London's Great Bridges: Lighting the Thames

After three years of planning, the work to light the bridges of London finally starts. Presenter Charlie Luxton joins the team of abseilers dangling off London Bridge to see what it takes to get 800m of light strips on the underbelly of London Bridge.

Projector director Sarah Gaventa sets a turn on date to officially light the first four bridges and the countdown to the big switch on begins. But there is a problem. On Cannon Street Bridge an Egyptian goose has laid her eggs and, as a protected species, work grinds an unwelcome halt.

Meanwhile Charlie meets with author Imogen Hermes Gowar to learn about the extraordinary history of Southwark - London’s first suburb and also home to its first legalised red light district.

The workmen on the bridges press ahead with the installation of 69,000 LED lights knowing that very soon officers from the city planning department will be inspecting their work. If they fail the test, it means going back to the drawing board.

As work on the bridges runs behind schedule Charlie helps out with the night team as they work around the clock to make up time. Along the way, Charlie learns the remarkable story of Waterloo Bridge - built in secret by women during World War II.

  • Saturday 13th July, 7pm

  • Channel 4

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Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

In this episode of Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords a couple in a seaside village in Norfolk battle with their non-paying tenant who lives, in the flat above them. The stress of having their problem tenant living in close quarters is made worse as the retired couple are unable to afford to live without an income. Desperate, they ask eviction expert Paul Shamplina to help get her out.  And just as Paul thinks he’s negotiated a deal for the tenant leave, the couple discover she’s advertising their property for a flat mate.

Lettings agent, John Bartram, from Blackpool comes up against a hard drug user tenant, who is attracting anti-social wrong doers at the bed sits he runs. With several tenants complaining about the noise and the comings and goings at the property – including a young dad trying to protect his four-year-old son from witnessing what he believes are drug deals taking place – John has to act quickly.  

In Leicestershire, Sharon battles to reclaim property from a former friend who, after her relationship broke down, fell on hard times and unable to keep up with payments now owes her landlady close  to £3,500 in rental arrears.

Paul Ainsworth-Lord is contacted by a landlord interested in letting out his abandoned property, if Paul can get it up to spec. But when a brief visit to the terraced house uncovers the remnants of a working cannabis farm, Paul becomes suspicious. And when he meets the neighbours, Paul discovers the house has a dark past.

  • Monday 15th July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 6 of 8

  • Cecile@plankpr

The Great Gardening Challenge

The Great Gardening Challenge pits some of the best professional garden designers from across the UK against each other in a competition to find the best pair.   Presented by Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin, the show sees the professionals compete, as they take under-used and under-loved spaces and in just 48 hours, and on a budget, create gardens that will transform the lives of truly deserving recipients – from war veterans to care homes for the disabled, hospitals to dementia sufferers. We see first-hand not just the skill of our competitors – but the many ways in which a beautiful garden can touch and improve the lives of everyone.  At the end of each show only one garden team can be victorious, as their gardens are judged by two acclaimed garden gurus and multi award winners, Carol Klein and Mark Gregory. 

This week’s heat sees professional teams from opposite ends of the UK compete as they’re challenged to create amazing spaces in just 2 days on a budget of £5000, for the Care for Veterans’ care home in Worthing, a specialist care home for elderly and disabled military veterans.  Experienced garden designers and builders, James Hutchison and Stuart Gibson have travelled to the South Coast all the way from Scotland.  While their opponents, Manoj Maldé and Mark Holman, garden designers who collaborate on show gardens together, have only had to travel from Hertfordshire and Kent.  With a brief that includes making sure the gardens are wheelchair friendly and low maintenance the teams come up with very different designs.  James and Stuart are faced with a potentially disastrous problem they aren’t used to dealing with back in Scotland.  But can they resolve it in time and finish their garden? 

  • Tuesday 16th July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 3 of 6


***NEW*** Our Cops In The North

In this first episode, one of the many calls Northumbria Police is dealing with at 17:45 on a Monday is from a man whose 70 year old neighbour has been robbed at knife point by masked attackers in his home in the suburbs of Sunderland. An urgent response team is immediately despatched but the attackers have made off with £15k of savings hidden under the floorboards in a Quality Street tin. Detective Andy Richardson, a man with an unshakeable belief in right and wrong and an impressive track record of delivering justice, takes on 70-year old Michael’s case and sets his team to work scouring CCTV and gathering witness statements including from known informants. This, Andy tells his team, is a ‘proper job’. “If helping someone is catching a bad guy whose causing harm to give them closure to make them feel safe at home because of what’s happened then I’m going to do something about it. It’s my job to do something about it”. Within hours their first suspect in custody while they’ve seized 236 items of evidence including a machete and masks.

55 miles north of Sunderland in a secluded hamlet where ‘all jokes aside, sheep outnumber people’ Neighbourhood PC Curtis Ritchie is visiting another victim of a theft - horse lover Emma’s much treasured vintage Landrover Defender has been stolen in the dead of night. It turns out it wasn’t the only one stolen that night and Curtis thinks it’s the work of an organised crime gang. 

In Newcastle and Gateshead a young and increasingly organised crime gang are causing havoc – recklessly stealing mopeds and motorbikes with escalating violence and impact on the owners. A new undercover task force is set up to stamp out the problem, they dedicate their evenings to stake outs in the hope of catching them red handed. “You kind of think where is the job going? Why am I sitting here, freezing cold, soaking wet? But I have a responsibility to these victims to make sure I do everything I can.” But a strike comes with risk as Ant informs his team that the latest intelligence is that gang members are not only carrying machetes but also ammonia.  

All the crimes featured in the episode were under investigation during the same week.

Abandoned Engineering

A maze of tunnels filled with haunting remains snake their way beneath the streets of Paris. A town in the USA built on greed. A ring of unique fortifications battered by a mighty weapon. A strange formation of domed structures hovering over the waters off the Florida coastline. But how and why were they ever built at all, and why are they now left abandoned?

  • Thursday 18th July, 8pm

  • Yesterday

  • 4 of 12


The Crystal Maze

This instalment of the Crystal Maze sees comedian Al Murray, actor Kara Tointon, reality TV stalwart Olivia Attwood andHollyoaks actor Ashley Taylor-Dawson and their team captain DJ Melvin Odoom captain head through the fearsome four zones. Bromance abounds - even with a few hiccups along the way - as the five wangle their way to collect the ever-elusive crystals.

  • Friday 19th July, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 5 of 6


***NEW*** The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan

Award-winning comedian Mo Gilligan's late night show with celebrity guests, music, sketches, iconic games and a chance to win prizes

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