Week 30

**New** Tattoo Fixers On Holiday

It’s the return of Tattoo Fixers on Holiday! Alice, Jay, Sketch and new boy Glen have jetted back to the sunny Med to right the wrongful inkings of Brits abroad. Sketch is helping Bobby erase his rather uncouth cartoon character,  Alice takes on Dom’s Ooosh on his Toosh while Jay strips Clair of an awful ex tat. Meanwhile newcomer Glen has double trouble with the Tuckfield brothers and their filthy family moto.  Also popping into the studio is Arron with his shameful skiing tat and Rachel who wants to revamp her memorial tattoo in honour of her late brother Ryan. 

**New** Hyper Evolution: Rise Of The Robots

This series will explore if machines built to enhance our lives could one day become our greatest rivals.

Presented by Professor Danielle George (Television's Opening Night: How the Box Was Born, BBC Four), an electronics engineer from Manchester University, and robot supporter Ben Garrod (The Day the Dinosaurs Died, BBC Two), an evolutionary biologist from Anglia Ruskin University and robo-sceptic, who will uncover whether the rise of the robots will enhance the progress of humanity or ultimately threaten the survival of the human race. With extraordinary access to the world’s leading robot-makers, they will meet the trailblazing machines who pioneered key evolutionary leaps for robot-kind, and their most advanced descendants.

Professor Danielle George and Ben Garrod will encounter various weird and wonderful creations – from Eric the first humanoid robot in Britain, to Erica the most lifelike robot on earth, who looks unnervingly like a human and increasingly acts like one.  They will also meet Alpha, a 1930s pipe-smoking, gun-toting womaniser; Valkyrie a mighty female destined for life on Mars, and the incredible hybrid robots created within the top secret world of Boston Dynamics – part human, part animal and part robot in form.

  • Wednesday 26th July, 9pm

  • BBC Four

  • 1 of 2


Pitch Battle: Final

After five weeks of heats, the Pitch Battle Grand Final sees six choirs compete for the title and cash prize. Each group sings with their superstar guest artist.

As usual the programme opens with an epic musical mash-up, and the groups then go head-to-head in a series of knock-out choral challenges including their showstopper performance, a themed riff-off and an acapella round.  

For the Grand Final, the groups must impress the panel of musical judges – the nation’s favourite choirmaster Gareth Malone, former choirgirl turned international recording artist Kelis and Series Musical Director, Deke Sharon who is the Musical Director on the Pitch Perfect movies, in order to win the £50,000 Pitch Battle prize. 

  • Saturday 22nd July, 7.30pm

  • BBC One

  • 6 of 6


John Torode’s Korean Food Tour

6. Kimchi

John Torode goes on an amazing food tour of Korea discovering modern dishes alongside the classics. Kimchi is one of the world’s superfoods and no Korean meal is complete without it. John goes to Mangwon Market in Seoul where he’s confronted with hundreds of different types and learns to make a quick cucumber kimchi right in the middle of the market. He has a night out with the girls sampling Makgeolli – a traditional farmers brew made newly fashionable by the addition of new colours and flavours.  Then back at his Gangnam kitchen, he makes kimchi and pork stuffed dumplings.

7. BBQ

John Torode goes on an amazing food tour of Korea discovering modern dishes alongside the classics. BBQ is big business in Korea and John starts off with a tour of Majang Meat Market, the largest in East Asia. The quality of beef in Korea is famously high and John takes some upstairs to have it cooked at one the grill restaurants above the market. Greens are an important part of every meal so John takes a trip to a lettuce farm to taste the vast range on offer. Then he’s off to his campsite in the mountains to grill squid. Finally, a classic Korean night out with friends back in Seoul.

8. Soups and Stews

John Torode goes on an amazing food tour of Korea discovering modern dishes alongside the classics. A good soup is the mainstay of every Korean breakfast, lunch and dinner. John goes to Noodle Alley in Namdaemun Market in Seoul and has a go at hand-cutting noodles. He goes hiking in the mountains and meets Eunice Yim, a TV presenter who owns her own food truck. Then back in his Gangnam kitchen John has another go at hand-cutting noodles and makes a classic marinated beef stew, Bulgogi. 

9. Korean Pantry

John Torode goes on an amazing food tour of Korea discovering modern dishes alongside the classics. Store cupboard essentials like soy, gochujang and deonjang are the mainstays of every Korean kitchen. John heads into the countryside to meet Chef Seri Myeong at Seoil Farm, who shows him how the pastes are made and matured in classic onggi pots. In Suwon market he meets a sesame oil producer who grinds him a bottle of oil to order. Back in his Seoul kitchen he makes a fantastic belly pork dish – bossam and his own version of Spicy Rice Cakes are on the menu.

10. Modern Classics

John Torode goes on an amazing food tour of Korea discovering modern dishes alongside the classics. Many new Korean food inventions are being seen as modern street food classics. Like fish cakes, crazy ice creams and the pancake hotteok. John is a big fan of Korean fried chicken and is excited to be taken by Joe McPherson, another fan, on a chicken tour through Seoul with the odd glass of beer. Back in his Gangnam kitchen John grills monkfish, and his own ultimate Korean Fried Chicken, and at his campsite base, he rustles up his version of Army Stew.  

  • Monday 24th July, 9pm

  • Good Food

  • 6-10 of 10


Eamonn And Ruth: The Millionaires Rulebook

What is it that makes the world’s most successful, wealthy people tick? Eamonn and Ruth meet the who’s who of Britain’s rich list to work out the secret rules they’ve applied to their lives to make their fortunes.

Jacqueline Gold, the extraordinary force behind Ann Summers welcomes them into her luxury home and explains the importance of having a revolutionary idea before teaching Ruth the ins and outs of hosting the perfect sex toy party. They also meet Sir Jack Petchey, the millionaire philanthropist still working every day at the age of 91 to learn how much of the secret is simply hard graft. Eamonn discovers the importance of taking risks when he travels to the Isle of Man, where billionaire investment guru Doug Barrowman has turned calculated risks into a billion-pound fortune.

Eamonn and Ruth also get some advice from the man who claims to be the highest paid life coach in the UK who takes them under his wing and teaches them some of the key traits of the high earners.

  • Monday 24th July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 4 of5


The Art Show

In Episode Seven, Will Best heads to Tokyo to explore the bonkers comic book world of Japanese manga and anime, collectively known as Otaku. Kate Bryan and Charming Baker spend a weekend in London, sniffing out art that captures a very British spirit of rebellion, from Hogarth to Hepworth and Hockney. Carrie Scott goes to Delhi, to meet India’s most famous female artist, Bharti Kher, to talk about her famous bindi paintings, and watch her making a brand new work in wax. June Sarpong goes behind the scenes at Christie’s auction house. 

  • Tuesday 25th July, 8pm

  • Sky Arts

  • 7 of 8


Spa Wars

This week’s beauty contest takes us to the North East, kicking off at the ‘ME Hair and Beauty Salon’ in County Durham run by Botox loving, straight talker Michael Elphick.  Putting the banter into beauty since 2010, Michael’s first rivals are married couple Susan Brown and Rachel Robson, whose salon ‘Cloud 9’ is a peaceful haven of holistic health and well-being. They even see the dead pigeon outside Michael’s salon as a good omen… But things turn sour when Susan’s manicure doesn’t measure up and Rachel messes up her brand new hairdo, ruining all Michael’s hard work.

The third spa owner this week is multi award winning therapist Judy Mahoney, a veteran with 25 years’ experience in the industry. But can Michael zip his wagging tongue for long enough to give her the full body relaxing massage she’s after?

Day two sees everyone gather at Rachel and Susan’s holistic salon, where peace and goodwill to all is the order of the day, but can Susan keep the love flowing with former teacher Judy during a reiki massage? Next Michael is treated to an Indian head massage with a difference, where special crystals are used to help his energy flow. And the relaxation doesn’t just end with the treatments, as Susan and Rachel take their rivals to the beach for some midnight crystal energising rituals.

Last to host is beauty veteran Judy, who’s not bashful of showing off her many awards and trophies. Can she win Michael round with her own deep tissue massage using a machine rather than just her hands? Meanwhile Susan, who would rather be having a massage, is treated to a leg wax, while Rachel gets her first eyelash makeover. But can they be won round to the benefits of the aesthetic beauty world? Or will their preference for holistic inner beauty therapies prevent Judy from taking yet another trophy home? 

Naked Attraction

A daring dating series that starts where some good dates might end – naked

  • Thursday 27th July, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 5 of 5


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