London's Great Bridges: Lighting the Thames

In the final episode we follow the final preparations for the big day when, after three years of planning, 69,000 lights will illuminate four central London’s bridges. 

The Illuminated River’s Project Director, Sarah Gaventa, gets feedback from the city planners’ inspection of the bridges and the green light is given for the last push to complete the project. The electricians and abseilers are working flat out to finish the job off but Millennium Bridge is proving to be a tricky canvas for what will, eventually, become the world’s longest piece of public art.

Presenter Charlie Luxton takes a look around Tower Bridge and discovers some of the challenges involved with lighting one of London’s most iconic landmarks. 

Renowned American light artist finally touches down in London and, armed only with a laptop, starts the lonely nocturnal process of realising his vision for the Thames at night.

Meanwhile Charlie learns about the long line of other artists who have used the Thames as their muse. Charlie accompanies contemporary British artist Stephen Wiltshire to the 6th floor of The Savoy where they both have a go at capturing the view of the river that impressionist Claude Monet so loved.

Finally we join the cerebrations on the river as 300 guests, including Sadiq Khan, take a night-time cruise down the river. The big button is pressed and the lights finally come on in what promises to be a spectacular sight.

  • Saturday 20th July, 7pm

  • Channel 4

  • 3 of 3


Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

In this episode of Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords during a routine arrears inspection, letting agent Paul Ainsworth-Lord uncovers a cannabis farm. He soon discovers that the tenant, ex-boxing champion Lee, has been in prison for the last four months, and claims ignorance of the criminal crop. When Lee is released from prison, Paul agrees to let him stay on at the property, but there are a few conditions.

Builders Stuart and Steve worked together for 15 years before establishing themselves as landlords and purchasing a humble ‘buy to let’ property in Cardiff. But within four months of letting to their current tenant, they stopped receiving rent and were barred from accessing the property in order to carry out maintenance. Stuart and Steve win a possession order to regain the property but face the worst damage they’ve ever seen and a £20,000 pound bill to repair it.

JP and Angela Barakat bought their property four years ago as a future home for their autistic son. As their son isn’t old enough to live independently, a year ago JP and Angela rented it to tenant Daniel. In summer of 2018, Daniel stopped paying rent. The couple take the case to court and win a possession order to regain the property. However, despite the possession order expiring, Daniel remains in the property. Desperate for answers, JP confronts Daniel about his owed rental arrears at the property but receives a personal retaliation from the tenant. 

  • Monday 22nd July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 7 of 8


The Great Gardening Challenge

The Great Gardening Challenge pits some of the best professional garden designers from across the UK against each other in a competition to find the best pair.   Presented by Nicki Chapman and Diarmuid Gavin, the show sees the professionals compete, as they take under-used and under-loved spaces and in just 48 hours, and on a budget, create gardens that will transform the lives of truly deserving recipients – from war veterans to care homes for the disabled, hospitals to dementia sufferers. We see first-hand not just the skill of our competitors – but the many ways in which a beautiful garden can touch and improve the lives of everyone.  At the end of each show only one garden team can be victorious, as their gardens are judged by two acclaimed garden gurus and multi award winners, Carol Klein and Mark Gregory. 

This week it’s the last of the heats and sees a pair of new kids on the block taking on a more experienced and established pair of garden designers.  For Millie Souter from London and Max Parker-Smith from Surrey it’s a huge challenge as both of them have only recently graduated in garden design from the prestigious Inchbald Garden Design College so have limited experience of actually creating gardens.  Making things even tougher, it’s also the first time the friends have worked together.  Opposing them is Nicola Bailey Gibson and Viv Seccombe who bring years of experience designing and building private gardens and award-winning show gardens.  The challenge our pairs face is to create amazing gardens for Focus Birmingham Day Care Centre which offers activities and support to people with severe visual and physical disabilities.  And they have to do this is just 2 days and on a budget of £5000. 

Casualty 24/7

Casualty 24/7 returns for a second series to  Barnsley Hospital’s bustling Emergency department. It’s an exclusive look at how the staff deal with the unpredictability of never knowing what they’re going to be faced with next from life threatening cardiac arrests to kids with sprained ankles. As the busy days unfold the doctors and nurses reveal why they’re so passionate about caring for other people – and how it impacts their own lives. Across the series we see the team deal with record-breaking days, night shifts, winter weather and trauma and find that it’s humour and camaraderie that gets them through their toughest days.

  • Wednesday 22nd July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 8 of 12


Our Cops in the North

Many offenders are already known to the police and are ‘usual suspects’, others commit serious crimes seemingly out of the blue. In this second episode detectives from Northumbria Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of Joan Hoggett, a 62 year old grandmother who was killed at the Sunderland cornershop where she worked, minutes before she was due to finish her shift. A call comes in to the police control centre about a 19 year old Ethan Mountain who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and is claiming to have stabbed someone.

Detective Kimberley Hinds acts as a Family Liaison Officer to Joan’s family, with them from the very first days of the case. Joan’s daughter Michelle says, “To talk about it I sometimes have to switch off that we’re talking about my mam. It’s too hard to associate that incident and being stabbed that many times with my mam. The days just seem to be one”. Kimberley must help them not only to understand the tragedy “The ultimate question for a family is why? Why my mum? Why did he do it? but also to prepare for trial as all involved consider what justice really means in this complex case.

In Sunderland, Detective Gaye Martin works tirelessly to investigate a complicated crime spree - offenders have stolen a pub jukebox, tip jar and charity box and while attempting to flee police have stolen a car and mugged a passerby. As a team of dedicated neighbourhood officers hunt for the stolen jukebox on nearby wasteland the custody clock ticks down. Gaye must find enough evidence to prove all the crimes are linked and that the arrested men are responsible for all of the offences so she can feel that justice has been done for the victims. “I’d like to think of the movies where the good guy always wins. And when you can turn around to that victim and say, we’ve got them, we’re done. It’s the best feeling…. That lovely feeling of…’come to us anytime’

In Gateshead the local neighbourhood team are dealing with a man who has been repeatedly trying to go into a pub he is barred from. When a call comes in that someone has been knocked out with one punch in a local bar, PC Alec must go and find the culprit - a man who he knows only too well.

  • Wednesday 22nd July, 9pm

  • BBC One

  • 2 of 3


***NEW*** Portillo: The Trouble with the Tories

Michael Portillo examines divisions within the Conservative Party

  • Thursday 25th July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 2


Abandoned Engineering

A maze of tunnels filled with haunting remains snake their way beneath the streets of Paris. A town in the USA built on greed. A ring of unique fortifications battered by a mighty weapon. A strange formation of domed structures hovering over the waters off the Florida coastline. But how and why were they ever built at all, and why are they now left abandoned?

  • Thursday 25th July, 8pm

  • Yesterday

  • 5 of 12


***NEW*** The Tez O'Clock Show

Satirical comedy show, hosted by Tez Ilyas

  • Thursday 25th July, 11pm

  • Channel 4

  • 1 of 3


The Crystal Maze

This week’s intrepid band of celebrity Mazekateers. Hot stepping support comes in the form of Strictly’s Oti Mabuse and Naked Attraction’s Anna Richardson, who finally appears on a show where people keep their clothes on, while bringing up the rear are Kent Adonis and Love Island winner Jack Fincham and comedian Russell Kane, all ably led by ‘dad vibe’ BAFTA winning actor andLeague Of Gentlemen lynchpin Steve Pemberton.

  • Friday 26th July, 8pm

  • Channel 4

  • 6 of 6


The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan

Award-winning comedian Mo Gilligan's late night show with celebrity guests, music, sketches, iconic games and a chance to win prizes

  • Friday 26th July, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • 2 of 6


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