Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains

Growing Pains is an irreverent comedy show in which Rhod Gilbert asks three celebrity guests to re-visit their teenage years.  And, as Rhod’s youth was  - like most of us – bursting with embarrassment, he is perfectly qualified to decide which one of his guests will be crowned ‘Most Embarrassing Teenager’ at the end of each show. They will read from diaries about unrequited love and first snogs, share stories of meeting celebrity crushes and show photos of fashion disasters and really bad hair. And finally they will compete in a quickfire quiz all about their teenage selves.

Episode Synopsis: 

In tonight’s show host Rhod Gilbert asks Jonathan Ross and comedians Kiri Pritchard Mclean and Shazia Mirza to share their teenage stories. Whose teenage years will be consigned to Rhod’s memory box of shame and win them the coveted title of Most Embarrassing Teenager? Jonathan admits to an early sexual experience with an orange, Kiri deciphers the secret code she used to write in her diaries to talk about boys and Shazia reveals how far she went to look like Madonna. Each of them chooses an Embarrassing Year from their youth, full of nightmarish pop culture and long forgotten trends, and shares less than flattering photos of themselves from their personal collections. Rhod has got hold of some mortifying morsels of information from their friends and family – who dressed up as a tin of beans for a school play? And what did Jonathan use the family vacuum cleaner for? And finally what advice would they offer their teenage selves with the benefit of hindsight? 

  • Tuesday 12th January, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

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Camilla: Making of a Mistress

This is the epic story of Camilla before Charles, a tale of love, betrayal and redemption. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is now a treasured royal figure seemed destined to always be by Prince Charles side. But her story is much more Hollywood than Highgrove. This documentary looks at the surprising and colourful life of the potential future queen consort. Who is the woman for whom Charles risked everything? Why did her relationship with the future King mysteriously falter? And how did she go from what some saw as 'Britain's most hated woman” to loved royal?   Before Meghan, was she the original “unsuitable royal bride”?   This films charts Charles’ and Camila’s rollercoaster relationship from the moment they met through the Diana years to their own marriage in Windsor in 2005.

  • Saturday 9th January, 9:30pm

  • Channel 5

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The Bidding Room

Nigel Havers welcomes more sellers to The Bidding Room, set in a wondrous old mill deep in the heart of Yorkshire. He introduces them to The Bidding Room’s resident expert, auctioneer Simon who has more than 30 years’ experience in the auction industry. 

Simon will examine the item each seller brings in and give them top tips on the history and key characteristics – plus an all-important valuation. Armed with this information, each seller will then head to the bidding room to face the five professional dealers. They are all experts in their field, with years of experience buying and selling interesting collectibles. They are spending their own money but have no idea what the sellers are bringing in each day. 

The seller will present their item to the dealers and – using the information given to them by Simon – will talk it up as much as possible. The dealers will work out what they think it is worth and whether they are interested in buying the item; but won’t tell the seller or the other dealers in the hope of keeping the sale price as low as possible. 

Then the bidding starts: if a dealer likes an item, they will bid on it. The more dealers who bid, the more chance the seller has to push up the final selling price by playing the dealers off against each other.  The bidding carries on until there is one dealer still bidding and the seller will decide whether they are offering enough cash for their item. But the sellers don’t have to sell, if they don’t think the dealers are offering enough money; especially if the bids don’t reach expert Simon’s valuation. 

Up first is Sean with a very quirky any very orange item. Although it’s truly bizarre he’s hoping it’ll make our buyers smile.  

Next to face the dealers is Jane with a transforming card table. It’s got history, style and functionality but will the dealers get to her dream price?

Third in today is Emma with a very mysterious copper pot. Can she drum up enough intrigue to secure a great sale? 

Our penultimate seller is Mac with a model of a human voice box that he hopes will get the bidders talking. But when it comes to the bidding, will they put their money where their mouth is?

Wrapping up proceedings is David with a curious but charming pair of pig figurines, that he is looking to re-home with one of our dealers. 

The dealers in today are Adi, JB, Moses, Melissa, Lucy, Estelle, Tash and Jo. So will any of them buy? And if they do, will any of them match – or even top – the valuation placed on each of the items?

  • Monday 11th January, 4:30pm

  • BBC One

  • 2 of 5


Secrets of the Royal Palaces

Today we explore Balmoral, built by Prince Albert as a highland getaway for himself and Queen Victoria.  Part medieval fortress, part French chateau, it’s not to everyone’s taste: an ‘architectural absurdity’ according to Jonathan Foyle.  But its function today is just as Prince Albert intended, to provide the royal family with a retreat from prying eyes.


Renowned portraitist Lucien Freud offered to paint the Queen for free but it took years of secret negotiations to make it happen.  He wanted 72 sittings but got 20.  The final portrait was tiny, ‘postcard sized’ but made a huge impact due his uncompromising style: ‘It was definitely a Marmite moment.  People loved it or hated it.’  


Four years after the death of Princess Diana, police made a dawn raid on the house of her ex-butler, Paul Burrell, and found over 2000 items of her clothing and possessions in his house.  We hear his account of what happened and why he removed her belongings from Kensington Palace.  He was accused of stealing possessions worth millions but on the 11th day of his trial, there was an extraordinary intervention from the Queen.  She remembered him telling her that he was taking the items for safekeeping.  The trial collapses and he walked free.


Kate Williams tells the gruesome tale of Agnes Sampson, the first so-called witch to be tried, convicted and burnt at the stake by James I.  Many thousands of innocent women followed, executed as witches in Scotland.  


A statue of the young Queen Victoria stands in the gardens at Kensington Palace. It was commissioned for the Diamond Jubilee in 1887 through a competition.  The winner was an anonymous entry and was not only a woman, shocking enough, but Queen Victoria’s own daughter, the rebellious Princess Louise.  


In 2019 President Trump made a State Visit to Britain.  Memories of his first visit, when he broke protocol by walking in front of the Queen, were still fresh.   This time he became the first head of state to fly in via helicopter.  But how would he behave when he landed?


Secrets old and new, from the darkest history of the royal residences to modern day dilemmas and disasters – it’s all here in Secrets of the Royal Palaces.

  • Saturday 9th January, 8:30pm

  • Channel 5

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A&E: After Dark

In minors, 19-year-old patient Rachel, arrives at the emergency department. On a night out in Hull she’s fallen off a bar stool in a pub, landing on her little finger. Horrified by the injury, her finger is deformed and looks like a dislocated bone.   Hoping it will simply need popping back into place, Rachel sees the triage nurse and she’s sent for an X-ray. Will Rachel’s deformed finger be a simple dislocation, or will she need surgery?  


53-year-old patient Simon, arrives in minors in excruciating pain. Affter mopping his floor he blacked out and fell down a whole flight of stairs in his block of flats.  Nurse Corey examines him in triage and is shocked by the extent of the bruising around his rib cage.  Fearing he may have injured internal organs, he’s immediately escalated to resus.  Dr Jehad sends Simon for an emergency CT scan, fearing he may have life threatening injuries.  


34-year-old patient, Craig is transferred from Grimsby hospital to Hull’s flagship emergency department as his injuries are so severe. He’s been thrown off his motocross bike in a race and he’s fractured and dislocated both shoulders. Dr Chris is concerned he has nerve damage effecting the use of his hand. Craig must wait until the morning before lengthy surgery can begin, in the hope he can regain full use of his hand.

  • Monday 11th January, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 12


Chatsworth House: A Great British Year

Filmed throughout 2020, this new series offers a unique insight into one of Britain’s best loved stately homes, with unprecedented access during extraordinary times. Six episodes follow four seasons, weaving stories and characters from the house, the gardens and the wider 35,000-acre estate, with the series beginning with a festive special.


Chatsworth House is the historic Derbyshire Treasure House that provided the inspiration and iconic backdrop for Pride and Prejudice and has been seat to the Cavendish family since 1549. The 12th Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Stoker and Amanda Cavendish, plus their community of 800 staff take us on a fascinating - and often emotional - journey through what turns out to be one of the most challenging years in this stately home’s five-century history. 


With a host of characters, humour, enchanting history, the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and access to the aristocracy, this series reveals how a unique British institution, now a modern phenomenon, battles through a year like no other.


Episode 3

Chatsworth is in deep lockdown and learning to live life under the new normal. The community rallies – the estate farm shop becomes a much-needed click, collect and delivery service. Residents of estate village Edensor (pronounced ‘Endsor’) take to their doorsteps at 8pm on Thursday evenings to clap the NHS, and the Duke and Duchess show their support by lighting the almost-empty house up blue. But unwelcome visitors have come to stay, an invasion of moths is munching on the 170-year-old Axminster carpet in the Sixth Duke’s library. 


Out on the estate farms, the pandemic feels a long way away. Life springs eternal as 2,000 ewes give birth to 3,500 lambs in the sunshine and farms manager David has his hands full with overflowing maternity paddocks. 


As spring turns to summer, the garden is carefully re-opened to visitors desperate to enjoy the spring sunshine. A 2,000-year-old Greek foot weighing half a ton needs to be moved, the vast murals in the painted hall dusted with fine brushes, the visitor route re-jigged for distancing… and most importantly the beating heart of the house, 56 priceless antique clocks, restarted with split-second precision.


With much fanfare and celebration, the Duchess signs off on the guides’ new uniforms, the house reopens, and the visitors stream in – Chatsworth is back!

  • Tuesday 12th January, 9pm

  • More 4

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South Africa with Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace is in South Africa exploring its stunning landscapes, majestic wildlife and of course its food glorious food. Along the wild coast, on safari, through vast savannahs and into the cities Gregg discovers the flavours this diverse country has to offer; from the winelands around Cape Town to an Afrikaans braai in the Kalahari desert at sunset, Soweto’s street food stalls selling fat cakes, and traditional hearty dishes like bobotie. Gregg also discovers South Africa's famous wildlife - coming face to face with sharks and helping care for wild leopards and African penguins and immerses in the country's rich culture and tradition, new and old, as he journeys east to west to get a taste of the real South Africa.

Cape Town 

South Africa with Gregg Wallace: Gregg starts in the mother city – Cape Town where he heads up to the highest point of the city Table Mountain and tastes Cape Malay cuisine in picturesque Bo Kaap. In the lush green valleys of the wine lands of the Western Cape he samples the local wine and an authentic South African dish – bobotie.

  • Tuesday 12th January, 7:30pm

  • ITV

  • 2 of 6


Bargain Brits on Benefits

Everyone loves a bargain….But for some of us, coping with a super-tight budget is more than a nuisance - it’s a way of life.


Meet the Bargain Brits on Benefits whose clever ideas and savvy schemes save them a small fortune - and make mugs of the rest of us paying full price. These are the canny claimants making their cash work for them, bagging the biggest bargains... While the rest of us pay through the nose...


Life with little money, doesn’t always mean a life with no fun. In this energetic, characterful series we meet the savvy brits who are making their benefits go further. With inventive ways of saving money these bargain loving families and inventive individuals know how to get more …. for less. 


From £9.50 caravan holidays, to bargain shoppers with an eye for a great deal, we’ll be invited into the bustling kitchens making meals for a quid, be shown how to give council homes a makeover on a super tight budget and how you really can feed a family of four well on £40 a week – if you know your supermarket coupon blags. There will be nights on the town for a fiver, and big celebrations pulled out of the bag for less than £100.


Being on benefits doesn’t stop you throwing a party, having a huge wedding, or going away on family trip, it’s all about knowing the tricks. Across the episodes we reveal just how they manage to do all this, whilst on the tightest budget, celebrating the crazy creativity and inspiring resourcefulness that the rest of us aren’t clever enough to work out . 


 These are the Brits who are not just surviving the system, but making it work for them. You’ll be inspired by their inventiveness, wonder at their creativity, and be touched by their selflessness. And in their super saving savvy lives the Bargain Brits on Benefits show how it is really possible to live well for less.

  • Monday 11th January, 9pm

  • 5 Star

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