Charles & The Women Who Could Have Been Queen

In 1969, Prince Charles challenged himself to find a bride by the age of 30. He missed his target by two years, and in 1981 married Lady Diana Spencer – but prior to that, he is rumoured to have romanced at least 20 women and proposed to two of them.

In a television interview, the 21-year-old Prince admitted that his future bride would have to be special to live up to the high expectations of duty and chastity demanded by the establishment and the media. In the terminology of the era, his lady-love was expected to be ‘virgo intacta’, but, as royal historians have observed, virgins were as rare as mermaids in Charles's social circle.

The tabloids took delight in reporting on the private lives of his girlfriends, and gleefully exposed all those who failed to meet the standard of chastity. Many of the women fought back against the intense media scrutiny, and some buckled at the prospect of becoming Charles's wife and future Queen Consort.

Charles is now happily married to Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he first met around 1971. This film revisits his early days with the Duchess of Cornwall as well as his courtship with Princess Diana. But who were the other women who could have been queen? Historians and journalists recall more of Charles's ‘significant others’, among them Lady Jane Wellesley – daughter of the Duke of Wellington, Lady Sarah Spencer – who would eventually go on to become his sister-in-law, and Anna Wallace – a devoted equestrian known as ‘Whiplash Wallace’ on account of her quick temper.

  • Saturday 19th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Gregg Wallace's Big Weekend Away

Gregg heads to the capital of the state of Bavaria to discover a city that has done more to shape our image of Germany than any other.  Over the course of 3 days he discovers what it means to be Bavarian and how important history, traditions and, of course, food is to that identity.


He gets stuck into pretzels, schnitzels and mountains of pork as he eats his way around the city.  But its also the iconic beer halls, Glockenspiel Clock and whip crackers that give Munich its vibe and Gregg gets stuck into those too!


Before he leaves the city Gregg is sure to take home a special souvenir…his very own set of lederhosen, a Bavarian icon!

  • Friday 25th June, 8pm

  • Channel 5

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Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts

At Barnsley Casualty the team clock on to a backlog of patients waiting to be transferred to wards.  With no beds across the entire hospital, Sister Jane Hawksworth is battling to prevent patients being on trolleys for the NHS maximum of 12 hours.  ‘It is stressful when somebody is coming up to 11 hours 36 - the pressure’s on.’


Advanced Nurse Practitioner Cheryl Barnes has a serious trauma case to look after. 59-year-old Derek could have serious internal injuries after the car he was working on collapsed onto his chest. Consultant Doctor Julian Humphrey rushes to help. ‘Someone who is brought to the department by car has not been packaged like an ambulance crew would package them, you have to start right from scratch and you don’t know what you are dealing with until you’ve assessed it.’ 


Also rushed into resus is 47-year-old Chris who is struggling to breathe with a collapsed lung. Junior Doctor Dean Maart needs to perform an urgent chest drain. He explains, ‘Collapsed lungs can lead to compromise of your blood pressure up to a point where you might end up with a cardiac arrest so it's critical to get that sorted as quickly as you can.’ 


In the hub Sister Jane’s worried people have missed meals and are now getting hungry so she puts in an emergency call to the canteen to bring urgent supplies.  


And in the middle of the mayhem, keen gardener Ged arrives with an agonising back injury. If Registrar Doctor Dan Bewick can’t get him walking again Ged could be added to the growing list of people needing a bed.

  • Wednesday 23rd June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Hoarder Homes: No Room To Move

In Mansfield Sue’s hoard is driving her family and grandchildren away and her husband Neil to distraction. Every room is crammed with clutter, including a room full of porcelain dolls . With Sue more interested in her dolls than her husband and family, this is the last chance for her to get her life back in order before the family unit breaks down once and for all. 


Bubbly actress Tricia lit up the screen with regular TV work in shows like Coronation Street and EastEnders in the 1980s. But as her acting work dried up, she found consolation in collecting.  With mounds of rubbish waiting to be cleared, Tricia knows this really is the last chance lottery as she goes to the heart of her hoarding problem.


Richard in Dorking is a world-famous hoarder, he’s been collecting copies of every daily newspaper for over four decades, but now aged 71, Richard is starting to think what to do with this massive collection that has filled the house, outbuildings and garden. Should he leave it to the nation, or could he cash in on his unique archive?

  • Tuesday 22nd June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • Episode 5


Celebrity Gogglebox

Featuring a rolling cast of famous faces, Celebrity Gogglebox returns for a third series, as several of Britain's best loved personalities turn their hand to being the country's most opinionated viewers. From Saturday night entertainment juggernauts to the week's biggest news stories, and from hard-hitting documentary series to gritty drama, Celebrity Gogglebox offers sharp, insightful, funny and sometimes emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows, sparking debate and giving the audience the chance to share those 'we said that!' moments with some of their favourite celebrities.


Episode Five

Christine informs Jerry that the Russians who are holding Mary’s mum hostage are demanding him in exchange for releasing her – as an instrumental part of the team who developed the cyber weapon they’ve got their hands on, his inside knowledge is vital to them. Jerry has hit rock bottom and can’t see a way out of the situation. But as his panic mounts, he orchestrates an elaborate plan to save Mary’s mum, thereby getting rid of the Russians’ leverage and saving his own skin. But it’s not straightforward and of course involves getting the rest of the team on board and going behind Christine’s back. Again. 


Episode Six

After successfully rescuing Mary’s mum from the Russians (and saving his own skin) Jerry is flying high, hailed a hero by GCHQ and the NSA and facing opportunities for promotion on both sides of the pond. Joseph, meanwhile, is dealing with the harsh reality of no longer being part of the team, having been fired by Christine for gross incompetence. As a final hurrah, he decides to host a party for the team at his flat – but whether it’s his leaving party or Jerry’s is still up for discussion, as Jerry weighs up the opportunities he’s now facing. Should he stay at GCHQ or return to the US, finally having cleared his name?

  • Tuesday 22nd June, 10pm

  • Sky One

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Fast Justice

The Sentinels lay a trap for a luxury car carrying a high value target: a man previously arrested for money laundering who’s driving while disqualified. But he fails to stop, and the cops find themselves in a high-speed chase, at night, on Suffolk’s streets. Knowing he can’t escape The Sentinels on the road, the man decides to make a break for it on foot. After a swift chase across a field, he’s caught. 


In Lowestoft, the team stop a man who says he’s an asylum seeker from Iraq, but parts of his story make no sense. After he tells them he has no money they find a large amount of cash in his pocket. Later, a couple are pulled over and claim they’ve just been into town for brunch, but are they hiding something? Expert local knowledge means The Sentinels aren’t convinced, and they know they’re onto something when they find what could be drug related paraphernalia in the car. 


And back in Ipswich, a car, possibly linked to drug supply, races off when The Sentinels spot it. Once they catch up, it turns out the driver doesn’t have a full licence and is driving on his own. He’s convinced he’s not breaking the law. Even when he ends up in the back of a police car, he claims he’s done nothing wrong.

  • Sunday 20th June, 6pm

  • Dave

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Trucking Hell

Martin leads four of the Lantern troops in an all-night rescue when a 44-tonne articulated lorry careers off the road, spilling fuel and its load across the road. With a serious risk of fire, and metal poles mangled beneath the cab, will three wreckers be enough to pull this beast free?


 Big chief Dave Crouch takes apprentice Olly under his wing when a delivery lorry gets stuck on a muddy private driveway. There’s no option for Olly to stand back and watch, as this is a hands-on rescue. With Dave at the helm, will this job prove to be a steep learning curve for 19-year-old Olly?


It’s an eerily quiet day on the roads for Merrie, and the mysterious mood continues when she is called out to a full water tanker stuck in an odd location on the verge of a dual carriageway. The question is, will her wrecker’s winch be a match for this 32-tonne tanker, and get it home and dry?

  • Thursday 24th June, 9pm

  • Paramount

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Dragons' Den

More plucky entrepreneurs prepare to enter the Den - but it won’t be easy to impress the toughest titans of industry Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani, Sara Davies and former Dragon Theo Paphitis, who’s standing in for Peter Jones. 


Hoping to strike a deal is a musical-inventor with his drumming training device, an LA-born entrepreneur with her culinary alcohol product range and a first-aid demonstration by four children who hope to boost their parents’ chance of investment. Finally, a prototype shoe mechanism is sized up by the Dragons, but do they think the entrepreneurs’ substantial expenditure on patents was a step in the wrong direction?

  • Thursday 24th June, 9pm

  • BBC One

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