**NEW** Eamonn & Ruth: How The Other Half Lives

Eamonn & Ruth Take Monte Carlo

Monaco has more millionaires per capita than anywhere else on earth so Eamonn & Ruth jump into their convertible Maserati to find out what life’s like in the playground of the glamourous super-rich.

Multi-millionaire former Formula 1 boss Flavio Briatore invites them into his ultra-exclusive club to reveal the tastes and demands of some of Monaco’s most famous residents and they discover just how little $30 million will get you in the most crowded and expensive property market on earth.

They’re truly living the life of luxury; after a tour of the city by air, their executive helicopter lands them near the Monte Carlo casino, then after racing a speedboat amidst the super yachts in the marina they’re let loose in the most exclusive wine cellar in the world, worth an estimated 80 million Euro.

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan travels to Albania to get an insider’s guide to the country and to find out whether his own preconceptions about the Eastern European outpost are right.

From a brief glance at an atlas, Albania has everything – it has beaches on the same coastline as Greece and Croatia, hills to trek in and stunning mountains. But for some reason all the average Brit knows about Albania is the old black and white clips from the communist era. And most of those have been mistaken for clips shot in Moscow.

On arrival, Romesh does indeed discover a country that is bleak and miserable, but then again, it is raining. And even his native Crawley seems a bit lacklustre in the rain.

Guided by local TV presenter and journalist Erjona Rusi, Romesh is taken on a whistle-stop tour of the country. He visits the beaches (apparently stunning in the summer, but when Ramesh arrives it is -10 degrees) and is hosted on a unique homestay in a beautiful isolated shepherd’s village where he is sent out on overnight wolf patrol and then embarks on a treacherous seven hour journey into the mountains.

Along the way, he tries to discover why Albania has remained a stubbornly unfashionable holiday destination, while many other formerly communist nations have leapt ahead. Romesh meets those at the extremes of this unique country, from the rural farmers to the billionaire playboys who live in the cities next to supermodels. He ends up with sheep poo mysteriously smeared across his back and, in a move he will doubtless come to regret, a tattoo emblazoned across his forearm. He finds a people desperate to throw off their reputation as the home of eastern mafia gangs, lots of Raki and a level of hospitality that he describes as ”second to none” as he gets an insider’s guide to Albania.

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

Lifelong friends and comedic royalty Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer have more in common than just their love of laughter – on a more serious note, they have both suffered complex heart disease. 

Paul is an experienced fisherman, Bob, a complete novice. Paul thought a tour of the country’s finest fishing spots might help Bob’s recovery, and along the way maybe they’d learn something about each other.

In this funny and poignant new six-part series, we eavesdrop on their expedition as they re-connect with each other and share their personal experiences of life, while testing the parameters of true friendship.

They also fish, and talk nonsense. A lot.

On soggy riverbanks, they candidly discuss everything from show business to solitude, relationships and romance, while trying to catch some of the most significant species of fish in the country. This is as much an insight into the hearts and minds of two of the UK’s best loved comics as it is about capturing the extreme exhilaration and occasional monotony of one of the most popular past times in the UK.

Episode five – SEA TROUT

Paul fishes at Christchurch’s quintessential Bridge Pool in Dorset, hoping to catch sea trout. Bob arrives late but redeems himself by hooking the first fish of the day. After a glorious morning Paul persuades Bob to charter a boat out to sea in search of Sea Bass. Bob has a history of sea sickness and is not keen but eventually they venture out to the Needles where Paul makes an incredible catch. The fish is too big for Bob to handle so they head off to a local restaurant to prepare it. Bob performs a small cameo as an irritating waiter.

Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords

In North London Harrow council are alerted to a property that is potentially dangerous and overcrowded. An inspection highlights the many dangers in the property and an unauthorised loft conversion has created a death trap for those tenants sleeping in the eaves. However, with the landlord not cooperating, the council are forced into a different line of action and potentially closing the property down.

In Suffolk there is an unusual situation. Landlords Neeshat and Imran Hussain are evicting their tenant, who is also the previous owner of the property. They bought the property from the tenant and agreed that they would rent it back to him, until he was in a position where he could buy the house back. This has previously worked well for Neeshat and her husband, however unfortunately this wasn’t the case this time. The tenant stopped paying rent and now owes tens of thousands of pounds. Despite having wanted to hand back the house to the tenant the landlords are now being forced into starting eviction proceedings.

Landlords Jessica and her husband Dennis are in a nightmare situation. They rented out their old home in Milton Keynes to a single mother and handed over the keys after she sent confirmed that the deposit had been paid. However, later that day they realised they had been tricked, as no deposit had been paid and the picture confirmation proved to be a fake. The tenant has never paid a month of rent, which has left the couple desperate. They have called in Paul Shamplina to try and evict their tenant and regain their property.

When Landlord Ryan Wood decided to rent his property in Leigh on Sea, he could not have imagined the amount of problems that would ensue. Just a year into the tenancy his tenant Greg could not keep on top of the payments and fell far behind with his rent. Ryan was trying to source a more manageable property for him, however his attempts to help fell on deaf ears, as Greg stopped all communication. Ryan’s only option was to start eviction proceedings and he enlisted the help of Lawyer Chris Sharpe. Unfortunately for Ryan, Chris had previously evicted this tenant and was shocked then at the state the tenant had left the property in. The tenant is also fighting the eviction, which has left Ryan worrying when he will be able to get into his property and what condition it will be in when he does. 

  • Thursday 19th July, 8pm

  • Channel 5

  • 11 of 16


Trucking Hell

A burnt out van abandoned on an isolated canal tow path a mile from the nearest road presents a serious challenge to Steve and Marta – and the solution comes in the form of a bespoke bright yellow rescue truck. When a lorry loaded with Tarmac breaks down it’s a race against time for Fluff who must act fast before it dries out. And when a thirty foot Crane needs transporting through country lanes on the back of a flatbed truck, Roman has his work cut out.

  • Thursday 19th July, 9pm

  • 5Spike

  • 10 of 10


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