***NEW*** London's Great Bridges: Lighting the Thames

Architectural Designer Charlie Luxton goes behind the scenes to look at the work of The Illuminated River Foundation who are responsible for a £45 million project to light the bridges of central London. When complete 15 bridges, with a combined length of 2.5 miles, over a 5 mile stretch of the river, will be bedecked in over 100,000 lights making it, arguably, the largest public art work ever conceived. 

Charlie travels to America to meet Leo Villareal, the artist behind the project. His monumental 1.8 mile wide tour de force is ‘The Bay Lights’ which has transformed San Francisco’s second most famous bridge into the world’s largest light installation.

Back in London, Charlie meets The Chewing Gum Man, a British artist who also does public art, albeit on a micro scale. AKA Ben Wilson, he is in the middle of the seemingly never ending task of converting the Millennium Bridge into a display for his work that uses pedestrians as his muse and discarded gum as his canvas.

Charlie then goes for a trip down the Thames with Chris Livett - a modern day waterman to see how the Illuminated River Project will affect him. Chris comes from a long line of water folk who have been working on The Thames since the time of the famous Frost Fairs - when the river would become a frozen fairground for party-loving Londoners.

Meanwhile, The Illuminated River’s Project Director Sarah Gaventa is on a mission to visit Dutch electrical giant, Philips, to persuade the CEO to prioritize her scheme that risks falling behind schedule.

Finally, Charlie looks at the history of the first bridge to cross the Thames - what we now know as London Bridge. Charlie looks at its rich and varied history - from being a medieval superhighway for sheep, an accidental ice-making dam to eventually being bought by an American billionaire to create a town in Arizona.

  • Saturday 6th July, 7pm

  • Channel 4

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Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

In this episode of Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords, lettings agent John Bartram wants to turn a former Blackpool hotel just a stone’s throw from the Golden Mile, into much needed bedsits. A routine check on the property reveals not only a severely neglected house, but a drugs den littered with hard drug paraphernalia and some of the worst conditions he has ever witnessed. And just when John believes he may be able to turn the fortunes of the former hotel around, he discovers that a group of unwelcome squatters have broken into the property.

Pensioner and widow Marilyn Hunter thought she’d rented out her treasured family home to a ‘house-proud’ friendly family, who would look after the place as she would.  But after ten months of late and often incomplete rent payments, and with the tenants becoming increasingly hostile, trying to get them out is going to be a nightmare. And with a heavily pregnant daughter ready to move into the property, time is of the essence.

The housing team in Harrow have received reports of dangerous conditions at a home belonging to a notorious slum landlord’s brother. With police in tow, the team raid the property and find two unsuspecting young renters, a house in a dangerous state of disrepair and a large extension built with the purpose of squeezing in more tenants. The counsellors must confront the landlord and enforce the changes – or risk making the tenants homeless.

Landlord Chris Bull from Derbyshire is losing sleep over missing rental payments of nearly £2000. He rented out his home to a professional couple who seemed to be the perfect tenants. But they soon stopped paying and refused to speak to Chris. Even when Chris confronts them at the home the couple maintain they no longer live at the property and don’t in fact owe any rent. Chris calls in Paul Shamplina from Landlord Action for help evicting the couple who, it would appear, will try every trick in the book to stay in the property.

The Great Gardening Challenge

The Great Gardening Challenge pits some of the best professional garden designers from across the UK against each other in a competition to find the best pair.   Presented by Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin, the show sees the professionals compete, as they take under-used and under-loved spaces and in just 48 hours, and on a budget, create gardens that will transform the lives of truly deserving recipients – from war veterans to care homes for the disabled, hospitals to dementia sufferers. We see first-hand not just the skill of our competitors – but the many ways in which a beautiful garden can touch and improve the lives of everyone.  At the end of each show only one garden team can be victorious, as their gardens are judged by two acclaimed garden gurus and multi award winners, Carol Klein and Mark Gregory. 

This week’s heat sees a pair of established designers taking on a less experienced up and coming pair, as they’re challenged to deliver amazing spaces on a budget of £5000, for a community park in Norris Green, Liverpool.  Friends Sue Spout and Dean Bolton-Grant from Harrogate in Yorkshire both own their own garden businesses and between them have decades of experience and include royalty amongst the people they’ve worked for.  Despite living opposite sides of the country Tamara Bridge and Kate Savill have collaborated on a number of show gardens since winning medals for young garden designer of the year.  Faced with designing gardens for an open public area that has in the past been neglected and suffered from vandalism what type of gardens will the designers create?  And who will be victorious?

  • Tuesday 9th July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 6


Casualty 24/7

It’s another busy shift at Barnsley Hospital’s casualty department. Sister Jane Hawksworth is delighted to receive a delivery of chocolates from a grateful patient and shares them with the team. On today’s shift, Sister Jane is managing the ambulance cubicle – where paramedics bring patients for assessment. She looks out of the window and declares, ‘it’s raining ambulances.’  
The casualty team have a critical relationship with the paramedics, relying on each other for information throughout the day. Sister Jane says, ‘I think it’s very important to get on with the paramedics. They’re like a family as well. They’re like your long-distance cousins, where they come for an afternoon tea on a Sunday and then disappear again.’ 
The red phone rings to alert the team that their next emergency patient is on the way. Phil has a pre-existing rare and dangerous condition, aortic dissection, so Consultant Dr Julian Humphrey and Sister Benita Wainwright wait outside for his imminent arrival. Dr Humphrey says, ‘I like the ability to be able to see a sprained ankle one minute and then deal with someone with a complex cardiac condition the next. Every day is a learning day.’ 
Also seeking treatment is Adam who has dislocated his shoulder. It needs putting back in place but he’s very aware of the procedure as it’s already popped out over 30 times. Can Dr Humphrey manipulate it back into place without needing to sedate him? 
14-month-old Heaven is rushed in by ambulance with breathing problems. Consultant Dr Bharath Reddy and Junior Doctor George Kay are on standby to treat her but will their workload double when her twin arrives? And Volunteer Jane is keeping the team and the patients fed and watered, while seeking some travel advice for the trip to India she’s planning with her mothe

  • Wednesday 10th July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 6 of 12


***NEW*** Super Car, Super Fam

"Brothers Kash and Shabs, owners of a supercar garage in Essex, take us into their world of slick whips, sibling rivalries and supercar style"

Episode ​1
Supercar owner and girl racer, Aini, is famous for her rose gold GTR but now she’s got a brand new whip – a Lamborghini Huracan. She wants Kash to pimp it to new levels so that everyone who sees it knows it’s fierce and feminine. But will Kash’s plan to cover the back of the car in Swarovski crystals pay off or will Aini hate it?

Shabs decides to put his girl troubles behind him by expressing his feelings through his lifelong passion for spoken word. He turns to his dad for inspiration and is surprised to find out how his own mum and dad got together over 40 years ago. Mates, Humza and Reef, convince him he needs to get into the studio to make a track he can be proud of and baby sister, Mari, is on hand to help him when he gets writer’s block.

Episode 2
Kash has definitely bitten off more than he can chew with Aini’s Lamborghini Huracan and he’s starting to sweat. He needs to individually stick on half a million crystals in time for the big reveal in Central London and he can’t do it by himself, so he calls in Shella and his sisters for help. 

Shabs’ rapping skills are rusty and he’s nervous about getting into the studio with professional producer, Mumzy, to record his track. Mumzy’s impressed but what will big brother Kash make of Shabs’ rap about their childhood adventures?

Episode 3
Papa’s back from Pakistan with a suitcase full of presents and the whole family gets together for a meal to welcome him home. Kash asks his dad to teach him to cook so he can surprise Shella when she gets home from work. But will she like his chicken tonight?

At the garage, the boys are getting a Ferrari 488 ready to debut a brand-new body kit at the UK’s biggest car show. Mel is a new client so there’s a lot riding on her liking it – if it bombs in front of the crowds of supercar fans at Autosport, Kash will have major egg on his face. 

Episode 4
Six months after moving into their forever home and Kash and Shella still haven’t got round to decluttering. Kash wants to hang on to his collection of 90s designer gear but Shella tells him some hard home truths about his fashion sense before she met him. Meanwhile, Kash wants to fix up his mancave with a home cinema but Shella has other plans for the spare room….

At the garage the boys are gagging to get started on the £1.5 million Bugatti Veyron that’s coming in for a spray job. But the client only trusts Kash to spray his precious car and Kash hasn’t picked up a spray gun for over six years.

Episode 5
The bumper on Shabs’ classic Ferrari is shot to pieces from driving over speed bumps. Shabs reckons it’s because Kash has lowered the suspension on the car too far, Kash reckons it’s cos Shabs can’t drive low properly so he makes a bet that he can teach him.

Little sister Mari is still dreaming of being a model and goes to see her hijab wearing friend walk in her first catwalk show. Mari meets a photographer to take some natural look head shots for her portfolio.

Episode 6
Kash’s Bentley is out of action and off the road for his birthday party and he needs to find a suitably flash whip to make his grand entrance in. The insurance company have laid on a Mini Cooper which will make him a laughing stock if anyone sees him. It’s time for Chris to step up at the garage as Kash lets him weld his favourite car. But is Chris ready for this?    

Shella and Mari go shopping to get some designer gear for the kids to wear to Kash’s party. Will they go for baby Valentino or mini D&G?

  • Thursday 11th July, 10am

  • BBC Three

  • 1-6 of 6


Abandoned Engineering

A little-known dark past explains the vast monolithic structures that dominate the small, British island of Guernsey. The Shawshank Redemption film is the remarkable Hollywood connection that has saved a castle-like building in Ohio from destruction. A mysterious island on the edge of a sea where strange things happen. And weird, battered constructions scarred by war lying on a desolate English coast. What are they? Why were they built? And why have they been abandoned? 

The Crystal Maze

In this episode of the Crystal Maze, comedian Vic Reeves, reality TV’s Ferne McCann, former cricketer Graeme Swann, comedian Susan Calman and their team captain team captain Nancy Sorrell go on a wild ride through the four zones. Complete with the obligatory lock ins, recriminations and reconciliations it’s all to play (and watch) for.

  • Friday 12th July, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 6


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