Patrick Swayze: The Demons & The Dance

Behind the razzle dazzle of Hollywood, stars lives are marked by dizzying highs and devastating lows, drug and alcohol abuse, triumph and tragedy, all played out in the glare of global fame. In this series seven C20th icons come under the spotlight:  we revisit their key roles, reveal what was happening off camera and re-examine their lives with fresh perspectives, with extraordinary access to their friends, family and those who know them best. 

When Dirty Dancing catapulted Patrick Swayze to fame in 1987 he became the sex symbol of his era. Starring roles in Ghost and Point Break showed him to be a leading man as adept at action as romance. Yet behind the movie-star exterior was a man plagued by demons, scarred by regret and driven to the brink of self-destruction. 


In this documentary we explore the private struggles and public successes of Patrick Swayze in the words of those who knew him best. Patrick’s first girlfriend Nikki D’Amico and childhood friend, choreographer Rick Odums, chart his remarkable upbringing in Texas as the son of a laidback cowboy and a perfectionist ballet teacher who instilled in Swayze an extraordinary drive.  


We hear how he made it to the very top in the ballet world in New York before his career was cruelly destroyed by injury. Colleagues including his first manager Kate Edwards and casting director Jane Jenkins chart his rapid rise in Hollywood and fears of being typecast, as well as the devasting impact of his father’s early death. 


Dirty Dancing Producer Linda Gottlieb and actor Lonny Price reveal the behind-the-scenes story of the classic film including stories of how a feud between Patrick and co-star Jennifer Grey resulted in movie magic. Whilst Ghost director Jerry Zucker tells how he was turned from a Swayze sceptic to a superfan after just one audition. 


We hear how Patrick struggled with a string of personal and professional setbacks, seeking solace in alcohol, before ultimately finding peace in his fifties.  


And those closest to Patrick talk about his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer and his extraordinary legacy.

  • Saturday 31st July, 20:30pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


When TV Goes Horribly Wrong

There’s no greater spectacle than high-octane, adrenalin-fuelled stunts, amazing feats of skill, precision, nerve and daring, acts that are death-defying, that dazzle audiences and push the limits of what’s possible. But when they go horribly wrong, the consequences can be terrifying.


This three-hour special, narrated by Jonathan Pearce, features some of the most edge-of-the-seat stunts from around the globe, including terrifying car smashes, stomach-churning base jumps and weird and wonderful world record attempts. 


There are first-hand accounts from the stuntmen themselves, including Jackass star Steve-O, whose attempt at jumping over a moving car on a skateboard left him hospitalized; inventor and internet star Colin Furze, who recalls the time his Wall of Death ended in disaster; and Hollywood stuntman Mike Gaboff, who recalls how jumping a lake on his motorbike while on fire spelled the end of his career.


Highlights also include American magician Jasen Magic who, inspired by Houdini to attempt the infamous straitjacket escape, instead ended up going up in flames like a human torch. And British pilot Stuart Ross, who had spent £200,000 creating his own jetpack, relives the moment he tried it out in front of the cameras, with hilarious consequences. Plus there are disastrous moments from shows such as Blue Peter, Guinness World Records and Top Gear.


Also, biking star Flyin' Ryan lives up to his name, quad bike superstar the Kangaroo Kid takes a leap over a steam paddle boat he'll never forget, and a vintage stunt man attempts to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel with his pet turtle.


Contributors include stunt royalty Tiff Needell, Debbie McGee, Eddie the Eagle, Dame Kelly Holmes and legendary stuntman Rocky Taylor.

  • Sunday 1st August, 10pm

  • Channel 5

  • 1 of 1


Undercover Big Boss

ITV has commissioned a brand new series of the global hit Undercover Boss, the Emmy award-winning format from Studio Lambert, which will see a new group of chief execs and company bosses swap their power suits for overalls and go in disguise to work on their very own shop floors, to see what really goes on behind closed doors.


The series has been supersized and rebooted for ITV and is more timely than ever, as Britain reopens following three devastating lockdowns and UK firms face their greatest challenge, a battle to survive. With the gap between multi-millionaire bosses and their struggling workers wider than ever, there will be big emotion, big rewards and some big shocks in store as the bosses get their hands dirty.


The four-part series will see bosses from Pickfords, Bristol Street Motors, Wyldecrest Parks, and Euro Foods Group roll up their sleeves and join workers on the bottom rung of the ladder and live a life they had long left behind. 


Pickfords has a 400-year history and is the UK’s largest removals company but Covid’s had a big impact on the way they do business. Bristol Street Motors are one of the biggest car dealerships in the UK, but how are they recovering from a nationwide decline in car sales? Meanwhile due to recent travel restrictions, Caravan parks and staycations are thriving, but is business booming for Wyldecrest Parks, the largest Residential Park and Holiday Home operator in the UK? And how has lockdown impacted Euro Foods Group, as suppliers of the nation’s beloved Indian takeaways? The series will reveal what’s really going on behind the doors of big British businesses.


Emotions will run high as the company owners see their businesses through the eyes of their employees, experiencing the raw reality of what their workers face every day. At the end of their week at the coalface, what changes will they make?

Channel Hopping with Jon Richardson

In tonight’s episode, Jon is joined by comedian James Acaster and regular guest, Judi Love, as they navigate the world of ridiculous and wonderful international TV. Jon takes us on a deep dive into the unbelievable game show ‘Moment of Truth’ while James delves into his complex love-hate relationship with competition shows and why The Voice USA is so much better than The Voice UK. Judi introduces us to Icelandic comic Laufey Haraldsdottir who gives us a potted history of Icelandic television – spoiler alert, until the 1980s they didn’t have TV on Thursdays or in July. This week’s TV Guide focusses in on religious TV from around the world which awakens Judi’s inner pastor for the head-to-head end-round where she presides over a game of ‘Is This Masturbation’ and her very own, supercharged ‘Moment of Truth’.  

  • Monday 2nd August, 9pm

  • Comedy Central

  • 1 of 6


Apocalypse Wow

Hosted by AJ Odudu and Donna Preston (as ‘The Mistress’) this epic new celebrity game show sees Scarlett Moffatt, Chris Hughes, Bobby Norris, The Vivienne and a new recruit take on the terrifying Superhuman Bosses - including a bone-crunching bout with one of the world’s strongest men and a breathless encounter with ‘The Mermaid’ – in a series of battles in the “Torture Dome” before the weakest of them is strapped inside a Human Piñata and beaten for cash.

  • Friday 6th August, 9pm

  • ITV2

  • 4 of 6


Fishing Scotland's Lochs and Rivers

In  this series, five national treasures; Fern Britton, Lord Ian Botham, Linford Christie, Les Dennis and Rosemary Shrager escape the rat race to go fishing in Scotland.  It’s a road trip from East to West, the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean where halfway through the journey, sportsman Lord Ian leaves and pop star Shane Lynch joins.  


Starting in Arbroath, the home of the highly prized smokie, and finishing in Oban, they’ll pass through some of the best fishing pools on earth in the hope of landing the local fish hero. Travelling in a convoy the radio will blare with banter as they sample the local sights and delights and uncover the history of the places they visit.  


Along the way the famous five will stay in stunningly scenic spots, hunting lodges, tree houses, glamping pods and unique hotels – experiencing the warmest of Scottish hospitality offered by its diverse range of accommodation.  


They’ll see jumping salmon at the beautiful waterfall at Dunkeld and learn the art of spinning from master ghillies on the River Tay. On lochs, they’ll pit their wits against pike and trout, get to grips with fly fishing and find out more about traditional boat fishing known as harling. Each week it’s a different fish they are after - from match fishing for monster carp to stalking elusive migrating sea trout and eventually they’ll put all their skills and knowledge to the test as they fish for shark around the waters of Oban. 


They are novice fishers, apart from Beefy Botham, who is a self-taught expert. Each has a desire to get away from it all, enjoy a slower pace of life, and have their breath taken away by the sheer majesty of Scotland’s stunning scenery. 


Expect unlikely friendships, lots of laughter and celebrities like you rarely get to see them. 

  • Friday 6th August, 7pm

  • Channel 5

  • 3 of 5


Walking Tudor England

Episode Four – London 


This brand-new series sees Professor Suzannah Lipscomb taking to foot all around the country on the trail of history’s most fascinating dynasty. From Henry VII through to Elizabeth I, the Tudors did more to shape our national identity than any who had come before.  From the birth of the Royal Navy, to the tearing down of the monasteries, the Tudors put themselves at the heart of a new-look, confident England. But this was a time of intrigue and conspiracy too, because as Suzannah discovers, this famous family served up sibling betrayal, religious hatred and no shortage of beheadings. 


In the fourth episode, Suzannah is in London and walks along some of the most scenic stretches of the River Thames between Greenwich and Hampton Court Palace, Henry VIII’s magnificent pleasure palace.   


Her journey starts at the site of another royal residence, which was demolished in the  17th century.  Until recently, it was thought that nothing remained of Greenwich Palace, which was comparable in scale and splendour to Hampton Court.  But archaeologists recently made an astonishing discovery – two long buried rooms that would have been the service wing of the palace.   


Suzannah’s next stop is London Bridge, the only bridge in London in Tudor times.  Back then, it looked very different:  on its Great Stone Gate were the heads of traitors that had been parboiled and tarred to preserve them, impaled on long wooden spikes.  On each side of the bridge were houses and shops, four storeys high.  It was so crowded with people and sheep that it could take an hour to cross.  


In Tudor times, London’s population quadrupled and it became a magnet for refugees fleeing religious persecution, as Suzannah’s next location, the Dutch Church reveals.  Immigrants helped revitalise the economy, while explorers like Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh were sailing to the New World and bringing back goods that had never been seen before such as tobacco.  It took the city by storm: everyone smoked from men, to pregnant women.  Even children were taught how to smoke at school.  


Then Suzannah heads back to the South Bank, which would have been the city’s entertainment centre in Tudor times – where people could enjoy bear baiting, a particularly grisly sport, or the theatre.  Suzannah stops by a meticulously reconstructed replica of Shakespeare’s Globe.  


Finally, she ends up at Hampton Court.  Despite the many architectural changes to the palace since the 16th century, Henry VIII would still recognise much of what remains today.   

  • Tuesday 3rd August, 9pm

  • 5 Select

  • 4 of 6


Flat Out Fabulous

Whinnie and Tyler head to Peterborough to meet Jade, Dan and Monica - three housemates that are obsessed with gaming. Monica and Dan are a couple and started living with Jade in November 2019 to save on the rent. Jade spends most of her spare time in her room playing video games but they’d love a space where they can all hang out and game together. Monica loves glitter and faux fur so she’s confident Whinnie will understand her style but Dan’s not convinced. Having never gamed in her life, he’s worried that Whinnie won’t be on the same page as him. Whinnie and Tyler are planning concrete walls, neon wall art and a colour pop ceiling light. The housemates are going to help paint the walls, build a cabinet for a drinks fridge and Whinnie’s going to upcyle their coffee table and build a neon jungle underneath it. Will Whinnie’s idea of an industrial neon dream tick their boxes?

  • Tuesday 3rd August, 10:35pm

  • BBC Three

  • 5 of 5


Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts


  • Wednesday 4th August, 9pm

  • Channel 5

  • Episode 8


The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan

Bigger, better and now BAFTA award-winning, the critically acclaimed The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan returns for a supersized second series. Fronted by comedy superstar and multi-award winning Mo Gilligan, The Lateish Show will put the fun back into Friday nights as Mo is joined in the studio by a dazzling array of famous faces from the worlds of entertainment, music and sport and house band The Compozers. Across the series, we’ll be treated to hilarious sketches featuring Mo’s trademark characters, more iconic Nursery Grimes, unmissable music performances and one of a kind studio games where the audience could win some incredible prizes. The action doesn’t end there though as Mo will also take the party out on to the streets of the UK seeking to make the public the real stars of the show.

  • Friday 6th August, 10pm

  • Channel 4

  • Episode 3


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