**NEW** My Million Pound Menu

Fred Sirieix oversees a battle for investment between three restaurant ideas, who think their take on fast and fresh flavours, delivered in a Nando’s or Wagamama’s style restaurant, will secure them the chance for big-money backing to open on the high street.

First, they must pitch to four of the industry’s top investors for the opportunity to open for business in Manchester. The single idea, with the most investment potential, will be given a two-day trial to prove themselves worthy of the money they’re seeking. However, only those investors with the most passion and interest in the idea will follow it to Manchester.

Amongst those pitching is 36-year-old Ed Farrell, who thinks the UK public is ready for an all-duck concept, The Duck Truck. A former New Product Development Manager for Gressingham Foods, Ed ate duck every day and never grew tired of it. In fact it just made him love it even more! Now he’s after £250,000 to take The Duck Truck, and his signature traditional crispy duck wrap – rotisserie cooked crispy duck, hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion, hugged by a toasted tortilla wrap – into a casual restaurant setting.

Going up against Ed are couple Lee Johnson and Sinead Campbell, both 35, whose food van, BBQ Dreamz, is taking the street food scene by storm, with modern twists on Filipino food. Lee was born in the Philippines and raised in Northampton, where he grew up with his grandmother’s food. Four years ago, the two of them packed in their jobs to gamble on BBQ Dreamz, offering dishes like Lechon Kawali – 24 hour sous-vide crispy pork belly with radish, celery & coriander salad. Will the investors back a cuisine that is relatively unknown in the UK? Lee and Sinead are after £350,000 to do just that.

Finally, seeking £707,000, is a former BMW sales manager, and dad-of-three, Ranie Sirah, 46, who decided to pursue his passion for cookery after his young son suggested he do something he love. A chance meeting with two chefs in his local pub, saw the idea for Jah Jyot born, inspired by Ranie’s mum’s home cooking. They now sell their signature dishes like Masala Chaat Dosa - Punjabi dry spiced curries within a crispy fried ‘fermented pancake’ – around local markets in Lewes and Horsham, and have won awards for their street food.

Each of the three ideas pitches to a panel of four investors, all looking to back the next hit ‘fast-casual’ idea on the high street:

Charlie McVeigh has been shaping London’s bar, club and restaurant scene for two decades, having started out with legendary nightclub Woody’s. He ended up establishing and running the hugely successful pub chain, Draft House before selling to beer giants BrewDog in early 2018 for a reported £16.5m. After taking some time out, Charlie’s keen to get back in the game and “make some serious money”.

Maurice Abboudi is an experienced operator and investor who has developed and sold several businesses in the sector and acted as Head of Business Development at Domino’s Pizza. Recently he was involved in the sale of a chain of 12 Pizza sites, which he sold to Pizza Express in 2016, and an online ordering system for restaurants which he sold to UberEats in 2018. Maurice is currently an executive director of K10 sushi restaurants. 

Jane O’Riordan has been involved in the acquisition, growth and development of companies such as Nando’s, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pizza Express, Ask, Zizzi as part of the Yellowwoods investment team, over the past 20 years. She is part of the team who grew Nandos internationally and throughout the UK. She has a 1st class BSc in mechanical engineering, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Scott Collins is the co-Founder of MEATailer Ltd, the company that owns eight MEATliquors in London, Leeds & Brighton, as well as MEATmarket & MEATmission. The first permanent MEATliquor, opened on 11/11/11. With an annual turnover of £15m, they have since expanded to 12 restaurants, from London to Brighton and Leeds.

In each episode the winning idea will then have two days in a brand new 50-seater restaurant, in the heart of Manchester’s bustling bar and restaurant district, to prove that their food, menus, pricing, service, team-management and business plans are worth the big money investment they’re asking for.

On the first night they will open for a half-price soft launch to the public, and the investors, before being grilled in detail on their numbers and business plans the following morning.

Finally, they will open for a full-priced lunch service, during which the investors must consider whether to invest or not. As the investors are in competition with each other, Fred will set them a deadline by which time they have to return to the restaurant if they intend to invest.

With final service over, the operators face an anxious wait with Fred to see if anyone returns. All they need is for one investor to walk through the doors and make them an offer, and their business fortunes and restaurant dreams will change forever.  

**NEW** How To Lose Weight Well

Channel 4 Features has commissioned Little Gem for a fourth series of How To Lose Weight Well to return for a four-part series and Summer special. Dr Xand van Tulleken and café chef Stacie Stewart are joined for the first time by Dr Helen Lawal. Dr Helen, is a Yorkshire-based GP and works across both NHS and the private sectors to set up lifestyle medicine clinics and wellness centres. The Lose Weight Well team will ask ordinary Brits to road test some of the most popular and talked about diets out there and give viewers the lowdown on how these diets perform for them. The series will explore cutting edge weight-loss techniques, bizarre diet trends and the most popular weight loss products on the market.

Episode 1

On HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WELL Dr Xand van Tulleken and Dr Helen Lawal ask ordinary Brits to road test some of the most popular and talked about diets out there and give viewers the lowdown on how these diets performed for them. Café cook Stacie Stewart helps the volunteers to turn their diets into delicious dishes.

This week Caroline and Charmaine have one week to slim down for their spa day, David and his partner John go on six week dieting plans to lose weight before a friend’s wedding, and sisters Karen and Tracey want to slim down for a summer holiday in three months’ time.

Xand also investigates the connection between chewing and weight loss and Helen finds out how vision affects our appetite.

**NEW** Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too

Brand new series following reality royalty Spencer Matthews and his wife, presenter and model Vogue Williams, as they embrace parenthood for the very first time.

In this episode Spencer and Vogue prepare for the arrival of baby Theodore by going on a baby shopping spree and taking part in an ante natal exercise class. They’re also paid a visit from Spencer’s old ‘Made in Chelsea’ pal Hugo and the couple experience a scare when Vogue finally goes into labour.

**NEW** LIVE: Do The Right Thing

Ruth Langsford, Eamonn Holmes, Dame Esther Rantzen and Michael Underwood return for the second series of Do The Right Thing. The LIVE consumer entertainment series stands up for the man and woman in the street, gives a much needed voice to those whose voices are rarely heard, if ever and celebrates unsung heroes. From the sublime to the ridiculous, the new series will feature laugh-out-loud moments and social injustices. The first episode sees Ruth checking out the latest trend for buffing in the buff with a team of naturist cleaners, Eamonn investigates some nightmare holidays from hell, as well as visiting an inspiring Café dishing up a healthy dose of TLC. And the team have a timely word of warning for anyone running local fundraising and charity groups who can lose hundreds of thousands of pounds in a nasty con.

**NEW** The Babes in the Wood Murders: The Prosecutors

This exclusive documentary follows the culmination of a 32-year fight for justice in a notorious unsolved double child murder.

On 9th October, 1986, nine-year-old friends Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows went out to play and didn’t come home. The whole estate turned out to look for the two girls only to have their hopes dashed when they were found lying dead in undergrowth in Wild Park, on the outskirts of Brighton. Both had been strangled and sexually assaulted.

For their families it was the start of a living hell. Police arrested a man the girls liked and trusted, twenty-year-old Russell Bishop and in 1987 he was put on trial. But the jury took less than two hours to acquit him of the murders.

Under the law at the time, Bishop could not be retried even if new evidence were to be found. The families of the murdered girls had to endure years of agony, without any prospect of justice for their lost children. Until 2005, when the double jeopardy law was abolished, rekindling the hopes of the families.

Now police and scientists are using cutting edge methods to uncover new evidence, which they hope will be enough for the CPS to pursue a fresh prosecution. Following the re-investigation and proceedings from an early stage, and sharing the experience of the children’s families, this film charts the last chance at finally finding justice for Karen and Nicola.

**NEW** Farmers Country Showdown

A heart-warming series that celebrates inspirational farming families and the rural events where they showcase their hard work, as they try to win the top prizes.

TX1: Belfast – Honey & Veg

Ireland’s only full time female beekeeper, Valentine and market gardener, John, meet their regular customers and discover new ones selling their skincare products and organic vegetables at St George’s weekly market in central Belfast. 

TX2: Yeovil – Sheep & Pigs

Sheep farmers Ian and Fiona, and Bev and family who run a mixed farm and exhibit pigs, both compete at The Yeovil Show in an effort to build their reputations for prize winning stock.

TX3: Kent – Flowers

Flower farmer Shelley and sweat pea grower Darren compete at the Kent County Flower Show, their displays are bespoke and spectacular as they go all out for a gold card.

TX4: Tendring – Sheep & Goats

Dairy farmer, Tereza, shows her prize goats with the help of young protégé, Matthew, at the Tendring Hundred Show, whilst aspiring farmer and agricultural assessor, Mark, competes for recognition of his young Southdown flock.

TX5: Yorkshire – Cattle

Highland cattle farmers Simon & Emma are showing their finest bull Merlin and dream of winning big at the Great Yorkshire Show. In the Shorthorn category, Stuart and Gail are taking a big step and showing their livestock for the first time.

  • Monday 7th January - Friday 11th January, 3.45pm – 4.30pm

  • BBC One

  • 1-5 of 20


**NEW** Phone Swap

Our phones can be very revealing about our lives, and so in an extreme form of blind dating, brave daters offer their lives up for scrutiny and swap phones with each other. From late night texting, to explicit selfies, quirky lists, a zillion tinder matches, political Facebook posts, sweet messages to mum, how-to-orgasm apps, and vegan recipes, it would seem that phone swap daters can deduce rather a lot simply by scrolling through a phone.

In this episode, Shaquille, the musical-loving Christian, who prides himself on keeping his phone clean, is shocked to discover X rated material, non mutual political preferences, and a shared love of musicals.

On the other hand, fellow singleton Dani’s phone reveals that she’s yoga teacher with a very flexible attitude to almost everything, bar veganism.

  • Friday 11th January, 11.50pm

  • BBC One

  • 1 of 1


**NEW** The Shocking Truth About Food

From the disgusting to the downright barmy, The Shocking Truth About Food lays bare some of the secret ingredients that food manufacturers would rather you didn’t know about. 
Britons now buy more ultra-processed food than any other country in Europe. Over half the food we eat comes from a factory. It’s made with industrial ingredients and unnatural additives, and most of us are none the wiser: Who can name the ingredients in an average ready-meal?
With help from diners who bought more than they bargained for, and commentary from brilliant food lawyers, scientists and historians, we explore the nastier side of the food industry, and learn about how we’re being ripped off, and in some cases downright lied to. 
Why is there talc in your noodles? Why is there fish in your beer? How many insects are crushed into your pudding? Is the food industry as transparent as we’d like it to be? In this unique and at times shockingly funny documentary, your biggest diet questions - and deepest food fears - are addressed. 
From ice cream to bacon, curry to cola, we’ll be ruining some of your favourite foods forever! We learn what confusing labels actually mean, the secrets behind e-numbers, and how to become a better consumer by understanding the legals and linguistics that go onto your food packaging.  We also embark on a world tour of weirdness to see how Britain compares culinary to the rest of the world.
The Shocking Truth About Food dives deep into the murky world of food processing. It’s not for the faint-of-stomach. Fast-paced, funny, frank and foul: After this show, you’ll never look at food the same way. In fact, you might never eat again.

  • Monday 7th January, 9pm

  • 5STAR

  • 1 of 1


**NEW** Cutty Sark: 150 Years of War & Speed

Rob Bell explores the extraordinary tea clipper, Cutty Sark – a ship that endured drunken captains and murderous crews, inspired a whiskey, and survived the coming of the steam age, only to face her greatest ordeal – a devastating fire that ripped through her hull one night in 2007. Impossibly, the wooden ship survived the blaze. But how?

One of the most glamorous ships of her day, Cutty Sark made her name racking precious cargoes of tea from Shanghai to London. Rob clambers aboard to experience first-hand the beauty and superior design of this perfect sailing ship. He delves into the ship’s tragic past – her vagabond years of ‘tramping’, mistreated by her captains and deserted by her crews. He uncovers the Cutty Sark’s unlikely link to Prohibition, and a famous brand of whiskey. And he discovers how, on the night of that terrible fire, the ship was saved by a remarkable piece of good luck.

  • Saturday 5th January, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Tattoo Fixers: Extreme

This week on Tattoo Fixers: Extreme, Pash rids Andrew of his ghastly gravy gaffe, Sketch helps Ben with his laughable chicken lips, Alice gives severe asthma sufferer Danni a design to be proud of and Uzzi rids Connor of a DIY tattoo that left his soulmate steaming.

Elsewhere, Sarah wants shut of her beastly bird and Jack has a Rihanna tribute tat that’s a braille based abomination.

Trucking Hell

Crouch Incident Manager Steve Kelly is called to the scene of an overturned gas tanker that may be leaking highly flammable propane.  The fire service need Steve and the team to carefully lift the tanker enough for them to check for escaping liquid, but with its position rammed against a hedgerow getting lifting slings around the body of the vessel is a nearly impossible task. Steve must use every one of his 26 years of experience to deal with this ticking time bomb without putting himself and his team in perilous danger.

Meanwhile Lantern recovery op Steve Knight comes to the rescue of a 44 tonne artic stuck in a ditch on the side of a busy 5 lane roundabout.  His plans to lift the truck are foiled when he discovers the weight of the truck and its load are pressing down on the trailer’s airbags.  Unable to risk damaging the suspension, he has to lift and swing the trailer across the highway.  But with heavy traffic passing towards the M3 Steve hasn’t got enough room to make the manoeuvre work and the enormous truck ends up dangling perilously towards the passing cars.

When Sean Beirne is asked to pick up an abandoned scaffolding lorry he doesn’t bargain on it being blocked in on a dead end street.  To make matters worse the truck is locked and no one has left him a key.  Forced to think on his feet Sean embarks on a fishing mission to try and hook open the door with a makeshift wire, before squeezing in through the lorry’s broken sunroof. Having finally found his way in, Sean then faces the drive of his life towing the seven metre truck through narrow residential streets just centimetres from the parked cars.

  • Thursday 11th January, 9pm

  • 5STAR

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