The Queen: In Her Own Words

The Queen’s words. Powerful, intelligent and in many cases, iconic. In this feature documentary packed with rare archive and insight from palace insiders, we witness the impact the Queen’s words have had. From her public and private interactions with world leaders, her emotional speeches during family tragedies, to her deeply personal Christmas broadcasts. This documentary reveals the woman beneath the crown.

During her 68 year reign the Queen has delivered thousands of speeches and her words have made headlines around the world. With her ‘annus horribilis’ speech she even brought Latin to the masses! This documentary speaks to speech writers and pronunciation experts who give a unique perspective on the power of the Queen’s words throughout her lifetime. From the very first speech she gave as a 14-year-old in World War Two to her most recent for the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

The Queen has also shown how effective she is at solving family problems. After she was wrong footed by Harry and Meghan’s ‘Megxit’ announcement, we reveal how she quickly regained control of the situation with a few efficiently worded statements. There have even been rare moments when we have seen the real Elizabeth. When caught up in a prank, when her private conversation was played to the world, we hear the Queen like never before. A relaxed and friendly woman able to converse about world events…in French.

The Queen hasn’t always got it right. When the Welsh village of Aberfan suffered a terrible disaster, the Queen declined to visit immediately, a decision she later regretted. Again, in 1997 when a nation was in grief after the death of Princess Diana, the Queen put her family first and kept quiet. When the Queen finally spoke on the eve of Diana’s funeral, we hear from those who witnessed the Queen’s words winning back an angry nation. 

Throughout our lifetimes we have come to rely on the Queen’s words. This year, during lockdown, the Queen delivered an emotional speech that had a soothing effect on the nation. Proving that even today her words still have enormous power.

Celebrity MasterChef


It’s the final Heat Week of this year’s Celebrity MasterChef with our last five celebrity contestants hoping to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace to take the coveted 2020 title.

This week’s celebrities up for the culinary challenge are Tennis Coach Judy Murray, Broadcaster and Internet Personality Riyadh Khalaf, Olympic Gold Medalist and Sports Presenter Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE and TV Personality Pete Wicks and actor and comedian Crissy Rock.

Their first challenge - the MasterChef Market. Stocked full of the best quality produce from across the world including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, pulses, herbs and spices, the challenge is to invent and then cook one dish to show the judges they have potential.

Next it’s out of the frying pan to into the fire of the professional restaurant kitchen. Crissy, Sir Matthew and Pete head to Sam’s Riverside while Judy and Riyadh go to Scully to cook for paying customers in a busy lunchtime service.

Then it’s back to the MasterChef kitchen to impress John and Gregg with their own creations.

Who can handle the pressure and show the judges they have the skills creativity and flair to progress further in the competition?



Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace return for this week’s second installment of Celebrity MasterChef.

After one celebrity was knocked out in last night’s episode, the remaining four celebrities face two more culinary challenges, as they battle for a place in the Semi Finals.

The Pairs Challenge sees the four celebrities split into two teams of two, in a test of teamwork and communication. Each team is tasked with cooking the same dish, which must be identical in both appearance and flavour - but there is a catch. In-between each pair there is a wall. The only way for the celebrities to successfully produce identical plates in both flavour and appearance is by communicating with their team mate through the wall. Tonight one team has the task of recreating John Torode’s sushi selection, the other his veal schnitzel served with spetzle.

Then, the celebrities’ team work skills are pushed to the extreme as they are faced with the Mass Catering Challenge, cooking lunch for over 100 staff and players at Leyton Orient Football Club. There’s pressure and highy drama as the two teams deliver dishes for the hungry players and the support team.



Tonight John Torode and Gregg Wallace judge the final Heat Week celebrities as they battle for the last two Semi Final places.

The four celebrities must cook a faultless two-course meal that will not only be judged by John and Gregg but also three Celebrity MasterChef legends; champion Angellica Bell and finalists, Les Dennis and Spencer Matthews. All three know what it takes to get through this stage of the competition.  Tonight our esteemed judges are in for a treat as the last four contestants do their very best to impress and secure the remaining places in this year’s Semi Final.

  • Wednesday 22nd July, 9pm
    Thursday 23rd July, 8pm
    Friday 24th July, 8pm

  • BBC One

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Shoplifters: At War with the Law

West Orchards shopping centre in the heart of Coventry has a team of 12 security guards and in this episode they are at war with serial shoplifters. It's a persistent problem - 70% of shoplifting in the centre is being carried out by the same small group of repeat offenders. 

Security guard Lewis is in the control room when the first call of the day comes in, there’s a suspect raising every red flag in a department store. Teammate Rob takes up a vantage point ready to make his move. But when his target is apprehended he has no intention of going quietly and reinforcements are needed urgently.

Meanwhile a customer in a major store alerts the team she thinks she seen a man stealing a large quantity of meat. When security guards Mo and Mark move in to stop the suspect they recognise him as a well-known face that constantly targets the centre.  But this time his bags appear to be empty, have they made a false stop?

Weston Favell Shopping Centre in Northampton is a popular shopping destination attracting 7 million customers a year. Kitted out with 150 cameras the security team are on constant look out for anyone that stands out. They’ve got their eye on a duo that are suspected of repeatedly shoplifting using young children as decoys. They’ve managed to evade being stopped by the guards before, but this time the guards are determined to catch them red-handed.

Back at West Orchards, Mo is dealing with a face that is all too familiar to him. He’s a prolific offender targeting the centre almost on a daily basis. He’s homeless and a known drug addict. On this occasion he’s stolen expensive Valentine’s chocolates that he hopes he can sell on quickly.

  • Monday 20th July, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • 2 of 6


Romesh Ranganathan: Misadventures From My Sofa

Romesh Ranganathan used to be someone who travelled to Portugal once a year. He sat by the pool with his headphones on, sipped cold lager and tried his best to avoid the local culture. Then came his Misadventures series – a globetrotting adventure that has seen him visit nine of the world’s most off-the-beaten-path countries, seeing incredible sights and jaw-dropping landscapes. Through trips to Haiti, Ethiopia, Albania, The Arctic, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Bosnia, Colombia and The Sahara he has been surprised and amazed. 

In this episode Romesh catches up with old friends from Albania, Mongolia and The Arctic, revisiting some of the highlights and introducing never-before-seen moments such as his near-death experience in a high speed Mongolia car rally.

  • Sunday 19th July, 9pm

  • BBC Two

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Celebrity Gogglebox USA

Attention Gogglers – the show which sees the sharpest armchair critics share their thoughts on the best of recent telly, is to head across the pond and step into the homes of a selection of familiar celebrity faces.


Produced by Studio Lambert, each hour-long episode will dive straight into the news and events on television that are currently taking America by storm. Much like the Gogglebox we know and love, the celebrities will share insightful, funny and sometimes emotional critiques of the most popular and topical TV shows and news stories all from the comfort of their own sofas.


We’ll hear opinions from a cracking list of famous faces and their families including Rob Lowe, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Joe Buck, Raven-Symoné, Master P and Romeo, JoJo Siwa, Steve Wozniak, Curtis Stone, and Robert and Kym Herjavec. 

  • Wednesday 22nd July, 9pm

  • E4

  • 9 of 10


Mirror Mirror

Real honest and hilarious stories from across the country as told to local hairdressers. In this episode, we’re talking Stress & Anxiety, Flying, Being Offended and Crime. Mark tells Douglas about an eyewatering x-rated accident on an industrial sunbed in Edinburgh. Natalie and Melanie talk about the day to day challenges facing the Trans community in Glasgow. Whilst in Rutherglen, April shocks Cheryl with her tale about surviving a plane crash. We hear people’s honest confessions about what offends them, before we’re talking about our obsession with real crime documentaries. In Shetland, Isaac and his dad Craig discuss the issues surrounding the growing local crime problem, before John in Glasgow reminds us that everyone deserves a second chance in life.

  • Friday 24th July, 10:30pm

  • BBC Scotland/BBC iPlayer

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