A&E: After Dark

39-year-old Ricky arrives at hospital in an ambulance with serious injuries after falling through a glass window. His head is bleeding so severely that the medical team have to put constant pressure on his head to stem the flow. Dr. Zak Duthie is tasked with treating the patient, but when he speaks to Ricky about injecting pain relief, Ricky makes it very clear he doesn’t want any needles near him. Ricky has such a fear of needles that he tries to discharge himself from the hospital, and only his wife, and some policemen nearby, can convince him to stay. 

A patient arrives in hospital with four police officers after reportedly smashing up his Mum’s home. He’s abusive and aggressive to staff and police, and eventually has to wear a spit guard, after spitting at the officers in the hospital. Police want to check that the patient hasn’t overdosed so medical staff perform a toxicology report. If he’s given the all clear, he can return to custody and await trial.

Dr. Audrey Fox battles to save the life of a patient who has taken a drug overdose. The patient called the ambulance themselves, and when they arrived at hospital they were unconscious. Staff do all they can to revive the patient. 

56-year-old Colette suffered a deep laceration to her head after slipping on a pizza slice that had been left on the floor for the dog by husband Tony. The wound is so deep, that it requires the painful process of staples. 

Dr. Ben Rayner prepares his team for 19-year-old Ryan, who is arriving by ambulance after rolling his car four times when trying to avoid a deer. Ryan is complaining of injuries to his back, so the medical team take him for a CT to assess the potential injuries.

  • Monday 15th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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William and Kate: Too Good To Be True?

He was born heir to the throne, she was a commoner - but Prince William and Kate Middleton will one day be King and Queen Consort.

This film tells the story of their relationship, of Kate's entrance into royal life, and the highs and lows of the couple's popularity with the British public. How have they coped with conflicts and challenges in their lives - both together and separately? From the struggles faced by William after the death of his mother, Diana, to coping with the departure of Harry and Meghan from Royal duties. 

We hear insights into William's grooming as a future King, as far back as when he was a young child, find out what royal insiders thought of Kate's suitability as his wife and future consort, and chart their on-going apprenticeship as a couple in direct line to the throne.

At a time when the couple's popularity is resurgent as they co-ordinate the royal response to coronavirus and Prince Harry starts a new life thousands of miles away, this film will ask what their reign holds, and how they will shape the future of the British Royal family.

Trucking Hell

In the Midlands, a tipper truck has spun 180degrees and slid down a steep motorway embankment. This mammoth recovery job calls for a five-man team, two trucks and a crane. Heading the team, and with pressure to get the motorway lane open again, incident manager Steve needs all his experience to get the battered truck up and out of the bank. Meanwhile Michael has a tough day getting out of a tight spot on the M25. And Lee faces his biggest fear trying to locate a remote yard, before coming face to face with a stranded school bus.

  • Thursday 18th June, 9pm

  • Paramount

  • 12 of 20


Mirror Mirror

'You used to buy one cigarette from the ice cream van…’ We’re back in the hot seat for another episode eavesdropping on real people from across Scotland in their local hairdressers. This time we are talking about School, Mobiles, Keeping Up Appearances and The NHS. We hear from Ex and David in Maryhill about the best and worst experiences of going to school in Glasgow, X-Factor star Nicky tells Euan in Motherwell about his Gran’s hilarious mobile phone technique, whilst Ian explains to Mathew how phones have caused us to evolve with bigger thumbs and necks. Meanwhile Ashleigh and Debbie in Glasgow chat about heading off to Turkey for some cheaper new teeth. We end in Dundee with Lorraine tells Norrie about her recent experiences with the amazing NHS who worked tirelessly to save her partner.

  • Friday 19th June, 10:30pm

  • BBC Scotland

  • 3 of 12


What’s Funny About… with Peter Fincham and Jon Plowman

New to Radio 4 Extra, TV veterans Peter Fincham and Jon Plowman talk to the writers, producers, and performers behind Britain’s biggest TV comedy hits, and hear the inside story of how they brought their programmes to the screen. 

We’ll begin each week’s conversation by asking ourselves and our guests the same question: What’s Funny About… their show? 

In this episode, Peter and Jon talk to Hugh Bonneville and John Morton about W1A, their much loved satire of the BBC. They discuss where the idea for W1A came from (there is, you’ll be pleased to hear, a fold up bike involved). John reveals which BBC grandee offered his services when it came to researching the show. Hugh talks about the challenges of playing Ian Fletcher and Downton’s Earl of Grantham, often at the same time (and how it all actually helped the W1A team to prise a bit more cash out of the BBC!). And we hear what Ian Fletcher might be doing next.

  • Wednesday 17th June, 10:30pm

  • Radio 4 Extra

  • 6 of 6


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