Food Unwrapped's Breakfast Buffet

Put the coffee on and join the team for a celebration of the best morning time feasts. Matt Tebbutt visits a cereal factory to uncover how cereals keep their crunch. Kate Quilton finds out why some egg yolks are more yellow than others, and ifs it’s really worth paying extra for them. Briony May Williams goes in search of the ultimate bacon butty and Amanda Byram visits the largest dairy company in the UK to get the low down on the shelf life of milk. 

  • Monday 27th June, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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The Andrew Neil Show

The UK's pre-eminent political interviewer continues with his brand-new live politics show. The Andrew Neil Show breaks free from the established Sunday circuit, conducting forensic, extended interviews with decision-takers and news-makers from across the political spectrum. Andrew gives his individual take on the biggest issues of our times; as well as A-list analysis, commentary and debate from a regular cast of contributors. Invaluable insight from all angles and perspectives: free, fair, impartial and considered. The week ahead starts here.

  • Sunday 26th June, 6pm

  • Channel 4

  • 8 of 10


Emergency Nurses: A+E Stories

Healthcare Assistant, Tamzin’s personal touch works a treat, as she receives an offer from 96-year-old Monica (who’s had a nasty fall at home). Monica wants Tamzin to move in and be her full time nurse. But Tamzin needs to remain at Northwick Park and soak up all the experience she can to stand her in good stead for her nursing degree application - including a lesson on how to take a patient's blood. But back on the ward - has she picked up the technique well enough to treat patients solo?  

Senior Staff Nurse Lou, and best mate and colleague RJ spend their downtime playing badminton. But it’s not all fun and games, as Lou breaks the news that he’s considering a job abroad in the US which would mean leaving behind his friends and colleagues. Back in Resus, Lou is the first to pick up the Red phone and take the case of 63-year-old Epifania, who has a high fever and is showing signs of suspected meningitis. If found positive, the infection can produce swelling on the brain, affect the nervous system and prove fatal. To put her at ease - Lou is able to speak his native Filipino language with Epifana, informing her family that she is being well looked after.  

Ruth runs a busy night shift as the Senior Staff nurse in charge of resus, whilst also looking after her own patients. Nothing fazes Ruth, but she’s tested when treating 22-year-old Ferhan who’s accidentally drunk the sulfuric acid he was using to clean his motorbike, causing serious burns to his mouth, oesophagus and airway. The team needs to act instantly as Ferhan’s airway could close up and cut off his air supply, and there’s the potential for multiple organ failure if the acid has reached his stomach. 

Meanwhile, In HDU, Staff nurse Remica and Doctor Nikita treat 61-year-old Brenda who’s had a 12 hour nose bleed… and Staff nurse Claire treats 85-year-old Colin - who after passing out whilst watching the cricket - has a dangerously high heart rate. Now over 100bpm faster than average, Claire is concerned that the powerful medication he’s received has done nothing to stabilise his accelerated pulse. The team must find an answer fast, as there’s a danger of heart failure if the condition continues…  

  • Sunday 26th June, 8pm

  • ITV2

  • 3 of 10


River Cottage Reunited

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's iconic series is back to inspire viewers with his grow-your-own, back-to-nature food philosophy. In this post-pandemic era, with more and more of us embracing wild places, local produce, and seeking to move towards a more natural, plant-led diet, Hugh returns to the very ethos he's championed since the first River Cottage shows over two decades ago. As we emerge from two years of lockdowns, re-evaluating our lifestyles and relationship to nature and wellbeing, Hugh reopens the doors of River Cottage HQ, in the stunning countryside of east Devon. Spring becomes summer, as Hugh and his talented team of foraging and fermenting chefs and gardeners celebrate the bounties of the seasonal harvest. Plants are much to the fore, but as well as tending the garden, River Cottage is looking after hens, piglets and baby goats. And with the help of his local butcher, Hugh is kick-starting a campaign to protect our woodlands by getting more venison on our plates. Throughout the series, Hugh shows how to grow, prepare and cook fresh and exciting food, using anything from the fruit and veg in the garden, wild ingredients in the hedgerows and woods, sea vegetables on the shore, and fish and shellfish out at sea. River Cottage regulars such as forager John Wright and fire-cook Gill Meller, are on hand with advice to help and inspire, and Hugh meets a range of experts introducing us to exciting ideas such as natural bee keeping, fermenting original drinks, and even making sourdough crumpets. River Cottage is at the cutting edge of a more climate-friendly way of eating and highlights how to source more sustainable ingredients. The series also emphasises the need to clean up our rivers to promote biodiversity and enjoy the health benefits of wild swimming.


  • Monday 27th June, 9pm

  • More 4

  • 2 of 4


Swipe, Match, Murder: The Disappearance of Grace Millane

This is the inside story of the team of officers tasked with catching the killer of British backpacker Grace Millane and how her attacker Jesse Kempson was brought to justice. In December 2018 Grace was murdered in New Zealand by Kempson - who she met on Tinder. This series explores how her death resonated globally and raised questions about the use of victim-blaming in cases of violence against women. Featuring access to the lead detectives, CCTV material that captured the date itself, the police interviews with Kempson and court footage during the murder trial. This special paints a portrait of a vibrant young woman at the start of her life, with everything to look forward to. One night out in Auckland New Zealand, a Tinder date ends with her disappearance. 

We follow the initial police investigation and the examination of hours of CCTV footage featuring Grace and Kempson that tracked their every move on the night they met. The officers on the frontline give first-hand accounts of their efforts to trace Kempson and through the interview footage recount how they gradually unpicked his story and discovered the horrific truth. The police intensify their investigation and continue to gather evidence against Kempson. Interviews with his step-brother and a former girlfriend build a detailed picture of Kempson and his misogynist brutality. We cover the eventual court case and explore the issue of how Grace’s character was put on trial and the impact that this had on compounding the grief for her family.   

  • Tuesday 28th June, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Mind Matters, 5 News

At a time when we are all more mindful about our mental health, Dr Sian Williams combines her decades of journalistic experience with her psychological skills in this fortnightly feature on 5 News and debuting tonight on 5 News Podcast. Her guests share their mental health challenges and the lessons they've learned. This week Jay Blades talks to Dr Sian about a time in his life when he was at his most vulnerable.

  • Wednesday 29th June, 5pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Sarah Beeny's Little House, Big Plans

In this new series, property expert Sarah Beeny and award-winning architect Damion Burrows meet those who are brave enough to take on the challenge of converting their small living spaces into bigger places. Little House Big Plans reveals that no matter how small your home or tight your budget, you can create your own grand design.

In this episode, novice DIY-er’s Chrissy and Nick from Poole jumped into the property market when they bought a pokey three bed 1930s outdated semi. They want to create more space by reconfiguring the area to create an open plan kitchen/diner. But with their budget spent they are attempting to finance their renovations from pay cheque to pay cheque. In London, Damion visits Graham and Stephen who had big plans to bring the outside in. They transformed their Victorian terrace into a modern spacious home with an indoor garden. Damion also meets Alex and Lise from Plymouth – their supersized plan was to transform their three-bed bungalow into a seven bedroom, three floored home with the help of a modular building company.

  • Thursday 30th June, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 4 of 6


Trucking Heavy

Trucking Heavy is an observational documentary series following the work of Allelys, who are one of the leading multimodal logistics and specialist projects providers in the country. In this series, we follow their team and the equipment they use as massive objects are moved from A to B against the odds, thanks to ingenious engineering and impressive planning. In Lincolnshire, 36-year-old heavy haulage veteran Steve Moss’s two-day mission is to deliver a 60-tonne reel of electrical cable for an ambitious green energy scheme. 

Carefully positioning his 60-tonne bespoke trailer, which is longer than a diplodocus dinosaur and about as agile, the hefty load has to confirm its conductivity by having 10,000 volts of electricity sent through it. 

Supported front and rear by his team and under police escort, Steve takes on all manner of man-made obstacles. A humpback bridge, a railway crossing and overhead phone cables could all bring this oversized convoy to a halt. After overcoming these challenges, trouble arrives in the form of a swan! 

Cue former chicken farmer and support driver Roger Morris. If anyone can wrangle a piece of posh poultry safely off the road it should be him. With no time for swanning around, Roger swiftly clears the bird from the road and the reel can finally reach its destination. 

Then after two false starts solved with grease and some gentle persuasion, Roger remotely controls the unspooling of the cable from the mechanised trailer in perfect unison with the construction site’s winch. 

Meanwhile in Warwickshire, the ‘Golden Boys’, a three-tonne statue of the fathers of the steam age, needs taking to its new home in the second city’s Centenary Square. But James Watt and his colleagues can’t go anywhere without being precisely loaded, because for these boys to remain golden, not a single fleck of gold leaf can be damaged in transit. 

Former Birmingham bus driver Dave Hemmings navigates low-hanging trees to arrive with the statue in one piece. And despite having a centre of gravity to challenge any crane op, precision slinging and careful lifting eventually has the Golden Boys sitting firmly on their plinth. Job done. 

  • Thursday 30th June, 9pm

  • 5Action

  • 3 of 10


This Is MY House

This Is MY House is the game show where four people all claim to own the same house but only one of them is telling the truth, the other three are liars. The player who manages to sway a celebrity panel and get picked as the real homeowner at the end of the show wins a cash prize. The celebrity panel trying to find the real homeowner this week are Judi Love, Richard Madeley, Harry Hill and MIST.

This episode takes place in a nine bedroom Georgian mansion house which is home to the real Rohini and three visiting imposters who all maintain they own the property. The real Rohini has an enviable property complete with an ice room, a pirate room, a yoga studio and an indoor beach.

The real Rohini runs her property as a yoga and alternative therapy retreat, but there is a bit of friction between the Rohinis as one reveals she’s really just in it for the money. Up in the pirate room, one of the Rohinis maintains that a broken window was caused by a small flying potato, while another says that a fireplace in the house cost £24,000. All of the Rohinis demonstrate their alternative therapies, which range from spinning on the spot to clucking like a chicken. 

As the celebrity panel are invited to watch a series of videos in the studio, they must glean as many clues as possible and try not to fall for the imposters’ porkies. 

The panel must align their chakras to intuit which of the Rohinis is the real homeowner, attempting to pick her out at the end of the episode. 

  • Friday 1st July, 8.30pm

  • BBC One

  • 4 of 9


Celebrity Gogglebox Pride Special

Showing as part of Channel 4's season of landmark programmes and specials marking 50 years of Pride in the UK, reflecting on the incredible achievements and challenges of advancing LGBTQ+ rights and visibility over the last half century. Featuring a rolling cast of famous faces, several of Britain's best-loved personalities turn their hand to being opinionated viewers for a fourth series of Celebrity Gogglebox. From Saturday night entertainment juggernauts to the week's biggest news stories, and from hard-hitting documentary series to gritty drama, Celebrity Gogglebox offers sharp, insightful, funny and sometimes emotional critiques of popular and topical TV shows, sparking debate and giving the audience the chance to share those 'we said that!' moments with some of their favourite celebrities.

  • Friday 1st July, 8.30pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 1


The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan

Bigger, better and now double BAFTA award-winning, the critically acclaimed The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan continues its third series. Fronted by comedy superstar and multi-award-winning Mo Gilligan, The Lateish Show puts the fun back into Friday nights.

  • Friday 1st July, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 6 of 8


Apocalypse Wow

Hosted by Arielle Free and Donna Preston (as ‘The Mistress’) this epic returning celebrity gameshow sees Luke Kempner, Samira Mighty, David Potts and new recruit Yasmin Evans take on the terrifying Superhuman Bosses – including mythical arrow lobbing maniac Cupid and the owner of Britain’s biggest biceps – in a series of battles in the “Torture Dome”.

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