The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan


For years all that most people in Britain have heard about Ethiopia is famine. And drought. And Bob Geldof singing about famine and drought. Now comedian Romesh Ranganathan is heading to East Africa to discover if this reputation is justified. Is Ethiopia really a food starved dust bowl? Or, will he find a warm welcome and place of unique natural beauty there?

Met by local anthropologist, Mike Tamerat, Romesh heads on a journey across this vast country, visiting ancient rock churches, scientific oddities, Rastafarians and camels to get a unique insider’s guide.

Along the way he experiences local wellness treatments that he worries will damage his reproductive capacity, an eye cleansing doctor and traditional rhyming jazz musicians who have a lot of fun insulting him in front of an audience.

But as he tries to get to grips with the country, he also encounters a side to Ethiopia that makes him question its undoubted beauty and fun – an oppressive political regime that has resulted in decades of turmoil and a country that stands on the brink of change.

Bob Geldof wanted to feed the world and asked if they know it’s Christmas time. Ethiopians do know it’s Christmas time – they have one of the largest Christian populations in the world. But will he find any food? And beyond his stomach, will he find anything worth traveling there for?

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Lifelong friends and comedic royalty Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer have more in common than just their love of laughter – on a more serious note, they have both suffered complex heart disease. 

Paul is an experienced fisherman, Bob, a complete novice. Paul thought a tour of the country’s finest fishing spots might help Bob’s recovery, and along the way maybe they’d learn something about each other. 

In this funny and poignant new six-part series, we eavesdrop on their expedition as they re-connect with each other and share their personal experiences of life, while testing the parameters of true friendship. 

They also fish, and talk nonsense. A lot. 

On soggy riverbanks, they candidly discuss everything from show business to solitude, relationships and romance, while trying to catch some of the most significant species of fish in the country. This is as much an insight into the hearts and minds of two of the UK’s best loved comics as it is about capturing the extreme exhilaration and occasional monotony of one of the most popular past times in the UK.

Episode four - Roach

Paul and Bob fish the beautiful river Wensum in search of the equally beautifully Roach. Struggling up and down the riverbanks, they realise how age is starting to take its toll on their physicality. But Bob has a plan to help Paul recapture his youth.

Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords

On this week’s Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords, Harrow Council are faced with a family who are living in terrible conditions and their landlord, who is very reluctant to do any work. Fabielli Carrazedo and her family have been forced into sleeping in one room due to the leaks coming through the roof. Despite the landlord and managing agent being alerted to the problems by Ms Carrazedo and Harrow Council they are very reluctant to complete all the works and have instead served the family an eviction notice. With nowhere to go or family nearby the family are worried about their future.

Magazine Director Daniel Chira thought his property in Romford was in safe hands with a local managing agent, however not even a year into the tenancy and it has gone from bad to worse. The agency has now stopped paying rent, despite having guaranteed it in the contract. Daniel is tired with the false promises of rent and, with communication proving ineffective, he has instructed Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action to try and recover his property and missing rent. Forced to confront them face to face, Daniel is determined to get some answers and his house back.

An early morning raid in North London exposes a property that is severely overcrowded. Brent Council investigate as over twenty men are found living in a four bedroom bungalow, with some even sleeping in the kitchen and pantry. Despite the living situations the tenants are not revealing who they are paying the rent to, which makes it difficult for the council to ascertain who is responsible.

In Birmingham, Landlord Amrit Sawan is having to evict his troublesome tenants from his five bedroom property. The tenants owe thousands of pounds, having not paid their full rent for over a year. Despite being given a home that was newly refurbished the tenants are claiming that there is mass disrepair, which is the fault of the landlord. With communication having broken down and no rent forthcoming Amrit has called in lawyer Chris Sharpe to help regain possession back of his property back.

  • Thursday 12th July, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • 10 of 16


Trucking Hell

With rush hour approaching a broken down four by four towing a cutting edge caravan presents a problem for recovery legend Jim – he may have seen it all, but he’s never seen this. A local council’s waste truck is involved in a seven car motorway pile up leaving the driver shaken, the truck in trouble and Fluff doing his best to shift one of the heaviest loads his vehicle can lift. Marta, Fluff’s girlfriend, is called to a stranded truck in a quarry, with no power steering it’s a real challenge to squeeze the vehicle safely onto the back of her 19m flatbed truck – but she impresses the stranded driver who has never seen a woman doing this job before!

  • Thursday 12th July, 9pm

  • 5Spike

  • 9 of 10


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