless teenagers around and is hoping she can make an impression on Caitlin. Young Caitlin is about to get a good old-fashioned lesson in life. But she’s not coming quietly. Caitlin thinks the older generation “don’t really do anything”, spending their days knitting and going to church. After 48 hours of domestic chores, dog walking and work challenges, what can Caitlin learn from Joan, who’s seen it all before?

  • Wednesday 12th June, 9pm

  • 5Star

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***NEW*** Battle of the Super Eaters: 3000 calories a minute

This film follows three of Britain's top eaters as they complete food challenges against the clock, battle against each other, and strive for fame and fortune

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