Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

In this episode of Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords in Lancashire, letting agent Paul Ainsworth Lord is called to a house share after fighting, alleged weed-smoking and partying frightens one housemate from the property. Paul investigates and establishes the source of the problem is a young couple who have only recently left home. After informally asking them to leave, Paul then changes his mind as the couple appeal to stay.  But as things in the house go from bad to worse, will Paul come to regret his decision?

IT Sales consultant, Dale manages his elderly mother’s property. But far from providing the steady in retirement, the property’s tenant is £10,000 in arrears. With debts piling up, Dale must evict not only the tenant, but also her various family members she has since welcomed into the house. With help from Paul Shamplina, Dale successfully evicts the tenant. To his surprise, finds himself sympathetic toward her, knowing she has nowhere else to go.

After leaving the management of her South London flat to an allusive letting agent, who took her money and then disappeared, landlady, Blair is confronted with a disgruntled tenant who she has never met. He claims he too is the victim of the scam and refuses to leave or pay. Feeling increasingly intimidated by the tenant’s aggressive behaviour, Blair turns to eviction lawyer Chris Sharpe, who looks to evict him through the courts.

Harrow Housing Enforcement agents Andrew and Jo find a suspected unlicensed house in multiple occupation overcrowded and in gross disrepair. After tracking down the landlord, the agents take mercy and allow him to spend his £5000 fine on repairing the property, in the hope he will turn into a nice family home. But will the landlord be as good as his word?

  • Monday 25th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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***NEW*** Eating Ourselves to Death

The obesity epidemic is becoming a crisis. It currently kills more people than road traffic accidents, terrorist attacks and Alzheimer’s disease combined.

For 27 year old Darren in Middlesbrough, who is super morbidly obese his weight is now a matter of life and death, literally. Weighing in at 40 stone, Darren eats a massive 11,000 calories a day, over 4 times the recommended daily amount. This has led to serious heart complications that requires a vital operation. The only problem is, surgeons fear his huge weight will mean he won’t survive the surgery. We follow Darren on his journey to lose weight as the clock is ticking.

Mum of two Alice in Newark-on-Trent has struggled with her weight all her life, now tipping the scales at 35 stone she is worried that she may not live to see her children grow up. Alice has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a disease that has already devastated her family, with her father losing a leg and turning blind as a result of the condition. But unable to change her ways, will an ultimatum from husband Mark give her the jolt she needs to turn her life around?

In Falkirk 41 year old Alex’s life has been destroyed by his food addiction. A victim of abuse as a child Alex turned to food as an escape but found himself walking into another trap. Now a virtual recluse, he needs a cocktail of drugs every day just to keep himself alive. Alex hates what he sees in the mirror but lacks the motivation to change it. Ex-boyfriend Ben is worried that Alex is eating himself to death, can he step in in time to break his downward spiral?

With Britain now the fattest nation in Western Europe with over 30,000 people dying every year as a result of obesity it’s a problem we all need to take seriously

Impossible Builds

This episode follows a vintage car collector who is building a pioneering kit home to house his ten classic cars. 

Wolfgang Rauch is never happier than when he is cruising around the leafy lanes of Surrey in one of his classic cars. But after amassing an impressive ten cars, he is now in desperate need of a place to bring his collection together. He wants to build a dual-purpose property: to house his cars and with the flexibility to be converted into a large, sustainable family home in the future. But Wolfgang lives in the greenbelt so finding a viable plot and gaining planning permission is virtually impossible.
Fortunately Wolfgang has spotted a disused coal yard on the market, which can be built on as it has been previously developed. To satisfy the tight building regulations, he has to opt for an energy efficient ‘kit’ house, prefabricated in two different factories and built around a flexible steel skeleton. But pioneering the latest ‘carbon neutral’ technology comes at a cost. The schedule and budget soon begin to spiral out of control and it’s not long before the complexity of the project pushes the build team to their limits.

  • Tuesday 26th June, 9pm

  • More4

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Casualty 24/7

It’s a busy day in Barnsley Hospital’s casualty department and one that holds a special significance forNurse Jade Melia-it’s her last shift. Auxiliary Nurse Mike Fiedoris determined to arrange a good send-off and sets himself the mission of getting her leaving card signed by all the staff.
Junior Doctor George Kay’s first patient is 66-year-old George who is rushed in by ambulance, struggling to breathe. Dr Kay is very concerned about him, ‘elderly patients are generally very stoical,they don’t want to come to hospital and they don’t want to trouble anyone, but they are potentially some of the sickest patients we see.’Over in Paediatrics, Registrar Dr Nick Mani is seeing 9-month-old Marcus. His Mum was worried when she found him extremely lethargic with a very high temperature. In order to distract Marcus from his examination, Dr Mani employs his secret weapon – an elephant finger puppet .Physio Jovan Dragic assesses 90-year-old Audrey who has returned to casualty 3 days after her lastvisit. She’s fallen off a chair in the hospital restaurant and banged her head. Physio Jovan, who’s also a bodybuilder, admits, ‘I don’t look like your normal-looking health care professional. I’m actually quite a lot softer than I might appear.’ In another of the 30 treatment bays is 72-year-old Thomas. He cut his head open on a kitchen cupboard when he bent down to stroke his dog and stood up too quickly. Advanced Nurse Practitioner Richard Jackson is on hand to glue him back together. And Thomas isn’t the only person to fall foul of a four-legged friend. Nurse Jade’s final task is caringfor trauma patient, 29-year-old Kev, who tripped over his dog falling down a full flight of stairs. The team need to assess how seriously he has damaged his back

  • Wednesday 26th June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of 12


Old School for Lazy Kids

18 year old Maisie is a receptionist for a logistics company in Essex. Her job pays for her to party and glam up for the weekends.  Lazy Maisie, who does absolutely nothing around the house, spends 48 hours with ex teacher and now retired Chris, 76, from Lincolnshire. Proactive pensioner Chris wants unambitious Maisie to think seriously about her future and her career. So she has a few things up her sleeve to get the 18 year old re-evaluating her life. Question is, will Maise take Chris’s wise words on board?

  • Wednesday 26th June, 9pm

  • 5STAR

  • 4 of 4


***NEW*** Abandoned Engineering

Within their crumbling structures are the echoes of history. These locations around the world are all reminders of extraordinary events, but also human ingenuity, spirit and endeavour. Each haunted shell is now ready to be unmasked to tell its own unique story…

A settlement in Argentina has been destroyed by floods. A town in the US erased from history. A Soviet dream town and a nuclear disaster. An extraordinary empty mountain village in Italy. And a ghostly deserted town in Namibia, flooded with sand. Each now a ghost town, but how and why were they ever built at all, and why are they now left abandoned?

  • Thursday 27th June, 8pm

  • Yesterday

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The Crystal Maze

Maze master Richard Ayoade is convinced that all successful teams entering the maze are captained by women. Will presenter Anita Rani be the first to fail spectacularly? She's got a team of proven winners to help her maintain Richard's spurious stat with four-time Sports Presenter of the Year Jeff Stelling, multi-gold Paralympic medallist Hannah Cockcroft and Celebrity Hunted winner and Strictly dancer AJ Pritchard, all lending a hand. Oh and actor and comedian Tom Rosenthal, who has never won anything... but he might! Tune in to find out!

  • Friday 28th June, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 6


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