Lost Pyramids of the Aztecs

The Aztecs ruled one of the most powerful civilisations ever seen in the Americas. They were ruthless warriors and ingenious engineers, who conquered a huge territory and built towering pyramids and ambitious civil engineering projects using manpower alone. But after just 200 years their vast empire was wiped out by Spanish invaders, and their cities and monuments were destroyed.

Today many of the Aztecs’ secrets lie buried underneath Mexico City. Now archaeologists are digging deeper than ever before to find out who the Aztecs were and how they built their remarkable empire. In this episode, archaeologists begin a pioneering experiment to build a replica Aztec pyramid, investigate the mysterious pyramid ruins being unearthed in the heart of Mexico city and venture deep inside a set of hidden tunnels below a vast pyramid that had been lost for centuries.

  • Sunday 21st June, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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Make Me Famous

Tom Brittney, Amanda Abbington, Aiysha Hart, Nina Sosanya, Emma Rigby, Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge and Tilly Keeper star in Make Me Famous, a new 60- minute drama written by Reggie Yates, which explores the impact and consequences of fast fame on reality TV contestants.

When Billy (Tom Brittney) succeeds in impressing the producers of a fictional constructed-reality show, he believes his life is set to change forever.

A year after the show has aired, while some of Billy's co-stars' careers are thriving, Billy struggles to balance the afterglow of fame, social media and tabloid kiss & tells, and the resulting assumptions people have made about his character - forcing deep vulnerabilities to the surface.

Can Billy escape the reputation that now precedes him?

Produced by Expectation, Make Me Famous is the latest in BBC Three's strong heritage of highly acclaimed single dramas, which sensitively explore current social issues that affect young audiences.

  • Thursday 25th June, 9pm

  • BBC One

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King George VI: The Accidental King

Albert Frederick Arthur George Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was not born to be King, that role was for his elder brother Edward. If anything, Albert was ill-suited to the role; shy, reticent, lonely and affected by a stammer from childhood. And yet, his father said of him "I pray God that my eldest son will never marry and that nothing will come between Bertie and Lilibet and the throne." 

This documentary examines how that shy and unimpressive boy went on to become a national inspiration in Britain's darkest days during the Second World War. How did key relationships shape who he became? His brother's longing for personal happiness ahead of duty forced Albert to become King George VI, but would he have succeeded in this position without the devotion of his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon? 

George VI was determined to return the monarchy to a state of steadfast stability after the brief reign of his brother Edward. His lasting legacy is seen to this day in the role his daughter Elizabeth plays as a devoted monarch to her subjects.

A&E: After Dark

A patient is rushed to hospital by ambulance suffering a cardiac arrest. Dr. Zac Duthie and his team are tasked with saving the patient’s life. Each team member takes it in turns to perform CPR on the patient in a desperate attempt to revive the pulse. If a pulse isn’t found soon, the team will have to take the difficult decision to stop.

The hospital security team are called to reception after a man is found passed out on the floor. As a suspected drug user, the team carefully search his pockets and find needles and drug paraphernalia. Once the needles are disposed of, it’s up to the medical team to revive the patient.  Security also have to deal with a loud and abusive patient who is causing disruption on majors. 

Sixty-eight year-old former firefighter Stephen was watching television at home with his wife when he started to lose his breath and eventually turned blue and passed out. When he arrived at hospital, Dr. Biju Cherian quickly discovered that Stephen has a pre - existing lung condition that makes it very hard for the patient to breath. But once the blood test results come back, Dr. Cherian has to break the news to the patient that he has sepsis, an infection that causes more deaths than cancer. 

Ex-factory worker Claude fell over and banged his head after drinking alcohol. He’s adamant he’s fine, but medical staff are concerned about a brain injury. But Claude is determined to discharge himself.

Twenty-seven year-old Miles was cycling along the road, and fell off his bike after swerving to avoid a child. He arrived in hospital in agony, and with a visible displacement to his arm. Dr. Chris Srinivasan assesses the patient and takes him for an X-ray to determine if an operation is needed. 

  • Monday 22nd June, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Mirror Mirror

Real stories from across the country as told to their local hairdressers. In this episode, we’re talking Dogs, The Afterlife, On The Box and Fear. We hear from Carly and Debbie in Shetland about Debbie’s once in a lifetime experience as a teenager when she sneaked off to go to the legendary ‘60s Woodstock music festival. Jordan tells Tony in Glasgow about the cute puppy he adopted that turned into a horse. Whilst Fraser in Dunfermline plots out to Kevin, his newest dog based money-making scheme and Lisa tells Karen in Dundee about her obsession with zombies. We end up in Glasgow with Melanie, as Irene explains her positive outlook and joie de vivre despite living with a terminal illness.

  • Friday 26th June, 10:30pm

  • BBC Scotland/BBC iPlayer

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Trucking Hell

Rescue Operative Lee races to recover a lorry with a ruptured fuel tank on a busy stretch of the M1.  With fuel potentially slicked across live lanes, Lee’s dicing with danger as he works inches from speeding traffic that could skid and plough into him at any moment. Recovery driver Sean is faced with a thorny problem when he tries to recover an SUV that’s skidded on black ice and ended up 20 foot down a ditch, wedged in dense shrubbery. Meanwhile Stig’s faced with a dilemma when a delivery driver reverses into a boggy field and gets stuck in mud and his attempts at using a tree to help with the recovery result in disaster. Petrol head rookie Danny B gets to play with the big boys when he takes part in a convoy with his small wrecker affectionately known as the Tonka Toy.

  • Thursday 25th June, 9pm

  • Paramount

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