***NEW*** Teacher's Pet: Groomed At School

In the last five years in the UK over 200 teachers have been banned from teaching for inappropriate sexual contact with their students. Teacher’s Pet: Groomed at School reveals the shocking stories of teenage students who were groomed and exploited by their teachers. This film hears from three survivors, two women and a man, who were abused by those in a position of trust.

When Rachel Rounds was just 13-years-old her father died tragically. Her teacher Graham Wilcock initially appeared to offer her emotional comfort and support but in fact, he was grooming her for a sexual relationship. Rachel suffered the damaging repercussions of her teacher’s abuse throughout her ’20s and ’30s which ultimately led to an unsuccessful attempt at suicide. It was only then she found the courage to bring him to justice. 

Over 40 years ago young student Graham Caveney was the pride of his town when he won a place at his local catholic grammar school. The headmaster, Father Kevin O’Neil, took the young boy under his wing - but it soon became clear he had sinister motives. It led to years of alcoholism for Graham before he was able to fully come to terms with the abuse he had suffered. 

Lisa was 12 when a new music teacher began working at her school. They formed a close bond over their shared love of music, but the 27-year-old man betrayed his young student’s trust. He began an abusive relationship with her that would last nearly seven years and span the entire globe. 

  • Monday 1st July, 9pm

  • 5Star

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***NEW*** Horizon: Britain's Next Air Disaster? Drones

In the wake of the disruption at Gatwick last December, high-risk specialist Aldo Kane investigates the scale of the threat that drones pose to UK airspace and airports - from rogue hobbyists to terrorist attacks. He explores what technology is out there that governments and the aviation industry can turn to keep the skies safe.

  • Monday 1st July, 9:30pm

  • BBC Two

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***NEW*** The Great Gardening Challenge

The Great Gardening Challenge pits some of the best professional garden designers from across the UK against each other in a competition to find the best pair.   Presented by Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin, the show sees the professionals compete, as they take under-used and under-loved spaces and in just 48 hours, and on a budget, create gardens that will transform the lives of truly deserving recipients – from war veterans to care homes for the disabled, hospitals to dementia sufferers. We see first-hand not just the skill of our competitors – but the many ways in which a beautiful garden can touch and improve the lives of everyone.  At the end of each show only one garden team can be victorious, as their gardens are judged by two acclaimed garden gurus and multi award winners, Carol Klein and Mark Gregory. 

This week’s heat sees a pair of established designers taking on a less experienced up and coming pair, as they’re challenged to deliver amazing spaces on a budget of £5000, for a community park in Norris Green, Liverpool.  Friends Sue Spout and Dean Bolton-Grant from Harrogate in Yorkshire both own their own garden businesses and between them have decades of experience and include royalty amongst the people they’ve worked for.  Despite living opposite sides of the country Tamara Bridge and Kate Savill have collaborated on a number of show gardens since winning medals for young garden designer of the year.  Faced with designing gardens for an open public area that has in the past been neglected and suffered from vandalism what type of gardens will the designers create?  And who will be victorious?

  • Tuesday 2nd July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Casualty 24/7

The doors to Barnsley Casualty never shut and that means no let up for the staff who manage the 250 patients who enter through them every day. Sister Jane Hawksworth is managing the ambulance arrivals, ‘It’s so unpredictable and you can have the worst day ever and think nothing can compare to it and then come back and have another worst day ever. And then gradually the days will get better.’ 
Registrar Dr Nick Mani is prepared for all eventualities, ‘working in Emergency medicine is a bit like climbing a mountain, the weather can change quickly, one minute it could be sunny and you’re having a laugh and then all of a sudden the weather can change from bad to worse, and you have to be on your toes and ready for that.’ He takes an emergency call from paramedics with a critically ill one-day old baby on board. Also rushed in by ambulance is 44-year-old Simon. His foot was run over by a mini-digger while he was installing cables on the roads. And there’s some friendly local rivalry when Simon, who’s from Pontefract in West Yorkshire, thinks the Barnsley accent sounds funny. 
Hilary is seeking treatment following a surprising reaction to a beauty treatment. She’s seen by Advanced Nurse Practitioner Cheryl Barnes who shares her own story about how a personal tragedy motivated her to get into nursing. And Sister Jane Hawksworth is amazed to meet one of her heroes, Dickie Bird. The Barnsley legend and world’s most famous cricket umpire is in casualty for a follow up appointment. Volunteer Jane Allen is busy making strawberry jam sandwiches and there’s debate among all the staff about who has the best uniform. 

  • Wednesday 3rd July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

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Abandoned Engineering

A seemingly endless concrete line stretching through the French countryside sits as a monument to a discarded engineering advancement. An extraordinary building with a bright, decorative exterior that was constructed for a macabre purpose in China. A small facility concealed underground near London houses a chilling cold war past. And a towering circular structure looming over hidden underground tunnels in Poland. What are they? Why were they built? And why have they been abandoned? 

  • Thursday 4th July, 8pm

  • Yesterday

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The Crystal Maze

In this episode of the Crystal Maze, comedian Vic Reeves, reality TV’s Ferne McCann, former cricketer Graeme Swann, comedian Susan Calman and their team captain team captain Nancy Sorrell go on a wild ride through the four zones. Complete with the obligatory lock ins, recriminations and reconciliations it’s all to play (and watch) for.

  • Friday 5th July, 8pm

  • Channel 4

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