Hoarder Homes: No Room To Move

House clearance experts the Dust Demons have been called in by the daughters of a lifelong hoarder to clear their Dad’s house. But the whole project is brought to an abrupt halt when the kitchen floor collapses revealing a flooded cellar below. 

In Kent, mother and daughter combo Judy and Melissa have filled their three bedroom bungalow with clutter. To make matters worse they had a clearance ten years ago, so this time round the Declutter Divas mean business. 

We revisit self-confessed skip dipper Jake Mangle-Wurzel, whose hoarding came at a hefty price. Having burnt his home down not once but twice, Jake had a visit from a Fire Prevention officer. But 18 months on, has Jake changed his ways?

  • Tuesday 15th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Food Unwrapped

Sunflowers, Rhubarb and Sugar Tax-

Food Unwrapped continues its mission to uncover fascinating food facts. This time Matt Tebbutt is in Argentina to learn why our sunflower seeds are so much pricier than those you'd give to our garden birds.  Amanda Byram heads to Yorkshire’s ‘rhubarb triangle’ where she’s plunged into darkness in her quest to learn about 'forced' rhubarb, and learns how this traditional pudding staple can grow without any light at all.  And Andi Oliver investigates the shocking truth about how much added sugar goes into some of our favourite takeaway milkshakes.

  • Monday 14th June, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts

Every day is a busy day at Barnsley Casualty.  But when the emergency red phone is ringing off the hook and ambulances are queuing round the block, it takes a special team of nurses to make sure all patients get the level of care they need. Sister Benita Wainwright is leading the team, a day that she describes as “Chaos. There are people everywhere. It’s hard going. But staff pull together and make sure patients are looked after.”


Taken straight into Resus with dangerously low blood sugar levels istwo-year-old Kaitlynn.  Caring for her is Paediatric Sister Kate Ellis who reveals what it feels like when a child is rushed in. “You feel sick and anxious about what’s about to happen, how ill is the child going to be, how are you going to help?”


Junior Doctor Alex Chatburn has a different take on emergency admissions.  For him it’s an opportunity to treat the most urgent patients. “If I’m not by the red phone when it calls, I feel annoyed. I want to do things that fix things”. His emergency patient is former Merchant Navy man, 88-year-old Bill, brought in with heart and breathing problems. Dr Chatburn enjoyed hearing about what Bill got up to during his many years of service overseas.


Junior Doctor Jake Mullen assesses 44-year-old Kay who arrives at the hospital with flu-like symptoms. He runs the risk of contracting a highly contagious strain of flu while treating her.


When the staff are rushed off their feet, Volunteer Jane Allen is on hand to make sure they are never far away from a nice cup of coffee. “Looking after the ones that look after us”.  

  • Wednesday 16th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Celebrity Gogglebox

Featuring a rolling cast of famous faces, Celebrity Gogglebox returns for a third series, as several of Britain's best loved personalities turn their hand to being the country's most opinionated viewers. From Saturday night entertainment juggernauts to the week's biggest news stories, and from hard-hitting documentary series to gritty drama, Celebrity Gogglebox offers sharp, insightful, funny and sometimes emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows, sparking debate and giving the audience the chance to share those 'we said that!' moments with some of their favourite celebrities.

  • Friday 18th June, 9pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 3


Naked Attraction’s Best Naughty Bits

Happy Endings

Everybody at Naked Attraction knows it’s a show that doesn’t beat around the bush, being the dating show that’s notorious for stripping back the clothes and the filters. So it’s time to have a romp through the X-rated archives and celebrate some of Naked Attraction’s very best naughty bits.


This episode is about the times the pickers got it spot on and chose their perfect date in the studio.  These are the success stories that led to romance, snogs and relationships success.  We also catch up with some of our most memorable pickers including Gemma and James who found love on the show and whose relationship is still going strong.


Episode Three - A rival GCHQ team have unearthed important information about Eternal Blue, the cyber weapon which the Russians have got their hands on. But to Jerry’s frustration, they won’t share the intel, which he needs to thwart the attack and more importantly further his own career and secure his path back to the NSA. So when he finds out that Joseph has a date with Charlotte, a colleague from the rival team at GCHQ Bude, he seizes the opportunity. Of course Joseph is oblivious to Jerry’s ulterior motives and being a dating novice jumps at the chance to get advice from Jerry, even if it means wearing an earpiece through the date.


Episode Four - It’s Harassment and Discrimination training day at CySec but all is not what is seems with the course leader, Hilary Bowen. It seems that alpha Jerry, who’s used to getting away with behaving how he wants with little consequence, may have met his match? Meanwhile Joseph finds himself missing out on a fire warden job to Evelyn, who didn’t even want the job. Is Christine using nepotism to get Evelyn out from under her feet?

  • Tuesday 15th June, 10pm

  • Sky One

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Fast Justice

The Sentinels are called on to carry out a series of dawn raids to bust a serious drug dealing operation. One team heads to Essex, where they break down a front door at 5am and arrest a man for drug offences. Searching his home for evidence turns up cannabis and luxury goods that could be the proceeds of crime. In Ipswich, a Sentinel team arrest another man and search a large commercial property, where they find all the equipment for an industrial scale cannabis farm.  


Later, a driver is pulled over who is more than happy to cooperate with The Sentinels. He insists he should be arrested at once and admits to possessing cocaine.  


On another day, a car carrying two men from out of town is pulled over in Ipswich. After a sniffer dog is let loose it uncovers a big secret – a stash of all kinds of drugs hidden under the gear stick and being smuggled into the county.  


And finally, the strange case of a decommissioned police car that’s been bought at auction by a civilian and driven around town. It still looks like a police car, but is it illegal? 

  • Sunday 13th June, 6pm

  • Dave

  • 9 of 10


Trucking Hell

In the small Surrey village of Fetcham, a 26-tonne water tanker is stuck on a narrow muddy lane next to the Parish Church. To get to the casualty vehicle, recovery op Merrie first needs to navigate her 32-tonne wrecker backwards down the tight lane. With the road’s integrity badly compromised by heavy showers, it is a horrible start to a difficult job. If Merrie can make it to the trapped tanker, there is no guarantee that she will be able to winch it out because it is submerged up to its front axle. 


On a busy section of the A4 in Chiswick, West London, a fully loaded eight-wheel tipper truck has rolled over on a busy roundabout, spilling its load across the carriageway. It is a dangerous obstruction on one of the capital’s key roads, so the pressure is on for Lantern Recovery Services to respond quickly and Sean is dispatched to the scene. As traffic squeezes past Sean singlehandedly attempts to right the rollover.


Meanwhile in Leicestershire, Crouch recovery op Buzz is forced to abandon his wrecker as he attempts to rescue a stranded skip lorry. The casualty vehicle has got stuck on a dirt track with overhanging trees blocking it from going forwards or back. Buzz needs to walk 300 meters to reach the lorry, and without his truck all Buzz can do is direct the driver as he attempts to reverse back the way he came. It is a fraught situation, verging on hopeless, and if Buzz can’t find a solution, he’ll be forced to call for back-up.

  • Thursday 17th June, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 10 of 12


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